Email: Sneaky Chinese Seating Arrangements!

Many Other Headlines Were Blatantly ‘Racist’!

Dear Gillian

Other headlines claim the six Chinese survivors of Titantic ‘raped’ White women and threw their children overboard to take their seats! In fact, four of the eight Chinese passengers did manage to hide under the seats of a ‘folding’ (reserve) lifeboat for adults and therefore took ‘no seats’ from any White people (yes – they were that small) – as they knew White people would not let them on the lifeboats (sneaky) – one Chinese man jumped into a lifeboat full of upper class White British people by mistake (they adopted him as a ‘pet’ and prevented the Sailors from throwing him out), whilst the other Chinese survivor went down with the ship – but managed to tie himself onto a floating door! He was eventually picked-up by the only returning lifeboat (James Cameron changed his gender, his name his ethnicity and involved him in a love affair with Leonado DiCaprio)! The two other Chinese men went down with the ship and were drowned! When the Chinese survivors got to the US – they were ‘arrested’ (due to the ‘Chinese Exclusion Act’ and the fact the Ku Klux Klan was receiving tremendous local and national support for all six Chinese survivors to be publicly ‘lynched’ for their alleged crimes) and were put into the Concentration Camp kept for Chinese people on Ellis Island – the lesser of two evils, surely! Representatives of the (UK owned) Donald Steamship Company managed to ‘retrieve their property’ around April 19th, 1912 and spirited them away! Ironically, the US government ‘relaxed’ ALL Immigration red tape for arriving non-Americans out of sympathy for their plight – providing they were ‘White’!