Soviet Union and ‘Yuletide’


The Soviet Union was a Secular State guided by a scientific ethos that endeavoured to benefitted the entirety of humanity (and not just the Rothschilds and other similar corrupt elements). This meant that although the Soviet State was officially ‘Atheist’ (as is the Government of the USA), each individual Soviet citizen possessed the legal right to practice ‘any’ or ‘no’ religion as a private matter. Schools taught science and not religion. To study religion, individuals had to make arrangements with religious educational bodies (usually through a church, mosque, synagogue or temple, etc). However, no politically motivated religious movements were permitted, because religious theology (or emancipatory philosophy) when used to control the minds and bodies of the entirety of society, is oppressive, repressive and generally opposed to scientific exploration and development (as logic and reason exposes the illogicality that theism is premised upon). What is interesting is how financial power-houses in the West, use the established church (also a financial power-house) to ‘convert’ individuals into a theological state of mind, as a means to stop the spread of Scientific Socialism, and the establishment of material science.

The US colonies of Taiwan and South Korea, since their respective annexation by America, have received intense Christian missionary activity intended to convert these distinct Asian populations away from their naturally Socialist religions of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism, and toward the ‘greed-friendly’ theology of Catholicism and Protestantism. This racially premised policy is viewed by the US as removing those Asian cultural traits that ‘risk’ a natural slide into Socialism, and away from US imperialist influence. This is also seen with the US and its attempted infiltration of the Communist Chinese Mainland through the CIA-fabricated ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’, and the ‘Falun Gong Cult’. The point of this activity is to either establish or retain an ‘inverted’ mind-set that is incapable of non-inverted scientific thought, and therefore unable to understand or confront the exploitative capitalist system, or logically formulate ways of predicting or countering US imperialist propaganda. As the rhetoric of theistic religions is one of ‘personal freedom’ or ’emancipation’, why would a religious body express ambitions for political power? Obviously, there are no legitimate reasons for this.

Therefore, Scientific Socialism facilitates the legitimate study of a religious or emancipatory philosophical path solely as a ‘private matter’, and enables secular scholars to objectively study theology and religious philosophy at the university level (in 1928, Joseph Stalin authorised the founding of the Soviet Institute for the Study of Buddhist Culture). The Soviet education system taught its children that the celebration of ‘Yuletide’ was far-older than that of the Christian fabrication of ‘Christ-Mass’, and that for the first 300 years of the existence of the Jewish sect of Christianity, no such celebration existed (it came into being under the Roman Emperor Constantine who ordered the Christian Pope of the time, to ‘create’ a Christian celebration on the 25th of December – the birthday of the Roman child-god Mithras – as this would make Christianity more acceptable to Roman pagans). As a consequence of this ‘enlightened’ approach, people in the Soviet Union, guided as they were by the light of Socialism, would routinely celebrate ‘the Scandinavian ‘Yuletide’ (which marks the passing of the Winter Solstice and the coming of better weather and more light), by decorating trees and hanging wreaths and other baubles from walls and ceilings, etc. Ethnic Russians, of course, are descended from Vikings.

An Atheist God (Email: 5.7.2017)

Dear A
As far as I am aware – Christians meditate all the time! They meditate and contemplate God’s unquestioning love and mercy as shown through the life of Jesus and his disciples (and the saints). Of course, it does depend upon the type of Christian – the C of E for instance, often focuses upon political power and money in much the same way as the Roman Catholics – but my Christian monastic friends are busy trying to empty themselves of ego so as to become a purified vessel to receive God’s grace – which may or may not happen – they tell me! Anyway, the bible seems to say that what is good for man is not good for God – meaning personal sacrifice is on the agenda. I have Christians friends who are atheist because they do not believe in the church definition of a god.  The god they realise is far greater. Every so often I also meet an old Christian abbot who likes to sit with me in the garden and discuss Marx and Buddha. he agrees with both narratives. If that is not a gong-an, I don’t now what is!  One thing is for certain, the rubbish the church spills out to the laity is certainly not worthy of the god they worship, nor the sincerity of those who attend. As I am unburdened by belief, I see through the schemes and scenarios concocted by those who would control us. Although not a Christian in much the same way as I am not a Buddhist – there is a certain something holding everything together. Of course, it could well be the lack of structure.
With Metra
PS: Off to the Ukrainian Embassy later – to give some fascists a kicking!

Palestinian ‘Sandra Solomon’ and the Embracing of Eurocentric (Zionist) Racism


“We are the Arabs. We occupy the land of the Jews. This [Israel] is Jewish land. It’s going to be there for ever and ever.”

The three monotheistic religions of the world all have a common root – Judaism. Both Jesus and Mohammed were Jews prior to their spiritual awakenings that took them on different paths to the that preferred by the mainstream religions of the day. All three religions share exactly the same belief in a single god concept, but disagree on the name of that god, and on how he should be worshipped. All three religions share a pre-modern theology developed over thousands of years, and premised upon the unproven idea that ‘god’ exists. The Jews reacted with religiously inspired violence against Roman occupation of Palestine and Judea, whilst Mohammed led a ‘holy war’ against non-Muslims as a means to spread the Qur’an. Once Christianity became the State Creed of Rome, the so-called ‘Roman Catholics’ initiated a widespread persecution of non-Christians, and attacked and destroyed other Christian groups that did not adhere to ‘official’ church dogma. With the spread of Christianity across Europe, Muslim and Jews soon became victims of Christian pogroms of genocide and destruction. This stabilisation of a politicised church also involved the destruction of any and all ‘pagan’ religions throughout the West, and more or less the same time as the ‘Crusades’ were unleashed by the West upon the Islamic populations of the Middle East.

