DPRK: The Glory that an Ordinary Farmer Received! (31.3.2023)

One day in August, Juche 107 (2018), the Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was continuing his on-the-spot tour (and guidance of the population) of Yangdeok County, South Pyongan Province.

The car in which the Respected General Secretary was riding stopped on the road beside a rice paddy field in the Iram-ri area of Yangdeok County.

After accepting a bag of rice picked by a worker from Pojeon – the Respected General Secretary personally estimated the weight and number of grains and said that the rice harvest was very good – even though it was a mountain farm!

As if counting the innumerable drops of sweat the owner of the paddy field had shed whilst cultivating this field – he could not take his eyes off the paddy field lined with desirable rice ears for a considerable time!

The paddy field – which the Respected Comrade General Secretary looked at with joy – had been tended by an old man from the local village who was a senior citizen!

Thanks to his diligent efforts to take care of the low-yield harvest field – and care for it no matter who saw it – his (dialectical) intellectual power increased in many different ways each year (correctly solving the many different problems encountered), making the current harvest very pleasing to the eye!

The hearts of the officials were warmed as they witnessed the reaction this field had on the Respected Comrade General Secretary – who undrstood that this field possessed a unique story (even at a glance) – cherishing the sincerity of this humble farmer who had correctly devoted himself to the silent land!

In December of that year (107-2018), ahead of the 4th National Agricultural Sector Experts Conference – the Respected General Secretary recalled the fact that he once stopped the car next to the rice paddy field in Iram-ri (on the road travelling through Yangdeok County) a few months ago – and learned about the rice crop from the humble farmer! He remembered that this was a paddy field where an ordinary Farm Unit Worker served the People as “Foreman” – assuring that the wisdom and ‘dialectical’ experience of age was responsible for cultivating the rice!

After this humble farmer explained (with great kindness) how he cultivated the field and cared for the rice (assuring a good harvest) – the Respected General Secretary “invited” this old farmer to “attend” the National Agricultural Sector Conference – considering he had proved himself an “expert”!

Tears of gratitude and passion flowed endlessly from the farmer – who was named “Dubollo” (두볼로) – an ordinary elderly man was given the honour of participating in the 4th National Agricultural Experts Conference – sitting on the podium! (End)

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North Korean Language Article:


평범한 실농군이 받아안은 영광

주체107(2018)년 8월 어느날 경애하는 김정은동지께서 평안남도 양덕군에 대한 현지지도의 길을 이어가시던 때였다.

경애하는 총비서동지께서 타신 승용차가 양덕군 일암리의 한 논벼포전옆 도로에서 멈춰섰다.

한 일군이 포전에서 뽑은 벼 한포기를 받아드신 경애하는 총비서동지께서는 친히 무게와 알수를 가늠해보시고나서 산골농장인데 벼작황이 참 좋다고 말씀하시였다.

포전의 주인이 흘린 무수한 땀방울을 헤아리시는듯 그이께서는 탐스러운 벼이삭들이 주렁진 포전에서 한동안 눈길을 떼지 못하시였다.

경애하는 총비서동지께서 기쁨속에 바라보신 그 포전은 년로보장자인 마을의 한 로인이 가꾸고있는 포전이였다.

저수확지포전을 스스로 맡아안고 누가 보건말건 애지중지하며 가꿔온 그의 성실한 노력에 의해 한해가 다르게 지력이 높아져 그해에는 보기에도 흐뭇한 작황이 펼쳐졌던것이다.

남다른 사연이 깃든 포전을 한눈에 알아보시고 말없는 땅에 바친 한 실농군의 진정을 그처럼 소중히 헤아려주시는 경애하는 총비서동지를 우러르는 일군들의 가슴은 후더워올랐다.

그해 12월 제4차 전국농업부문열성자회의를 앞두고 경애하는 총비서동지께서는 몇달전 양덕군에 대한 현지지도의 길에서 일암리의 논밭옆에 차를 세우고 논벼작황을 료해하신데 대해 회고하시며 그 논밭은 농장작업반장을 하다가 년로보장을 받고있는 농장 부대로력자가 벼농사를 짓고있는 포전이였다고 말씀하시였다.

그러시고는 그가 포전에서 거둔 수확량까지 말씀하시며 그를 농업부문열성자회의에 참가시키도록 크나큰 은정을 베풀어주시였다.

제4차 전국농업부문열성자회의에 참가하여 주석단에 앉는 영광을 지닌 로인의 두볼로는 감사의 눈물,격정의 눈물이 끝없이 흘러내리였다.(끝)

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