Canada: Black Teens Murder Chinese Migrant Ken Lee (李肯)! (18.1.2023)

A Group of Eight Black-Canadian teenage girls stabbed a homeless Chinese man – Ken Lee (李肯) – to death in Toronto late last year. On Sunday, December 18th, 2022, at approximately 12:17 am, Police were called to reports of an assault in the York Street and University Avenue area (apparently outside The Strathcona Hotel). The Judge actually granted bail to one of the girls so as not to be accused of racial bias. All the teenage girls involved are aged between 13-16 years-old – and because of this – their identities cannot be divulged to the media. In recent years the Canadian government has supported the US-backed Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ government of West Ukraine, has supported the US and UK in promulgating civil unrest in the Hong Kong part of China and has continuously joined the US and UK in opposing UN efforts to make ‘illegal’ the ‘Glorification of Nazism’, etc. These right-wing policies have included a continuous deluge of racially motivated anti-China racism – targeting the Communist Party, belittling all its achievements (such as eradicating illiteracy and homelessness from amongst the Chinese people), whilst perpetuating the US-derived lie that the Uyghur Muslims are being oppressed – when in reality the Xinjiang region is economically booming due to the Socialist policies being correctly applied in that area.

This ‘White’ derived anti-China racism has inspired certain elements of the Black community in the US to carry-out various forms of violent attacks upon any Asian-looking man or woman who ‘might be’ Chinese! As all these teenage girls in Canada are ‘Black’ – it would seem that this anti-China phenomenon has spread from the United States – again met with a wall of ‘silence’ from Black intellectuals and community leaders! Ironically, Ken Lee left the Socialist (Hong Kong) region of China – where he was guaranteed a home, work, education, food and medical care – to the capitalist utopia of Canada, where he was plunged into abject poverty and condemned to a life living on the streets. All part and parcel of life in the capitalist system. The girls had co-ordinated their attack using social media and apparently (initially) targeted the female friend (described as ‘Ms Chen’) of Ken Lee – attempting to steal a bottle of alcohol. When Ken Lee (59) attempted to come to her aid – the eight girls are described as carrying-out a ‘swarming’ attack whereby they all took turns confronting the unarmed Ken Lee whilst using the knives they were carrying to stab him repeatedly in the torso.

The capitalist system is inherently unjust, but the way it works is to blame the individuals for the injustices they suffer and which are inflicted upon them. Therefore, the capitalist system favour a minority of very wealthy and condemns the majority to all kinds of psychological and physical deficiencies. Predatory capitalism applies the same psychology as an ‘abuser’ who claims their victims for the ‘abuse’ that is inflicted upon them. Therefore, where the Socialist government of China assists humanity with its basic human needs – the capitalist system of the West is premised upon exploitation of all and sundry for monetary profit! The masses – like Ken Lee – suffer indignities such as homelessness whilst surrounded ample housing! People die of starvation in the West whilst surrounded by food, and on the injustice goes! The White ethnicity controls the capitalist system in the West (and throughout the world) and uses ‘racism’ to very good effect! One of the White community’s greatest successes in this area has been to drive a wedge between the ‘Black’ and ‘Chinese’ communities (both historical victims of White racism) – so that the former attacks the latter – effectively carrying-out the White policy of divide and conquer!

Helen Shun is a relative of Ken Lee – and has opened the GoFundMe page to help the Lee family with legal, travelling and funeral costs, etc. Helen Shun referred to Ken Lee as a good son, brother and uncle – but will be forever stuck at aged 59 – unable to celebrate his 60th birthday, which would have come last week. Helen Shun also stated that Ken Lee’s tragic death “not only destroyed our family, but also broke the heart of his elderly mother” in Hong Kong China. She explained that when Ken Lee came to the West he was taken by surprise with the uncaring attitude and suffered a reversal of fortune which he wanted to solve on his own. His family kept asking him to come back to China where he would be looked after by a caring system! As matters transpired, the Canadian Police delayed announcing ‘Ken Lee’s’ name until his relatives had been properly informed in Hong Kong. This took until January 10th, 2023 (23 days)! Due to the ‘Human Rights’ of on the 16-year-olds – this suspect has been released on bail and is now back at school and getting on with her life after the Xmas break – protected by the Canadian system from being asked any questions regarding her identity and/or murderous actions! This is what the Neo-Nazi supporting Canadian system refers to as ‘justice’! If you are Chinese – do not come to the West if you value your lives!

Chinese Language News Report Shows The Area Where the Murder Occurred!