Scientific Socialism – as developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – reveals that the religious mind-set is premised upon a pre-modern and ‘inverted’ state of mind that mistakes thoughts in the head for material reality in the universe. By throwing-off the shackles of religion, a human-being can adopt a ‘non-inverted’ mind, and proceed on a development path of scientific endeavour (designed to assist the entirety of society). In this regard, religion should not be permitted to ‘politically’ control the direction of any modern society due to the pre-modern nature of its theologically informed attitudes (which generally run-counter to the method and practice associated with modern science). Of course, there are modern scientists that profess a religious faith in their private lives, but keep that faith ‘separate’ to their modern academic work. What someone like Sandra Solomon (or her handlers) need to remember is that the Roman Catholic Church actively collaborated with Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945, and was complicit in the Holocaust.

Sandra Solomon is either mentally ill, easily led, or a deliberate ‘plant’. Her attitude is that of a ‘White’ supremacist, with the added twist of ‘White’ supremacist ‘Zionism’. Zionism is a virulent, racist and highly destructive ideology, developed by ‘White’ Jews in 19th century Europe, and designed to convince non-Jewish ‘White’ supremacists that European Jews were just like them, and subscribed to the racist idea that all other races were ‘inferior’. Sandra Solomon (made-up name) is not ‘White’, but her rhetoric is one of pure religious-inspired intolerance toward Islam and the Palestinian people. Without a shadow of irony, this woman appears on White supremacist media programmes and as if working from a script written by a privileged White man, she sets about peddling her particular form of religiously inspired intolerance and bigotry – to the delight of the White racists that surround her. The White supremacists wheel Sandra Solomon out to a predominantly ‘White’ audience, to legitimise White racist rhetoric – which she does to varying degrees of success. The point is that all people who look like her are victims of the very ‘White’ racism she espouses, and although she mouths the pro-Israeli and pro-Eurocentric racist viewpoints, it is difficult to take her seriously. Of course, she might be a CIA-plant with ‘no discernible’ history, or she perhaps a very confused woman who thinks that replacing one monotheistic religion with another, is somehow a radical act.  As matters stand, this odd woman is broadcasting religious intolerance – whilst accusing the victims of her intolerance – Islam – as being the ‘true’ harbinger of this religious hatred. I doubt she really understands Islam, for if she did, she would not confuse diverse Islam culture with a unified theological interpretation of the Qur’an.

CCCP: Biased European History


Secular history in the contemporary West claims to be ‘objective’ and therefore ‘truthful’, but is it? History is a matter of interpreting ‘recorded’ events that are said to have happened in the past, supported – wherever possible – by corroborating evidence. In this sense, the subject of history assumes for itself an air of ‘scientific’ certainty, despite the fact that what it observes (and in a sense ‘measures’) are not natural processes. History, unlike a successful scientific experiment, cannot be replicated under laboratory conditions. In many ways, history is ‘hearsay’ elevated to the level of orthodox fact. Furthermore, history is written by those classes that dominate society at any given moment in time, and who ‘win’ or ‘prevail’ during any major (or minor) conflict. In this sense, history is not objective at all, but represents a certain class-view of itself and its activities which are ‘privileged’ over any other view or interpretation of events. In the case of Western Europe, its bias is toward the bourgeois (i.e. ‘middle’) class, and its preferred Judeo-Christian religious outlook. Even in its secular form, European history is shot-through with the Judeo-Christian theological view of a preferred ‘good’ and a rejected ‘evil’.

The history of the USA, for instance, is presented as a priori ‘good’ even though the well-known historical facts point to the exact opposite conclusion. Europeans invaded an already occupied landmass uninvited, and due to their bias Christian beliefs, declared the indigenous inhabitants to be ‘evil’ and therefore not ‘worthy’ of life or land. From there on in, killing these people in their millions was simply a matter of routine policy. To assist the Europeans in their orgy of murder, rape and pillage, the indigenous peoples of Africa were captured, enslaved, and shipped in the boat-load to the USA to do all the hard manual work for no pay. The USA was built upon genocide, rape, murder and exploitation, and all these aspects exist today within contemporary American society, where two-thirds of the population live either in abject poverty – or close to it – whilst one-third lord it over the rest, enjoying an opulent lifestyle premised entirely upon the inequality hot-wired into the US capitalist system. This ‘evil’ existence is assumed to be ‘good’ in virtually all European history books (a habit of interpretation repeated throughout European civilisation).

