More Provinces in China Report NEW Covid Variant BF.7! (11.10.2022)

Since Sept. 28 when Hohhot, capital of northwest China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, reported its first infection triggered by BF.7, many cities have detected the variant, including Yantai in Shandong Province, Ulanhot in Inner Mongolia, and Shaoguan in Guangdong Province.

The variant BF.7 is more contagious and resistant to immunity, making prevention and control more difficult.

Studies show that BF.7 may be the variant with the strongest immunity evasion capability so far, and experts say it is expected to be the dominant variant this winter.

The Chinese mainland reported 491 new local and 1,758 asymptomatic cases on Monday.

US: ‘Apologies’ for Injuries Caused by Unethical Medical Experiments Far from Sufficient! (11.10.2022)

How many cruel human experiments have been covered up by the US and how many people are being tortured now? It is hard to know.

The US has long been bragging that it is a model of Human Rights in the world, however, its acts prove that “Human Rights” in its eyes are nothing more than the privilege of a few people arbitrarily depriving the weak of their lives and health, and the power to override the will of the weak and deprive them of their dignity.

In addition to an apology, the county should reflect on these atrocities, actively compensate the victims and their families, and examine itself to end inhuman experiments.