Historically Contextualising the Relationship Between Hitler and Palestine! (10.4.2023) 

(Amin Husseini was born in the famous Husseini family in Jerusalem – and the mother of Arafat – the famous leader of the Palestinian Resistance Movement, also came from this family)  

Translator’s Note: Below is a translated Chinese language article entitled ‘巴勒斯坦人对希特勒的态度是怎样的? or ’What Was the Palestinian Attitude to Adolf Hitler?’ I am providing this to address a very important article (particularly if you happen to be ‘British’) regarding the apparent dalliance between Hitler and the Islamic Palestinians. This action has come about following me adding a few translated articles (from original Arabic language) – published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) – a Lebanon-based Palestinian organisation. I chose this group as I had come across its name on a North Korean news service – with the PFLP sending greetings to the DPRK! This intrigued me and I soon found that the US-controlled ‘Google’ was deliberately ‘hiding’ or ‘ghosting’ internet links to this organisation on the grounds that the US routinely supports the criminality of the Zionist Israeli State! I applied my research skills and eventually located the website for the PFLP. Of course, the act of ‘reporting’ does not (in itself) suggest an automatic ‘agreement’ with the content – although it is obvious that I am opposed to Zionist criminality in the region. However, the narratives in operation in the region are not always clear-cut and to the liking of the West or the UK. For instance, despite the righteous cause of the Palestinians, I have come across anti-Semitism and pro-Nazi German viewpoints – neither of which I can condone. What I can do is attempt to ‘understand’ why it is that other people think the way they do and allow that different groups of people have the right to view their own history in a manner that best fits their material experiences.  

Anti-Semitism, when manifest amongst Arabs, is a knee-jerk response to the ‘de-humanising’ that the non-White and non-Jewish (pre-dominantly Islamic) populations experience at the hands of the (White) Zionist Jews! This observation does not justify anti-Semitism, but it does explain the context within which it is happening. White Europeans are racially discriminating against a non-White and non-European population! Equally important is the acknowledgement of the Islamophobia routinely employed by the Israeli Authorities when dealing with the Palestinians, and the routine violence that is used by the Zionist State to enforce its will! I have witnessed Jewish people routinely expressing anti-Christian and anti-Muslim sentiments – suffering no recriminations whatsoever! The Holocaust was carried out by the Nazi Germans and their Eastern European allies – and NOT the Palestinians – but it is the land of the Palestinians that the Zionist Jews are after and are slowly invading and annexing! Great Britain enabled this international sleight of hand, and this is where the narrative that defines Eurocentric history gets turned upon its head!  

Islamic Palestine had good relations with Adolf Hitler’s regime – as both regimes possessed an intense disliking of the Jews. For people of the left in the West (who instinctively support the Palestinian cause) this reality is often a bitter pill to swallow. This sense of dissonance is only enhanced when contemporary Palestinians give voice to their preference for Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany – rather than Britain’s ‘liberal’ governments (after all, the British Parliament had effectively ‘given away’ Palestine during 1917)! When the British left assesses the issue of Palestine today, it is generally the case that the history is taken from 1947 or 1948 – with everything happening before that date being considered unnecessary ‘pre-history’! Well, I can tell you that it is ‘unnecessary’ for a reason in that it is embarrassing for the left to be supporting a contemporary cause that at one time possessed definite ‘good’ relations with Adolf Hitler’s regime! The reason the left aligns itself with the Palestinian cause is because what is happening to the Palestinian people is a ‘crime’ in and of itself, with any alliances in the past being the product of countries like the UK continuously ‘threatening’ to take the land of the Palestinians away! Imperialist policy tends to make very odd and strange bed fellows indeed! 

In reality, Hitler also had very good relations with an influential section of Jewish society – particularly in the early days of his regime. During the early to mid-1930s Hitler was of the opinion that the Jewish population of Germany should be deported to Palestine – and be placed in geographical areas defined in accordance with Biblical references. To achieve this, Adolf Hitler needed the cooperation of the ethnic Palestinians – or this plan could not be enacted. This idea of Hitler found favour with the ardent Zionists living within Germany – but he found his aspirations ‘blocked’ by the Palestinians themselves and oddly the Occupying British! The British Army that Occupied Palestine was quite often engaged in a hit and run conflict with highly aggressive Zionist ‘terrorist’ groups that sought to take-over parts of Palestine by military force and were prevented in doing this by the British military presence (at least until Partition during 1947 by Order of the UN). Needless to say, many British soldiers were killed and wounded by Zionist terrorists during WWII (and after) whilst stationed in Palestine! Frank Carson, the Northern Irish comedian was a Paratrooper in the British Army in Palestine during 1947 when his Unit came under attack by a Zionist terrorist group. All were killed or wounded – and as the Zionists were shooting the wounded in the head – Frank Carson managed to lift his weapon and kill all the attackers! My point is that Hitler was using the Palestinians just as much as the Zionists and the British – and that things are not necessarily what they seem on the surface! ACW (10.4.2023) 

