Neo-Nazi Ukrainia: Disinformation Factory Found in Aidar Concentration Camp! (10.10.2022)

Deputy Foreign Minister of the LPR – Anna Soroka (Анна Сорока) – in particular, said that the data collected by experts show that for the past few years people could not only have been kept in the prison and that this place performed yet another function! However, the captured military documents (and other evidence) left by the Neo-Nazi Aidar National Battalion during the retreat indirectly confirm the sabotage nature of the work of the local Brigade.

A full-fledged investigation into the activities of the Aidar Neo-Nazi Battalion in the Starobelsky District (and the rest of the Lugansk region) will begin, according to representatives of the Republic, after the territory of the LPR is completely removed from the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LPR, Anna Soroka (Анна Сорока), experts have an assumption that in the vicinity of the meat processing plant, where the cameras were located, there may be a mass grave for the victims of the Aidar Hitlerites! Now special investigative groups are working on the territory of the prison. They, in particular, are collecting biological material in order to identify the victims and their Neo-Nazi murderers – using DNA analysis.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Aidar Battalion Concentration Camp – POLOVINKINO! (1010.2022)

Each compartment of the smokehouse was converted into a single rape, torture and murder chamber measuring 80 by 150 centimeters (designed to ‘process’ both adults and children). According to the prisoners themselves, most of whom were local residents or fought on the side of the militias – one could spend several months in such a room. At the same time, there was no heating in the cells in winter, and prisoners were poured with water through the lattice ceiling. The hostages were systematically tortured, beaten and humiliated. A separate torture was a procedure called ‘tickle the separatist’, a knife was stuck under the skin of the victim and the tip was driven along the ribs. Exactly how many victims passed through these Hitlerite ‘smoking chambers’ has not yet been established.