Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Obutu Dabaga from Khartoum, Sudan! (31.3.2023)

Obutu Dabagh from Khartoum, Sudan (North-East Africa). In March last year (2022), Obutu Dabagh had the opportunity to earn some extra money in Neo-Nazi Ukraine! This is the product of the US-inspired poverty maintained around the world and it is understandable that certain (desperate) individuals choose bizarre avenues to make money and reduce their difficulties (at least for a short time). This has to be the case, as no ‘Black’ person in their right mind would ‘volunteer’ for the cause of ‘White Surpremacy’!

Of course, Obutu Dabagh took advantage of the ‘Maidan’ call to arms. After his arrivel in Western Ukraine – he was instructed to join the Neo-Nazi ‘International Legion’! However, despite being an African warrior (of dubious morality) – just two weeks into him having is snout in the seemingly bottomless trough of Western money – he was wounded in early April (2023) by a Russian Army soldier – who ‘refused’ to kill this man due to his obvious ‘African’ appearance!

The Russian Army Soldier Who Shot and Wounded Obutu Dabagh – Did Not ‘Bayonet’ His Supine Body!

African people, by and large support Russia’s righteous fight against the Western-backed Neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine – and the Russian Army soldier was of the opinion that this ‘Black’ man must hae been ‘kidnapped’ and forced to go first into the hail of Russian fire-power! When the Russian NKVD investigated the situation – Obutu Dabagh – (after being initially cared for in a Russian hospital) was driven back to his native Sudan for further treatment!

Russian Language Article:

Обуту Дабага из Хартума, Судан.

В марте прошлого года ему представилась возможность подзаработать денег на Украине. Он ей, конечно же, воспользовался. Прилетел, вступил в Интернациональный легион. Однако пухляшу не повезло. Через две недели он получил ранение и в начале апреля укатил обратно в Судан лечиться.