A question is always asked about the attitude of the Palestinians towards Hitler (1933-1945), but in fact, most of the Arab population in Palestine at that time were uneducated (illiterate) tenant farmers, and the human catastrophe of WWII did not substantially affect the region of Palestine. Most of the Arabs living at the bottom of Palestinian society had never heard of the name Hitler, had no reason to know the name Hitler – and so possessed NO formal attitude at all. As this is the case, the so-called attitude of the Palestinians toward Hitler (mostly vaunted by the Zionists and their supporters) actually refers to the attitude of the Palestinian social elite and the Palestinian ruling classes towards Hitler! This very small but powerful section of Palestinian society was very well-educated, well-travelled and very well-informed about world history and contemporary politics! It is this group that in all likelihood a) knew about Adolf Hitler and b) cared enough to have formulated an opinion about him (either way). It is this description that possesses a greater accuracy when discussing the supposed Palestinian attitude toward Adolf Hitler. When it comes to the elite class and even the ruling class in Palestine – one person’s name must be mentioned is that of the former Grand Mufti of Palestine (the interpreter of Islamic law – which can be understood as the highest Arab religious leader in Palestine) Amin Husseini! 

During WWI, Amin Husseini served in the Ottoman Turkish Artillery. After the war, Palestine became a British Mandate. In 1921 he was appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He used his position to promote Arab Nationalism as opposed to the threat of Zionism. In 1936, all Parties in Palestine united to form a permanent executive body – the Arab Supreme Council – Chaired by Husseini. The Committee asked the British Authorities to stop their policy of enforced Jewish immigration into Arab areas. The transfer of land from Arabs to Jews was strictly prohibited. As a result of a General Strike that developed into an anti-British Uprising (known in history as the Palestine Insurrection), the British Mandatory Authorities dissolved the Committee. Amin Husseini officially broke with the British Mandate, and Amin Husseini had to flee into exile! Based upon the simple truth that the enemy of my enemy is my friend – Amin Husseini’s political orientation was clearly revealed. On February 12th, 1941 – Gruppa – a Senior German diplomat, sent a letter to the German Foreign Office, confirming that Husseini’s Secretary – Osman Haddad – had arrived in Berlin carrying Husseini’s letter to the German Führer Adolf Hitler! In his letters to Adolf Hitler, Husseini expressed his readiness to ally with Nazi Germany during the war. In April 1941, Amin Husseini participated in an attempted Pro-German coup in Iraq – and fled to Europe after its failure (due to a combined British and Soviet Invasion). After meeting in Italy with Mussolini, a strong ally of Germany, Husseini arrived in the German capital Berlin in the second week of November 1941. On the 28th of the same month, Hitler met Husseini at the Reich Chancellery and called him ‘Grand Mufti of Jerusalem’ and ‘one of the most influential figures in the Arab Liberation Movement’. 

During the meeting, Husseini asked Hitler to support “the independent unity of Palestine, Syria and Iraq” and to create an Arab Legion to fight alongside the Wehrmacht. Even the Grand Mufti proposed to be the “future Master of the World” – stating that he should not only be the ruler of Palestine – but the entire Arab Empire! Hitler, happy to have a common enemy with the Mufti, said he did not want Palestine to become a Jewish State. In fact, the frantic Führer hinted at his “Final Solution” to the Jewish Problem: “Germany is determined, step by step, to ask European countries to solve the Jewish Problem one by one with this goal including the destroying of the Jewish component living in the Arab world.” At the same time Hitler also reminded Husseini that before the Soviet Union and Britain were defeated, the Mufti’s coveted Middle East could not be realized. And Hitler also praised Husseini’s blue eyes and red hair – judging that he must have Aryan blood! The Mufti not only endorsed Hitler’s strategic confrontation with Britain, but also expressed his support for Hitler’s promotion of racial anti-Semitism to be applied in the deadliest way. Much later, in his memoirs, he wrote that his favourite SS Chief was – Heinrich Himmler – who had confided to him that in the summer of 1943 the Nazis “had exterminated three million Jews!” The Mufti nonchalantly boasted of his support for the Nazis: “Because I believed that if the Germans were victorious – any trace of the Zionists would cease to exist, but I would remain”.  

