Email: Falun Gong Cult – Li Hongzhi – ‘Individuality’ is a Myth! (26.10.2022)

Li Hongzhi – the ‘Bernard Manning’ of Cult Activity!

Dear Gillian

For some reason, the Falun Gong Cult keeps ignoring my attempts to make contact – and to have a civilised conversation. Apparently, or so I am told (by one ‘Daisy Yin’) – that this type of ‘freedom of thought’ does not apply to the teachings of Li Hongzhi – because His Sublime Holiness (where have I heard that designation before?) offers a ‘balm’ (?) for all of humanity’s ills which does not require the agency of ‘individuality’ – a concept Li Hongzhi has declared to be a myth perpetuated by the media department of Classical Greece. He does this whilst living in a mansion complex in the New York suburbs, paid for by the US government, whilst he receives a pay cheque from the CIA, being looked after 24 hours a day by the New York Police Department! My argument has always been – why should ‘Mr Li’ benefit from all the trappings of US individuality whilst ‘denying’ the validity of the foundation of the very ‘individuality’ that produces them? Of course, such inquisitive thinking is not allowed withiin the ‘Gong’ (they actually do refer to themselves like an ageing rock group) as it muddies the water – and so the organ of free thought is ‘snipped’ at its base-stem and trafficked around the oceans of the world – bopping up and down on the waves – until it accumulates at a location where the tides and currents meet! Once here, it is left to accrue like bird-crap on an unfortunately placed tombstone! Or, is it just a case of Li Hongzhi crapping not only on Chinese – but also Western culture?