The Soviet Union, by way of contrast, was premised upon the exact opposite of US-style genocide and capitalist exploitation, thoroughly rejecting all forms of bourgeois capitalist exploitation, murder, rape and pillage. Despite this political, economic and social framework that mirrors in many ways the ‘goodness’ exhibited by Jesus Christ himself, European historians reject the Soviet era and term it a priori ‘evil’. This demonstrates the non-scientific basis of contemporary European history, and confirms it being solely in the service of the bourgeois capitalist system. As modern Christianity had abandoned the original Socialist and Anarchic teachings of Jesus Christ, bringing its theology into accord with the strictures of modern capitalist exploitation of the masses – Karl Marx thoroughly rejected it as a means to administer a ‘just’ and ‘fair’ society. Although Christians certainly existed in the USSR, the Soviet State remained ‘independent’ of religious influence – a choice of Soviet self-determination often termed ‘evil’ by European historians. What is interesting is that the USA founded its system of government in exactly the same manner – embracing secularism and rejecting religion as a guiding influence upon secular authority. Whereas the US has continued throughout its history to use military force, invasion, murder and religious conversion as a means to perpetuate its own particular brand of predatory capitalism, the USSR did none of these ‘evil’ things, simply because it did not support or pursue the capitalist agenda. As European history is biased, the actual ‘facts’ do not effect its general trend of presenting the Soviet Union in the exact opposite light to how it operated in reality. In many ways, the ‘sins’ of US domestic and foreign policy are ‘projected’ upon the Soviet Union and given credence by a brain-washed public that do not possess the educational tools to ‘see through’ the lies. Although the USSR was an officially ‘atheistic’ State, it behaved in a much more ‘Christian’ manner than the government of the USA that pays lip-service to Christian theology, whilst simultaneously committing mass-murder around the globe.

Who Were the Malungeons?

0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000As White Europeans swept across the Americas en mass after 1492 – a colonisation project that in its earliest layers included the Spanish and the Portuguese – it is well known today that Christopher Columbus was not the ‘first’ European – or even person – to discover the continent, that indigenous Native Americans (of various ethnicities) were already present, and that archaeological evidence now suggests that Vikings, Chinese and even Romans might have been there thousands of years earlier. The point is that despite modern Eurocentric ethnocentric propaganda to the contrary, the vast landmass of the Americas could well have been settled by diverse peoples who did not necessarily adhere to the racial politics of later European settlers. This would suggest that a settler community could well have been premised upon the ideal of multiculturalism – even if the outward practises of that community appeared to favour European modes of behaviour. One such candidate for such a community is the people known as the Malungeons.


The first mention of the Malungeons appears to be in 1690, when French tradesmen came across what they termed as a strange or odd settlement of diverse people that at that time had no known direct connection with any established European colonial presence. Certainly the French tradesmen active in the Southern Appalachian area – which is now known as Eastern Tennessee, South-West Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky – had no knowledge of any European groups that had ventured this far away from established European centres, and were unable to fully explain their presence. However, as some of the French had traded in the past with North Africans, they assumed that these people – many of whom had black hair and various shades of dark skin (although some looked European) – were probably ‘Moors’ who had somehow settled independently in the Americas. What the French found peculiar was that this obviously multicultural community lived in peace and harmony, in what appeared to be through a European-type culture. Their clothing looked European, their social organisation and farming techniques resembled European cultural patterns, and they lived in well-built log cabins, and yet they remained ‘outside’ of the official colonial European presence in the Americas.


The language of the Malungeons appears to have been a ‘mixed’ tongue when their community was first discovered and noted in 1690. There were elements of Elizabethan English, Turkish, French, Portuguese, Native American (Cherokee) and even what is assumed to be African languages. This is why the Malungeons were able to communicate with Europeans – although they remained culturally disinterested in activities beyond the borders of their settlement, and were certainly not complicit in slavery or European racism. This purposeful multiculturalism and ‘detached’ attitude, certainly distinguished the Malungeons from all other ethnic groups at the time. Certainly, nearly 100 years later in 1784, the Malungeons were encountered yet again by frontiersman John Sevier. He described encountering ‘Europeans’ with dark skin, who described themselves to him as being ‘Portuguese’. The fact that the ethnic make-up of the community exhibited many distinct groupings suggests that even if the original settlement (or even part of it) were Portuguese, then certainly by 1690, something radical had occurred to change the nature of the group.


The problem with a wholly ‘Portuguese’ origin is that of religion. As both Spain and Portugal had been tasked with conquering the unknown world by the Vatican for Roman Catholicism, it is interesting to note the complete lack of any Christian symbolism. The early Europeans who encountered the Malungeons make no references to any religious symbolism observable throughout community, or make any mention of religious belief being espoused by the Malungeons themselves (although they were sometimes referred to as ‘Christianised-Moors’, this meant they behaved in a generally European manner, rather than actively professing or promoting any particular faith). In other words, despite a well-built and functioning community, there were no churches or crosses to be seen, and no obvious expressions of community-based religion. This is equally problematic if the Malungeons were Islamic Moors, as there was no obvious presence of Muslim worship – no mosque and no prayer mats. Of course, this does not mean that this community had no spiritual belief, or appreciation of nature, but rather that the usual ideal of European social cohesion being established around an obvious theistic religion was not present, or even required to ensure a continued Malungeon civilisation. The fact that their minds operated through an obvious ‘logical’ and ‘scientific’ mode can be seen by the quality and cut of their (home-made) clothing, boots and shoes, and the perfect architecture of their log cabins. The fact that they did not starve to death demonstrates a sophisticated grasp of agriculture, which is matched by the observation that Malungeon society was entirely free of crime. As everyone appeared to adhere to a non-specified moral code (that shared and protected life and property), there were no obvious legal or criminal structures or establishments – no police, no courts or prisons.


