China’s Reusable Suborbital Carrier Makes Second Successful Flight! (28.8.2022)

Socialist China is Leading the World in Reusable Space-Launch Technology!

The capitalist ideology is wasteful, polluting and its inherent ‘short-termism’ can only lead to the degradation of the planet and its tenuously balanced eco-system! Enhanced profits for the already rich – that’s it! Capitalism has nothing else to offer humanity! Oh, and along the way it will commit the destruction of the eco-system and everything that lives in it (including human beings)! Reality does not have to be this way! Indeed, ‘Socialist’ China is offering the world a different path – one defined by compassion, care and scientific advancement! Humanity can be progressed through science – and yet the environment can be protected and saved! Reality does not have to rely on one person making more money than the next person – for no other reason than the sake of self-aggrandisement (and the maintenance of hyper-individuality)! Socialist China is leading the world in the development of space travel technology whilst its advanced ‘Socialist’ science is leaving the capitalist wild wallowing in its own filth (literally)! It you would like to know more about the cleanliness of reusable space-technology – then please click HERE: