YouTube: Deconstructing a Webb of Lies! (10.4.2023) 

YouTube is a very lucrative way of avoiding the conventional pastime of ‘going out to work’ – a tradition that is attempting to die out in the UK as post-1945 US hegemony forever tightens its grip on the minds and bodies of the formerly ‘British’ citizens! The problem is that the very fabric of the British nation is dependent upon the practical labour (which exists in the real world) that these ‘get rich quick’ schemes are attempting to usurp! Indeed, it could be argued that those who live off such entities as YouTube are exploiting the very leisure time earned for British society by those who engage in conventional labouring activities – be they intellectual, physical or both!  

Controversy stokes income through the generation of clickbait – and many who make their livings out of YouTube know this very well. The important point is not to actively engage in the pursuing of ‘objective truth’ (although such advertising campaigns are falsely presented as such) but is rather an exercise in generating a polarising and conflicting motif that defines a passively ‘accepting audience’ existing in perpetual opposition to a ‘heretical’ or ‘non-accepting’ body of disbelievers! And herein lies the double bind. This situation is a ‘win win’ for those who refuse to work for a living and instead choose to live off the artificially generated income that is ‘clickbait’.  

Affixing an overt political cause to the mix just adds a little extra spice to the polarising agenda! None of it is real (in the conventional sense that defines physical labour) – but all of it is presented as being real (in the sense of tangible material objects)! Currently a number of people are arguing over whether a Charles Bronson lookalike on YouTube is a racist or not? I often say that this approach is entirely wrong as although it is obvious that he is a ‘White’ racist – the pertinent question is whether he is a genuine (mainstream) ‘historian’ – and the answer is a resounding ‘NO’! (Charles Bronson is a notorious British Convict currently held in the British Prison System). 

The way to successfully combat these individuals and their right wing (and far-right) agendas is to deprive them of the oxygen of publicity. In short, such individuals thrive on ‘hate’ because their entire cause is premised upon ‘hate’! All the rest of it is smoke and mirrors – an iluusion of reality masquerading as objective history. It is interesting, once all these points are made, to note that the Bourgeois Establishment much prefers divisive right-wing agendas than their unifying left wing counter parts – as the latter possesses the potential to overthrow said Establishment in favour of the people – whilst fascism is capitalism in decline and will always lead back to class dominance and subjugation!  

Fascistic YouTubers exist to garnish views through clicks – once this is known, then it becomes an easy matter simply to prevent any direct contact whilst keeping a careful eye on the far-right activities that evolve around such entities (much of it illegal even within a Bourgeois society). As you can see, I have resisted the temptation of openly naming and/or ‘linking’ the offending article directly – but as this most of my posts of this ‘revealing’ nature – I have left a trail of breadcrumbs. The point is to ‘expose’ this fascism without directly aiding it with inadvertent advertising!