There are rumours today in the USA that the mother of Abraham Lincoln – Nancy Hanks – was of Malungeon descent, and that even the celebrity Elvis Presley may have also been related to these people. However, during the 1800’s, it is recorded that the European colonialists practised racial discrimination against them. The term ‘Malungeon’ may be an old English word meaning ‘guile’ or ‘deceit’, but another theory suggests that it might mean ‘mixture’ from the French word ‘Melange’. More exotic interpretations suggest the Angolan word ‘Malungo’ meaning ‘shipmate’, or even the Turkish words ‘malun jinn’ meaning ‘damned spirit’, etc. Whatever the case, the Malungeons were seen as ‘dirty’ race-mixers, and were often ascribed with every negative stereotype European colonial culture could imagine. As time progressed, and the European colonial influence spread across North America, the Malungeon people eventually became assimilated into the general population, although it is believed that marrying outsiders was discouraged as late as 1900. Today, the genetic distinctiveness of these people is still observable in the area of their origination, but of course, many Malungeon people have now spread into other areas and populations. Could it be that the Malungeons formed the world’s first successful Socialist community in North America? Finally, there is a theory that the Malungeons might have been the survivors of the lost early English colony of Roanoke (established in 1584) who had ‘mixed’ with Indians and Africans into a distinct (and irreligious) community practising equality and tolerance, or that the Malungeons might be the descendants of Ottoman-Turks brought to the Americas by the British Sir Francis Drake (probably around 1586) – who is believed to have captured them from a Spanish ship. Whatever the case, and despite often conflicting or contradictory evidence, these unusual people sometimes referred to themselves as ‘Portuguese’, but also more commonly by the word ‘Malungeon’, which no-one else could understand.


Xmas with Chinese Characteristics (中国特色的圣诞节总)


Xmas has been historically linked in China, with European imperialism and colonialism, from a past destructive era that saw the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches of the West, seek to destroy indigenous Chinese religion and culture. This process of ‘conversion’ invariably involved the very worst aspects of gun-boat diplomacy, and the forced signing of ‘unequal’ treaties.  At a time that saw the power of the Chinese government weakened or removed from whole swathes of the Chinese population, with those people being left unprotected by the Chinese imperial State, and subjected to brutal Western subjugation and control. The Western Christian authorities used to buy-up all the local supplies of rice, and then only give-out food to those Chinese that ‘converted’ to the Christian faith – hence the term ‘rice Christians’.  Today, Communist China is ‘free’ of Western, imperialist control, and interacts through conditions of its own choosing.  The US has been trying to destroy Communist China for decades, using closer trade links and encouraging the Chinese diaspora to ‘Westernise’ through embracing capitalism and Christianity.  This policy has also been applied to Mainland China – but its impact has been very slight, as the Chinese people that rule themselves, want neither capitalism nor Christianity.  This attitude of self-determination is directed by the Communist Party of China, that is well aware of the US attempt to sway the Chinese populace through bourgeois propaganda. As a result, in some parts of China (but by no means all), the outward manifestations of a secular Xmas might be celebrated in a limited manner, but firmly within the non-Christian context of Chinese culture. Xmas (like Christianity) is not popular in China, despite Western propaganda to the contrary.  Wherever Father Christmas manifests within China, it must be in a secular manner relevant to Chinese culture, and in no way serve as a platform for the penetration of bourgeois cultural norms into Mainland China. This is because Western religion has historically always aligned itself with predatory capitalism, and its presence in any non-Western country has served as a prelude to the importation of capitalism and the destruction of culture and self-determination.  The placing Santa beards, for instance, on national treasures, is considered the height of bourgeois decadence and racism.






Anti-Science Agenda of CCHR International

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International was founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and US Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.  The CCHR has no connection with the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations (UN), despite the rather deliberate use of a similar name to garner legitimacy in the minds of ordinary people.  The CCHR is not an official government body, and possesses no political power.  It is a pressure group that is opposed to the establishment of material science in the world, and seeks (through numerous well-made propaganda documentaries) to brain-wash ordinary people into believing that material science is a sinister plot against humanity, concocted by ‘evil’ people, as a means to deny the literal existence and relevancy of the Christian theological viewpoint.  The Church of Scientology, is of course a ‘cult’ that exists to limit the expression of the creativity of the human-mind to its own distorted understanding of Christian theology.  Do not be fooled by the sophisticated ‘anti-establishment’ rhetoric that emerges from this fringe group – as it is pursuing its own agenda of destroying humanistic science by deliberately misrepresenting secular human progression, through a false image of corruption and debauchery.  Of course, as the ideology of Scientific Socialism advocates the development of humanistic science as a means to progress society (as opposed to theology), the CCRH takes an automatic dislike to it, and seeks to misrepresent the history of the former Soviet Union wherever, and whenever it can (albeit in the most unconvincing of manners).

In the following documentary, the CCRH is attempting to achieve the following:

a) Establish a counter-narrative that misrepresents and undermines the developmental history of general (material) scientific understanding in the West. This is considered a prelude within the Church of Scientology to ‘converting’ the susceptible to that cult’s theology.

b) The ‘entry-point’ for this strategy of undermining the entire edifice of material science, is the academic subject of psychiatry.

c) As the CCHR is reliant upon the brain-washing technique of providing fast and continuous ‘facts’ as a means to prevent individual thought and self-determination in the viewer, as the term ‘Psychiatry’ is never properly defined. This is because the CCRH does not want to build understanding, but rather dismantle any such notions that support material science.

d) Psychiatry is generally defined as the ‘study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behaviour.’

e) The CCHR is pursuing the Christian agenda of the Church of Scientology, and as such is seeking to re-establish the notion of a Christian ‘soul’ (Greek: ‘psyche’) within mainstream Western discourse. To do this it must misrepresent psychiatry as ‘soulless’, or denying a ‘soul’. This is illogical in the sense that the term ‘psychiatry’ is a word of Greek origin meaning ‘psyche’ (soul) and ‘atresia’ meaning ‘healing’ or ‘healer’.  Of course, ‘psyche’ can mean ‘mind’, despite the fact that in the original Greek, it means ‘breath of life’.  The Christian term ‘soul’ is Germanic pagan in origin, and was co-opted by the early Christians as an alternative pronunciation of ‘psyche’ (distorted by Christian theology to refer to a spirit as opposed to matter).

f) The CCHR does not define its terms, and this is a deliberate tactic to sully the waters of understanding. Just as the history of the Christian Church is riddled with a history of deliberate death and destruction (primarily of those who did not believe in ‘Christianity’ – a death toll through Christian persecution numbering around 10 million deaths in the last thousand years), the history of the development of scientific understanding has not been smooth, consistent or even morally palatable. However, whereas the pogroms of Christianity deliberately sought to eradicate any physical rejection of Christianity, most scientists have been motivated by the ambition to progress humanity.

g) The Christian CCHR mentions the Nazi German holocaust quite rightly as a misuse of science, but fails to mention that both fascist Italy and Nazi Germany were supported by the Roman Catholic Church (that is supported by Christian theology).

h) The CCHR mentions racism within Western Science, but fails to mention that the Christian Church fully supported ‘racism’ (the reason Christ is depicted as ‘White’), and was at the fore-front of imperialist expansion, colonialism and slavery. The CCHR Is very careful to divorce the inconvenient history of the racist Christian Church from its anti-science narrative. The CCHR does this because it is attempting to establish a ‘privileged’ position for Christian theology, albeit one of its own concocting.

i) The CCHR ignores the fact that it is the capitalist system that lies at the heart of all racism. The CCHR does not highlight this fact because the CCHR is a capitalist entity seeking to ‘sell’ its produce and merchandise to the gullible.

j) The anti-Soviet section of this video is bizarre. As the CCHR is a capitalist entity, it obviously views Communism and the Soviet Union as a threat to its hegemony. It offers no documentary (Russian) sources for its groundless allegations, but pursues the usual Cold War anti-Sovietism that has no bearing in observable historical facts.  As this video contained Dutch subtitles, for some reason the subtitled dialogues with Russian ‘dissidents’ are ‘blacked-out’ so that an empty subtitle box appears in each scene.  This means the viewer has no way of understanding these ‘dissidents’ when they speak.

k) All the ‘experts’ called for this interview, are either unaware of the CCHR, or have had their interviews for other programmes co-opted without their knowledge. Whatever the case, the CCHR simply takes whatever liberal protest is popular, and runs with it to undermine the power of material science. These popular protests, in and of themselves, are not without merit, but the CCHR is misusing these aspects to pursue its own pro-Christian agenda.  It is important to learn about the limitations of human thought, and I would advise that the activities of the CCHR come under this category, and individuals should be aware of its cult-like agenda.  The problems of material science will be solved by the clear thinking of material science, and not by the pseudo-theology of the Church of Scientology or the nefarious activities of the CCHR:

In the 1970’s, the Church of Scientology launched a highly aggressive infiltration campaign that saw a series of infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology.  It seems to me that the CCHR is a front for the Scientologists to attack the very academic subject that possesses the power to reveal their cult-like agenda, and prevent innocent people from being recruited and exploited.

Scientology Infiltrated U.S. Government, Foreign Embassies and Private Organizations

George Galloway’s Comments on Buddhism


The general viewpoints of George Galloway can be found on his numerous Youtube videos, and his comments on Facebook and Twitter, etc.  As a well-known politician of the British political left, his stance on a number of controversial issues has earned him praise and blame in equal measure, and his exclusion from the Labour Party under Tony Blair (in 2003) for opposing what many consider to be the illegal invasions of Afghanistan (and Iraq).  He was subsequently attacked in the world media and accused of all kinds of weird and wonderful behaviour, but he took effective legal action and proved all these allegations to be wrong (earning a substantial financial recompense from the guilty parties).  He has produced a very good podcast concerning the biography of Che Guevara, and has explained elsewhere that his flag is red, and his country is the future.  He fervently opposes all forms of racism (including Zionism) and is famous for opposing the racist English Defence League (EDL), British National Party (BNP), the National Front (NF), and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).  This is despite a ‘disturbing’ video of George Galloway sympathetically interviewing the racist UKIP leader – Nigel Farage – over leaving the EU.  Not once during this interview was UKIP’s (or Farage’s) racism confronted, with George Galloway lamenting at one point that it was unfair that UKIP had attracted five million votes but not earned a single seat in the UK Parliament.  For non-white people watching this, (and anti-racists of any background), this was difficult viewing, even taking into account the necessity on the left for political expediency – and the leftwing call to leave the EU for purely economic reasons (as opposed to the rightwing reasons which are premised entirely upon racism and xenophobia).

Despite his obvious Marxist approach to critiquing the bourgeois State and its duplicitous institutions, George Galloway has stated during a radio conversation with a member of the British rightwing, that he ‘is not a Marxist’.  Furthermore, whilst stating that he is a Socialist, he confesses a faith in a theistic god, and has stated that he was born into a Catholic family.  This situation has become confused somewhat due to his obvious well-read knowledge of Islamic theology, and his obvious popularity in some areas of the British Muslim community, and has led some to speculate that he has ‘reverted’ to Islam.  As matters stand on this issue, George Galloway continuously states that his religious beliefs are a ‘private’ matter and not a subject for public discussion.  In the recent London Mayoral Elections (within which he stood), George Galloway remained very popular amongst certain populations of London’s Muslim population, despite the fact he was standing against the British Muslim candidate of the Labour Party (the Blairite Sadiq Khan).

George Galloway is a friend of Communist China and fervently opposes the Western created Pro-Tibetan Movement administered by the duplicitous Dalai Lama.  Indeed, when confronted with a pro-Tibetan caller during his radio show, he quite rightly stated in no uncertain terms that Tibet is a historical part of China, and that the Chinese Communist government had raised more people out of poverty than any other regime on earth.  He also conflated Buddhism in general, with the distorted Buddhism perpetuated by the pro-Tibetan movement, and even stated that there is ‘only one god’, as if Buddhism is a theistic religion (which it is not).  In this regard, George Galloway keeps-up a constant and correct anti-Dalai Lama rhetoric against his sham nationalism and manipulation of Buddhist philosophy.  However, in a recent Facebook post, George Galloway quite rightly criticised the Dalai Lama for his recent ‘anti-migrant’ and apparently ‘racist’ attitudes regarding the free EU movement of workers from one country to another, and then stated that the Buddhists who are attacking the Rohingya Muslims in Burma are doing so under the Dalai Lama’s instructions.  The Dalai Lama and the pro-Tibetan movement are corrupt, of that there is no doubt, but equating Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism with Burmese Theravada Buddhism is incorrect.  Firstly, despite the racist Western media manipulating everything to its advantage, Theravada Buddhism (whose suttas are written in Pali) has no ‘pope’ and is not controlled by a single Buddhist monastic.  As a philosophy of self-development, it presents ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ as the highest aspect of secular, human thought, and rejects ‘theism’ as being unimportant for personal development.  In this regard, early Buddhism represents the development of the world’s first system of logic (as positively commented on by both Marx and Engels).  In Burma (and elsewhere) there has been problems of Buddhists attacking Muslims (and Muslims attacking Buddhists), but this has nothing to do with the Dalai Lama.  Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism has nothing in-common with Theravada Buddhism, other than the fact that it developed in India (albeit much later), and represents an integration of Buddhist and Brahmanic thought.  In Burma, a small breakaway group of Theravada Buddhists have become infected with Western racism and nationalism, and it is this ‘foreign’ ideology of ‘Islamophobia’ that is causing the inter-communal violence.  It is the same situation in Sri Lanka.  However, the mainstream Theravada Buddhist School does not, and never has condoned inter-ethnic violence or the alien ‘Islamophobia’, and it is incorrect for George Galloway to assume that a) Buddhism is a theistic religion organised along the lines of the Catholic Church, or Islamic Mosques, b) the distorted [and Christianised] Buddhism of the Dalai Lama is indicative of all Buddhism, c) the Dalai Lama runs the Buddhist world, and d) that a racist, Western presence has nothing to do with ‘Buddhist’ attacks on Muslims.

Indeed, even within Communist China, with its secular and progressive education system and Marxist-Leninist critique of capitalism, many people are Buddhists, Daoist, and Confucians, with the only difference being that by law all these religions and philosophies must actively participate in the building of Socialism within the country, and not oppose or undermine this process.  This is also the case in the Tibetan area of China, where the Dalai Lama has no power and is not viewed as being in control of anything.  White racism is the cause of the supposed ‘Buddhist’ attacks on Muslims, and someone of the obvious calibre of George Galloway should assist the oppressed peoples of the world to expose this.  Buddhism is not the enemy of Islam – but the Dalai Lama and his CIA-created Pro-Tibetan Movement is definitely the enemy of Communist China and genuine Tibet.

Stop Female Circumcision to Improve Rights for Women


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Notes.  It is interesting to note that neither Islam nor Christianity require that their female adherents be circumcised.  The practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) appears to be dominant in Africa (particularly Somalia and Sudan), but I am told that it can also occur in the Middle East and Asia.  The practice has developed from early patriarchal society and is in essence the projection of male ignorance and prejudice upon the bodies of women.  Men assume that a woman can only get pregnant if their virginal lips and clitoris have been removed (often with a rusty razor) and the subsequent virginal opening sewn-shut.  Furthermore, I have heard that often the stolen clitoris is used to make a ‘fertility’ medicine drunk only by men.  I support the rights of women around the world, and believe that unbiased education is the path to empowerment and equality.  By way of balance, I must mention that I once heard a group of Somali women who were protesting ‘Eurocentricism’ regarding female circumcision – stating that they rejected the acronym ‘FGM’ as being ‘racist’ – and made it clear that as Somali women they had a ‘right’ to their own culture (which they did not see as ‘inferior’ or ‘dangerous’ to their health).  Perhaps the hidden narrative here is that a ‘Eurocentric’ and ‘secular’ narrative is being projected onto a non-European (and religious) people, and that this subtle form of neo-imperialism is being disguised as ‘good health’.  ACW 22.5.2016

Between 130 and 150 million women are victims of genital mutilation – most of them are Africans. Now, doctors, teachers and social workers in Germany are increasingly being confronted by this practice.  Somalian Jawahir Cumar moved to Germany with her parents when she was a girl. Later, on a visit to her grandparents’ village when she was 20, Jawahir witnessed the funeral of a young girl who had bled to death after being ‘circumcised.’ “I then saw another case,” the now 36 year old says: “A pregnant woman was in labour. She had never been to a doctor, there was nowhere for her to get ultrasound in the area – the next hospital was 900 kilometres away, in Mogadishu. After the birth of the child, the woman was sewn up again.”  The midwife had overlooked the fact that the woman had been carrying twins, so she was still in pain. She was later transported to Mogadishu by car – a journey that took two days. And although she survived, the second twin died.

Severe health damage

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is currently practiced in 29 African countries, despite being illegal in some. It is usually done when girls are between the ages of four and eight – using varying instruments, ranging from razor blades, kitchen knives to broken glass and tin lids. As because these tools are used more than once, it also increases the risk of spreading diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.  Female Genital Mutilation includes procedures that intentionally alter (or cause injury) to female genitalia for non-medical reasons, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). These practices include partial or total removal of the clitoris, the removal of the labia and narrowing the vaginal opening by creating a covering seal to leave a small opening of about two to four millimetres.

About 15 percent of the women who have been cut (especially in Somalia and Sudan) have also undergone infibulation, which results in the vaginal opening being almost sealed completely.

“If the vagina is almost closed, urine and menstrual fluids can hardly be discharged and remain trapped as a result,” explains Dr Christoph Zerm, a gynaecologist who specializes in counselling and treating women who have undergone FGM. “This creates an environment that is conducive for infections. It can cause severe illness in the urinary tract and even the kidney. The uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes can also get infected,” he adds.  For these women, even urinating, which can (take up to 30 minutes), is painful.

Raising awareness in Germany

Jawahir was just a girl when she was cut. As a result, she had to have several surgeries in Germany to reverse the infibulation. She wants to prevent other girls and women from having a similar experience. That’s why she founded ‘Stop Mutilation.’  “The immigrants that come here bring this problem with them. That’s what made me create this organization in 1996,” says Jawahir, who is now a mother of three.  An estimated 30,000 women living in Germany have been subjected to FGM and 6,000 girls are at risk, according to human rights organization Terre des Femmes. Pressure from families in their countries of origin plays a big role.

“Mothers-in-law and grandmothers, especially, call all the time, write letters and send messages,” says Jawahir Cumar. And the message is always the same: “[They say] you have to cut your daughters! Or just bring them to us and we will do it,” she adds.  Jawahir visits kindergartens and advises teachers on how they can raise awareness about FGM. She also targets African immigrants in her advocacy work.  “Many of them don’t know that [female genital mutilation] is prohibited in Germany. They are shocked when they hear that they could lose custody of their children,” Jawahir says.  She was able to prevent 17 girls from being subjected to FGM last year.

Encouraging Africans to Ban FGM

Somalian Fadumo Korn also talks about FGM with immigrant families from Somalia and other African countries. She warns them that it can result in a prison sentence or deportation.  “It only works from one African to another,” she says, because Europeans are often not seen as the right people to raise awareness in Africa.  “It is easy for me because I am also a victim. No one can tell me that genital mutilation isn’t bad,” Fadumo adds.  Together with Nala – an association in Frankfurt – she was able to convince 18,000 people from a community in north-eastern Burkina Faso to publicly renounce FGM.  “We got support from the local imam and the head priest of the Christian community, as well as the chief of this region for our campaign. These three men stood up and told their community that FGM is forbidden,” Fadumo explains.  Even though religion is often used to justify FGM, neither Islam nor Christianity demand it of their followers. Fadumo believes it is important for religious leaders to clearly speak out against the practice to change tradition in their communities.  “Whether it’s Islam or Christianity, we use all religions to tell people, ‘Your God will be angry with you, if you circumcise his children,’” she says.

