Latvia: Xmas Would Not Be the Same Without Hitler on Ice! (19.1.2023)

Hitler Lives in Latvia – Xmas Lights During December, 2022!

The Obama Administration, (yes, the first ‘Black’ President of the America) backed a plan that culminated in the ‘illegal’ overthrow of the democratically elected (pro-Russian and left-leaning) government of the Ukraine in early 2014, and replaced it with an openly ‘Neo-Nazi’ Junta that referred to itself as the ‘Euro-Maidan’ – as it fully supported the pro-US (and anti-Socialist) power bloc of the European Union (EU)! Even the US-controlled ‘Wikipedia’ had to be taken to caught to be ‘forced’ to state on its pages that this seizure of power was both ‘undemocratic’ and ‘illegal’! Overnight, however, similar Wikipedia-pages controlling the history of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and similar Eastern European States (such as Finland, Poland and Hungary, etc) were ‘altered’ so as to present the ‘fascist’ or ‘Nazi German’ take-over and occupation of these countries during the years of WWII (1939-1945) as being ‘liberation’ (a period which saw the ‘Holocaust’ being committed and the murder of millions of others) – and the subsequent rescuing of these countries by a triumphant Soviet Red Army (at a great cost in human lives) – as constituting the ‘beginning’ of subjugation (a period that is now defined as lasting between 1945-1991).  

Why did the US choose fascism as the guiding ideology knowing what damage this ideology did, and the cost in Soviet, UK and US lives in ousting its leaders (and regimes) from power? The answer is that it is the quickest way to cultivate ‘anti-Russian’ sentiment amongst the general populations of Eastern Europe, enhanced with the usual not so subtle footwork of US anti-intellectualism which takes the already ‘inverted’ Bourgeois mind-set, and helps it on its way by giving it that little extra help on its journey! Today, the average American is so stupid – (‘How stupid are they?’) – well, they are now taught that it was the Soviet Red Army that carried out the ‘Holocaust’ which was the brainchild of its demonic ‘Dictator’ – Joseph Stalin! This is the new era (the ‘New Deal’ if you like) that the rest of us now have to live in! This utter stupidity from the US government is reinforced throughout the entire US system – so do not expect any ‘objectivity’ from that direction. The Americans even have a park in Washington, supposedly a ‘Monument to the Victims of Communism’ inaugurated by the coward US President Bill Clinton (who spent time draft-dodging whilst holding-out in the USSR) and opened by George Bush (the Younger) in the early 2000s! Busloads of gawking American school children are traversed through this hideous inversion to human logic everyday – only to be told the USSR (and NOT Nazi Germany) committed the ‘Holocaust’! 

Of course, not only did the Nazi Germans and Fascist Italy – together with their numerous Axis allies (supported by the Catholic Church) – murder 41 million Soviet men, women and children, but also killed around 11 million others during the ‘Holocaust’ – a great proportion of which involved the extermination of the disabled. Meanwhile, I have heard it said that the Imperial Japanese Army (which included Koreans, Manchurians and Taiwanese, etc) murdered and wounded around 60 million men, women and children across Asia and throughout China between 1931-1945! This is the true brutality of the fascism that the US, UK and USSR fought against as ‘Allies’ during WWII – and which the facility of US anti-intellectualism would like us (the ‘people’) to forget as an inconvenient fact of history! The USSR (not ‘Russia’) led this war against world fascism – with the USSR being comprised of at least fifteen different countries!  

Today, the US has manipulated one Neo-Nazi regime after another into power throughout Eastern Europe as a means to surround Russia’s Western border with hostile and pro-US countries all vying to have NATO move into their backyards and shift US-controlled troops right up to the borders of Russia (and beyond)! This is why – during the Xmas celebrations for 2022 – the Catholic-controlled country of Latvia (which now defines the attitude of ‘opposing’ Neo-Nazism and fascism as being an ‘outdated’ Soviet-era approach toward WWII) – openly exhibited Nazi-German ‘Swastika’ as festive lights for the children and the general population to enjoy whilst the country awaited the supposed commemoration of the birth of Christ – to an absolute ‘silence’ from the Vatican and most countries around the world! The particular example of Nazi German Swastika admiration (recorded above) was filmed in the ‘Lielvarde’ area of Latvia – situated in the (north-central) Vidzeme region! Like Ukrainians, Estonians and Lithuanians visiting our island nation (armed with their ‘Golden Visas’) of the UK – which prides itself upon the fact it historically ‘resisted’ the German Nazism these Eastern European countries now embrace – believe that it is their pro-Hitler Latvian laws that should run throughout our land! When we are confronted with these modern fascists – we hold the Red Flag of freedom ‘higher’ – and agree with every bullet the modern Russian Army fires at these disgraces for human-beings!