DPRK: Churches and Religious Life in Pyongyang! (23.3.2023) 

Translator’s Note: This article was penned by a Xinhua Journalist and was intended for the education of an ethnic Chinese audience regarding the toleration of what amounts to ‘foreign’ religions in the DPRK. I have translated this text into the English language so as to convey exactly the same meaning (and impression) an ethnic Chinese audience experiences when reading its content delivered in their own (indigenous) language. The transliterations of the names of the Churches included are straight from the written Chinese language and into the English language – involving the use of the modern (Mainland) ‘Pinyin’ System. Obviously, this is NOT how an ethnic Korean person would read these names (although the ‘meaning’ remains exactly the same). Although I am not an expert in the written Korean language – by accessing Chinese language to Korean language dictionaries – I have ascertained how the names in this Chinese language article might be expressed in the Korean language: 

1) Qigu (七谷) – ‘질문 나는 주식’ (Jilmun Naneun Jusig) – ‘‘Seven Valleys’ Church 

2) Fengxiu (凤岫) – ‘펑슈’ (Peong Syu) – ‘Phoenix Moutain Peak’ Church 

3) Jiangzhong (奖忠) – ‘보상 충성도’ (Bosang Chungseongdo) – ‘Reward Loyalty’ Catholic Church  

There is a very small number of Christians in North Korea. In South Korea, however, as it is a US colony, anti-intellectual (racist) ‘White’ Missionaries are continuously attempting to brainwash the South Korean population by ‘forcing’ the foreign religion of ‘Christianity’ upon their children! This process begins in the Nursery, and is reinforced through entertainment, advertisements and the education system! Not only are South Koreans taught that their culture (and history) is enthused with the hoof-prints of the ‘Devil’ – but their biology also condemns them to being an ‘inferior’ race! This is why the US must be driven OUT of the region it is illegally occupying – so that the two Koreas are allowed to ‘unite’ peacefully! ACW (23.3.2023) 

North Korea has three Christian Churches – all located in the capital – Pyongyang. Among them are the Qigu (七谷) or ‘Seven Valleys’ Church and the Fengxiu (凤岫) or ‘Phoenix Mountain Peak’ Church – which belong to Protestantism. The Jiangzhong (奖忠) or ‘Reward Loyalty’ Church belongs to the Catholic Church – which has a history of more than ten years (writing in 2005). In addition, the first Orthodox Church is still under construction. North Korea has around 13,000 Protestants and about 3,000 Catholics. Every Sunday – all Christian and Catholic believers go to these established Church – or nearby House Churches. Religious activities – such as worship or mass – are ‘protected’ and ‘guaranteed’ under the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK! Indeed, the above photograph (dated 17.7.2005) features a female ‘Deacon’ collecting donations within the ‘Fengxiu’ (Protestant) Church! 

Photograph by Xinhua News Agency Reporter – Ji Xinlong (姬新龙) 

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