Email: Sneaky Chinese Seating Arrangements!

The two other Chinese men went down with the ship and were drowned! When the Chinese survivors got to the US – they were ‘arrested’ (due to the ‘Chinese Exclusion Act’ and the fact the Ku Klux Klan was receiving tremendous local and national support for all six Chinese survivors to be publicly ‘lynched’ for their alleged crimes) and were put into the Concentration Camp kept for Chinese people on Ellis Island – the lesser of two evils, surely! Representatives of the (UK owned) Donald Steamship Company managed to ‘retrieve their property’ around April 19th, 1912 and spirited them away! Ironically, the US government ‘relaxed’ ALL Immigration red tape for arriving non-Americans out of sympathy for their plight – providing they were ‘White’!

Hate Crime Reports in U.S. Chicago Surge! (25.10.2022)

“The fear runs deep through some of Chicago’s most prominent communities: Black, Asian, LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), and Jewish,” said ABC7 in its report of the data from the city’s Commission on Human Relations.

During the pandemic, Asian Americans faced increased incidents of bias-related attacks, noted the report, adding that eight of the 125 total hate crimes being investigated by Chicago police this year were against Asians, a number city leaders fear is far under-reported.

“The number of hate crimes reported in Chicago increased by 44 percent compared to this time in 2021,” said the report.

The state of Illinois has reactivated a group similar to the Human Rights Commission in Chicago, that is looking at ways to increase reporting of potential hate crimes, and strengthen legislation against offenders, it added.

Titanic: The Forgotten Eight Chinese Passengers! (14.12.2020)

To this end, Donald Steamship Company bought these Chinese people a third-class group ticket – numbered 1601 – price £56, 9 shillings and 11 pence. The ‘Chinese’ names registered on this collective ticket are written in phonetic English and read:

1) Fang Lang

2) Choong Foo

3) Ali Lam

4) Ling Hee

5) Chang Chip

6) Lee Bing

7) Lee Ling

8) Len Lam

Amongst them the youngest was 24 years old whilst the oldest was 37 years old. As dispatch workers (who were sent anywhere at anytime with no Union support or protection) – these Chinese men were made to work more than 12 hours a day in terrible conditions – whilst receiving only one-fifth the pay of that earned by White (Umionised) workers doing exactly the same job!