International Day of the Midwife! (5.5.2022)

Solidarity With All the Mid-Wives Throughout the World!

Che Guevara was a medical doctor who travelled around South America and understood that the grinding poverty suffered by the masses can only be remedied by a Socialist Revolution! In other words, the Proletariat must seize the means of production from the Bourgeoisie and usher in a new era of progressive development and free medical treatment for all!

Gee Is A NHS Midwife Who Works in a London Hospital!

Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara (amongst many other progressive leaders) all understood that an important factor in the raising-up of women (and girls) involves a profound readjustment of the male psyche – so that the psychological and physical well-being of a women (and girl) can take centre-stage – with women being empowered to take a primary position in this shift of understanding! All true feminists are Marxist-Leninists! Such a feminist understands that ‘patriarchy’ emerges from the division of labour that lays at the heart of class antagonism! Therefore, men and women suffer equally under the oppressive system that predatory capitalism generates!

All Women Must Unite With Men To Overthrow Capitalism!

Working-class men are brain-washed by middle-class men to oppress working-class women – whilst middle-class men oppress middle-class women! Capitalism further brain-washes the privileged ‘White’ ethnicity to oppress the ‘non-White’ ethnicities – with ‘White’ middle-class women oppressing ‘White’ working-class women – and around the cycle of abuse goes! Capitalism has within it degrees of oppression and a continuous sliding scale of relative oppression! For instance, unless checked by progressive thinking – ALL White women are brain-washed to oppress ALL ‘non-White’ women – whilst this all goes-on under the watchful eye of overly empowered men (who exist within their own leagues of oppression and counter-oppression)!

Gee On Her Way to a 12-Hour Nightshift in the NHS!

By reading the progressive literature of Marx and Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, etc, the true and corrupt nature of the capitalist system can be understood! Women and men must throw-off old and out-dated modes of behaviour and interaction and work together to uproot all the prejudice and discrimination that defines the capitalist system! Falling into mutually opposing camps of aggression is exactly what the Bourgeoisie wants and craves (and is the essence of Bourgeoise feminism)! No. We must work together to overthrow the ignorance of capitalism and the religious stupidity that led to Midwives being burnt at the stake during Medieval times because the feudal Church could not tolerate the idea of empowered women helping one another during the child-birth process!

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