Re-education is key

Both Jawahir and Fadomo, and activists in Africa face major challenges in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation. Women practicing FGM have to be re-educated and families have to be convinced to let their daughters grow up without being cut.  “Men have to learn that a woman who is not cut can also have children and make her husband happy,” Jawahir Cumar says, while adding that families also need to recognize the importance of education for their daughters.  However, there’s still a lot of work to be done in Germany as well, says Jawahir, pointing to how long it took for forced marriages and ‘honour killings’ to be regarded as a criminal offence and not simply as the customs of immigrants.  Gynaecologist Christoph Zerm would like medical students to learn more about FGM, so doctors can provide better care for women who are affected.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:阻止女性割礼改善妇女权益(组图)



库马尔(Jawahir Cumar)来自索马里。她在年幼时同家人迁移到德国。20岁时她回到家乡的镇上参加祖父的葬礼,她在当地目睹了一名小女孩因割礼失血而死。 “我还目睹了另一个事件”,现年36岁的库马尔回忆道:“那是一名正在分娩的孕妇。她从未看过医生,当地也没有超声波检查。最近的医院在900公里之外的摩加迪沙。孩子出生后,人们又将她的下体缝上。”但助产士没有预料到,产妇怀的是一对双胞胎。库马尔继续说道:“那名女人仍然相当痛楚。人们花了两天的时间开车送她去摩加迪沙。虽然她活下来了,但是第二个孩子不幸夭折。”




约有15%接受割礼的女性遭缝合阴道。此类的割礼主要发生在索马里和苏丹,对女性带来相当严重的健康损害。妇科医师泽尔姆(Christoph Zerm)在德国专门为受到割礼的女性提供咨询和治疗。他解释说:“当阴道口被几乎缝合后,尿液和月经分泌只能缓慢排出,囤积在阴道。这容易造成感染,最后可能造成严重尿道疾病,甚至肾病。”单是排尿就经常需要痛苦地花上近30分钟。

库马尔幼年时受过女性割礼。她在德国经历了多次手术,将缝合的阴道口恢复原状。在发现索马里依旧继续施行割礼时,她感到极度震惊。20岁造访故里后,她在杜塞尔多夫成立了终结割礼协会。目前已诞下三个孩子的库马尔对德国之声表示:“来到这里的移民,自身也有相同问题。这是我在1996年成立协会的动机。”根据妇女权益组织“女性的地球”(Terre des Femmes)估计,在德国共生活着3万名受过割礼的女性,另有6000名年轻女性可能遭施行割礼。来自家乡的家族压力是重要主因。“特别是婆婆和祖母会不停来电、来信并发送信息。”库马尔说,信息内容总是大同小异:“你们必须让女儿行割礼!或是:把她们带回来,交给我们施行!”



知名的索马里裔女作家科恩(Fadumo Korn)对德国之声表示,她同样也明确警告来自索马里或其他非洲国家的移民:举行割礼者将在德国被判处监禁,随后被递解出境。科恩同样来自索马里,在年幼时受过割礼,经历了漫长的治疗才得以痊愈。这名作家希望中止女性割礼这项残忍传统。“人们必须在非洲进行许多劝说工作。只能由非洲人承担这项工作。”根据她的经验,欧洲人的劝说无法使非洲人信服。“对我来说很容易,因为我也受过割礼。没有人可以对我说,割礼没那么糟糕。”







Midwifery as Revolutionary Feminism

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By Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD)

‘Is your wife also active in the German ladies’ great emancipation campaign? I think that German women should begin by driving their husbands to self-emancipation.’

Marx – Letter to Kugelmann (1868)

Midwifery is a tradition, art and science that has historically seen the assistance and care of pregnant women, women giving birth, and women with young babies, historically by women, and today occasionally by men.  However, women have been marginalised and disempowered by the very men who have impregnated them, and persecuted and murdered by a misogynistic Christian Church.  Midwifery, for instance, was termed by the patriarchal Christian Church as ‘witchcraft’, and many women who practised it (that is who assisted and helped pregnant women) were prosecuted and sentenced to death by burning or drowning.  The Christian Church continued its attack on the non-Christian ‘Pagan’ religions and beliefs, and sought to disempower and eradicate all non-Christian practises and traditions.   This is why Christian nuns took-over the role of ‘Midwifery’ as a means to further exclude, marginalise and eradicate non-Christian beliefs.  Today, Midwifery is a legitimate academic subject with bachelor, master and doctorate degrees, studied for through a university, whilst Student Midwives split their time between classroom learning, and practical experience on hospital wards, assisting in the process of caring for women and the delivering of babies.  Midwifery is a modern science that grew-out of a non-Christian religious background that was then embraced by the Christian tradition, before it was developed and transformed into a modern academic subject regulated by informed study courses, and the strict administration of nationally acknowledged examinations.

Women quite rightly are in control of Midwifery, and dominate it as both an academic subject and a profession.  It is premised upon compassion for pregnant women, before, during and after the birthing process.  Midwifery, despite its feminist perspective, exists within a male-dominated National Health Service (NHS), and broader British society.  Midwifery is one of the few academic and social spaces that empowers women and girls, and provides an empowering legitimacy for the ideology of feminism.  Feminism, as a Marxist critique of male-dominated society, is a means to empower women and girls within society in such a manner that ensures equality of gender and equality of access to society and all its establishments.  Midwifery is important because it is a vital aspect of NHS care for pregnant women, and stands as a beacon of self-empowerment for women everywhere.  Midwifery has survived the pogroms of the medieval Church, and continues to provide a professional and compassionate service to the general public, whilst actively resisting the dismantling of the NHS.  Support Midwifery, support Feminism, support the NHS, and support Revolution!

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