Putin Warns West With First ‘Partial’ Military Call-Up Since 1941! (22.9.2022)

The ‘illegal’ Neo-Nazi Ukrainian ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime was brought into power by the first ‘Black’ President of the US – Barack Obama – during early 2014! Neo-Nazi Ukraine then spent the next eight-years building-up and strengthening the entirety of its Armed Forces with Ukrainian men and women being enthused by the Hitlerite ideology and invited to train in the best military centres the US, UK and EU could provide! This contemporary ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian Army sees the SS-collaborating ‘Ukrainian Nationalist Army’ (UNA) of WWII as its historical antecedent – with both being spiritually ‘united’ through the support of the Roman Catholic Church! The modern Russian Army has successfully ‘destroyed’ the highly motivated ‘Hitlerite’ legions of Ukraine (that were ‘primed’ to invade and annex West Russian territory) – but since the election of the far-right Liz Truss in the UK – the Western support for Neo-Nazi Ukraine has placed all its available military capability to the Northeast of the Donbass battlefield – and this ‘refocusing’ has inflicted considerable Russian casualties.

LPR: Kyiv Reluctant to Recognise the Rights of its Own POWs! (2.4.2022)

“They (the Ukrainian military) complained that not only were there no proposals from Ukraine and Ukrainian Commanders to initiate their exchange, but even their phone calls were not answered. These Servicemen are forgotten, they are abandoned,” she said. In particular, she noted that there are 170 captured Ukrainian Servicemen in the LPR. Currently, Kyiv refuses to acknowledges that any battles have occurred, or that the Neo-Nazi ‘Nationalist’ Battalions (or the Armed Forces of Ukraine) has ‘lost’ any supposed ‘engagements’!