Exposing the Bourgeois Agenda of Java Films! (4.2.2023) 

Author’s Note: The Bourgeois Establishment – led by the US – generates fabrications of Socialist States and then through a steady stream of hate-inspired disinformation, prepares the populations of the West for military action against these phantoms, so that they might be destroyed and the ‘invented’ threat removed! A classic example of this is the NATO (78-day) blanket-bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 – on the grounds that its people had democratically chosen a ‘Socialist’ path – which the people wanted to retain despite the collapse of the USSR in 1991. The peaceful unity of the people inside Yugoslavia – and the ‘Internationalist’ attitude its population had to the rest of the world was unacceptable to the US – and so tens of thousands of Yugoslavians were killed by NATO bombs whilst divisive religion and far-right political dogma was imported into the country. This atrocity led to untold thousands dying in an outburst of US-inspired ethnic unrest that had not been seen since the days of WWII! Java Films, through its contrived and made-up documentaries, is preparing the Western working-class for the military destruction of North Korea and China – should the US decide such action is needed. Java Films can give NO legitimate Korean or Chinese language references in support of their fake news reporting! Java Films is a PURE Eurocentric (racist) enterprise! ACW (4.2.2023)

Unusual documentaries can be very interesting and useful for exploring the world, collecting data and learning about new and exciting subjects, situations and historical events, etc. Obviously, within the Bourgeois (capitalist) system it is all about entertainment and making money – whilst not over-stepping the bounds for criticism set by the Bourgeois State. Java Films (which has a YouTube Channel entitled ‘Java Discover’) makes literally hundreds of documentaries about various elements of life presented as happening around the world. Although it is a business entity founded within Western Europe during 2005 – its Managing personnel are all ‘White’ Western (and more recently) ‘Eastern’ European men and women – with no obvious non-White Staff. This is an interesting fact that the reading audience should sit with for a few moments, as Java Films claims to possess an exclusive ‘specialist’ knowledge about various non-White cultures around the world, and to have an equally special access to the interior of these countries, including political, banking and education institutions, military establishments and judicial and legal establishments! Despite not possessing any non-White employees in its upper echelons, Java Films uses this apparent ‘access’ to the political and cultural systems of non-White countries as a ‘selling’ point for its numerous so-called ‘documentaries’ concerning countries such as ‘North Korea’ and ‘Mainland China’.  

The question is this – is the output made by Java Films ‘true’ regarding these two countries? Of course, the same question can be asked about all the subject matter of the documentaries this Bourgeois business puts out – but I want to focus on these two countries – as the ‘White’ Management of Java Films feels a distinct need to continuously churn-out one documentary after another claiming to be ‘exposing’ one fallacious issue after another! Why this is we can only speculate – but perhaps this English-speaking business based in Western Europe could well be a propaganda arm of the US government deliberately staffed by non-Americans! As I have many contacts in North Korea and China – I endeavoured to ask my Comrades in their respective Communist Parties whether ‘Java Films’ has a) ever visited their respected countries, or b) has any ‘Reporters’ permanently based and operating in their respective countries. As expected, – the answers were a resounding ‘NO’! Furthermore, I was told that as ‘Java Films’ continuously perpetuates US-style racism when concocting ‘false’ stories – this US asset (and its personnel) is permanently ‘banned’ from setting foot in North Korea or China! If any of their Staff set foot in North Korea or China – they will be arrested and legally held responsible for the ‘lies’ perpetuated in their documentaries! 

I suspect the ‘White’ Staff will ‘laugh’ at this article – as they are trained to do (at least in public) – but believe me when I say that these cowards never feel that inclined to be arrested and held accountable for the Eurocentric ‘lies’ their American pay masters instructed them to construct – even though these pay cheques finance their mortgages and pay for healthcare and education, etc! On occasion, we all have to eventually pay the piper for our actions and opinions! Personally, I would like to see all these racists who lie about non-White people and cultures to be arrested, tried and sentenced. These Bourgeois liars are given the remit of criticising the periphery of predatory capitalism – where most of the ‘weirdness’ of Western society resides (that’s the ‘hook’ or the ‘addictive’ aspect of the genre) – but under no circumstances must Java Films criticise the heart of predatory capitalism or reveal the tremendous suffering and exploitation this system demands and produces! Instead, as Java Films has no genuine access to the interior of Communist China or North Korea, it must fabricate all kinds of lies and deceptions which serve as ‘pointless’ entertainment for the working-class mind, so that the toiling masses cannot organise themselves around the ideology of ‘Socialism’ and participate in the planning to overthrow this corrupt system!