Titanic: No Golliwogs Were Saved! (27.10.2022)

Walter Lord points out that all Asians were assumed to be ‘stowaways’ – and ‘Japanese’ for reasons not entirely clear (I have written elsewhere about the eight ‘Chinese’ passengers aboard who were technically ‘British’ subjects) – with the ‘White’ British expressing dislike for the twenty or so ‘Italian’ waiters working in one of the special restuarants on board. (These men were ‘locked’ into their restuarant and drowned – never being let out). Black people are not ‘toys’ for White children to play with – plain and simple. Imagine teaching your children that another ethnicity is nothing but a passive object that exists to entertain your curiosities, desires and perhaps even perversities! Even today in the UK there are still White people who think these racist dolls are acceptible and even justify selling them in their shops!