(Regarding the above period of history, the records of Israel and the Records of the Arabs are very different. In the end, the Editor can only quote from the book “Three Thousand Years of Jerusalem” with a relatively neutral view. I hope I will not mislead you.) 

At that time, Husseini behaved like the Ambassador of the Arab world to Berlin. He held a number of high-profile Receptions on behalf of the German government with a number of interested celebrities – introducing the Islamic worldview to the German society, in order to eliminate past prejudices against Islam and Muslims. He called for the establishment of a Journalist Research Institute to properly present Islamic history, philosophy and theology. When some of the Arabs (mostly Palestinians) who worked for the British in Greece became German Prisoners of War – Husseini reached an agreement with the German Authorities – and the Nazi Germans released them from the harsh (non-White) POW Camps and sent them to military training camps for training. Husseini visited them and gave a speech, and they eventually became the core of the Arab Forces in the Axis Battalions.  

After Nazi Germany surrendered, Husseini fled to Switzerland before being repatriated and arrested by the French Army. He escaped in 1948 and took refuge in Egypt. In 1951, he planned the assassination of King Abdullah of Jordan. Since then, he has not been able to return to Jerusalem (it was controlled by Jordan before 1967 and then by Israel. He is a wanted criminal in both countries). He died in Beirut in 1974. How does the Editor view the history of Amin Husseini? In fact, the Editor has clarified this point in the first part of this article. Amin Husseini is a representative of the Palestinian elite and ruling classes – but he cannot be taken to be a representative of all Palestinian Arabs. His attitude towards Hitler also does not represent the views of all Palestinian Arabs. At the same time, Amin Husseini’s choice also has its realistic side. Britain and Zionism were the enemies of Palestine at the time, and Nazi Germany was the enemy of Britain and the Jews at that time. This is the basis for the Mufti’s cooperation with the Axis Powers.  

On October 21st, 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Husseini of persuading Hitler to ‘kill the Jews’ during his speech at the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, claiming that Hitler did not intend to kill the Jews in the first place, but only wanted to deport them, but Husseini told him that if the policy was only to deport them – then they would go to Palestine – so he suggested that they should be ‘burned’. In the Editor’s opinion, Netanyahu’s statement is nothing but Zionist nonsense and fabrication. Hitler’s decision to massacre the Jews had been formed in the 1930s, but Husseini and Hitler did not meet until 1941. The main purpose of blaming Amin Husseini for Hitler’s massacre of Jews is to confuse history and find historical excuses for Israel’s oppression of Palestine. If we want to get to the bottom of it, Netanyahu’s (terrorist) Likud Group – and the radical organization “Lehi” under his predecessor “Irgun” – used to have ambiguous and even friendly associations with Nazi Germany – this being the case, are these Zionist groups also responsible for the Holocaust of the Jews? 

Neither the Zionists nor the Palestinian elites are ‘free’ of blame in this matter. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Jews agree with Zionist policies and activities. Just so, not all Palestinians agreed with the policies or activities of Amin Hussein! The vast majority of ordinary Palestinians and Jews were victims of various forms of right-wing fascism – be it ‘Zionism’ or the Nationalist views of Amin Hussein (this is on top of the Jews being the victims of Hitler’s Nazism)! The Editor strongly disagrees with the attitudes of Amin Husseini and thinks he should have been far more responsible for the well-being of the Palestinians – with the best interests of his people definitely NOT lying in the camp of Hitler! 

As the political leader of the Arabs in Palestine at that time, due to his high social status, this person misused his Authority within the Islamic religion to wantonly incite the Arabs in Palestine to adopt anti-Semitic attitudes! This intensified the ethnic conflicts in the area, and completely killed the possibility of peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Jews! The seeds of the disastrous Palestine-Israel dispute that has continued to this day were planted during these times! In addition, after the UN Resolution 181 was passed – if this person had not insisted on establishing his own Palestinian Kingdom – Palestine would have been very likely to have established a formal State at the same time as Israel. It was this person who dragged all the Palestinians into the abyss of a war that has engulfed all Palestinians to this day in the “Palestine-Israel conflict”, and at the same time buried the last possibility of Palestine becoming a complete sovereign State. Historically, Muslims and Jews had coexisted peacefully. Even during WWII, it is well-known that Muslims risked their lives sheltering Jews. This Amin Husseini wanted to become the ruler of the entire Arab world. . . The above is my answer as to why there is ethnic strife in the region – thank you for reading… 

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