Deciphering and Translating the Cyrillic-Text on the ‘Victory Banner’! (23.4.2022)

The Red Banner of Victory is an improvised State Flag of the USSR developed under military conditions, which is constructed of a single-layered rectangular panel of red cloth (measuring 82 cm by 188 cm) designed to be attached to a pole. On the front side (situated in the top left-hand corner of the rectangular panel), there is a silver five-pointed star (representing the spread of Socialism across the five continents of the earth) placed above a hammer (representing industrial workers) and sickle (representing the peasantry and farm workers). However, it is this version of the flag with NO inscription that was raised above the Reichstag in Berlin during the evening of May 2nd, 1945, by Red Army soldiers Alexei Berest, Mikhail Yegorov, and Meliton Kantaria all belonging to the 576th Regiment (with the latter pictured Below) Actually ‘Hoisting’ the Flag!

Thousands of Highly Symbolic Flags Were Issued To the Soviet Troops To Signify the Victor of ‘Marxist-Leninism’ Over Hitler’s ‘National Socialism’! At This Moment in History – the USSR Was Invincible!

The Soviet Red Army lost around 350,000 men and women in the sixteen-day Battle for Berlin (which lasted between April 16th – May 2nd, 1945)! This was due to fanaticism of ‘foreign’ volunteers (primarily Scandinavian, but also smaller numbers of French, Belgium, Dutch, Italians, British and various other Eastern Europeans), who had joined the brutal ‘SS’ Regiments and who took Hitler’s racist ideology seriously! At a time when most ethnic Germans had left Berlin, were lying dead or had surrendered to the Allies – these foreign ‘SS’ Units fought for every inch of German territory! This ‘spirit of resistance’ is exactly what inspires and motivates the Neo-Nazi ‘National Battalions’ (comprised of ‘foreigners’) that serve the fascist ‘Maidan’ regime of West Ukraine, and which have been terrorising the citizens of Donbass for the last eight-years!

The Banner of Victory fluttered over defeated Berlin until May 5th, according to some sources, and until May 12th, according to others. To date, there is no unanimity on this matter. Therefore, the inscription now seen on the Victory Banner was not added until after the 5th or the 12th of May, 1945! As the Red Flag in question (‘Number 5’) reached the top-most point of the Reichstag first – it is given prominence over the forty or so other ‘official’ Red Flags (all numbered), and the hundreds (or even ‘thousands’) of ‘unofficial’ or ‘home-made’ Red Flags that could be seen in every corner of conquered Berlin! When the inscription was added, it was made using four-lines of ‘white’ lettering and number in the Cyrillic alphabet. The purpose of the inscription was to record this momentous occasion and the Red Army Units involved in achieving it! This was a natural process carried-out ‘on the ground’ by the military staff and personnel ‘in theatre’ and had nothing to do with the Central Committee in Moscow. Indeed, it was only later that the Red Banner of Victory would be ‘officially’ adopted and ‘Endorsed’ by the Communist Party following a debate and a vote!

To the right of the yellow (gold) star over a hammer and sickle – there are now four-lines of inscriptions involving words and numbers. The inscription reads:

150 стр. ордена
Кутузова II ст.

идрицк. див.

79 С. К. 3 У. А. 1 Б. Ф.»

Reverse Lower Right Corner = ‘No. 5’

This is an abbreviated version of the following Cyrillic Inscription:

150-я стрелковая ордена

Кутузова II степени

идрицкая дивизия

79-го стрелкового корпуса 3-й ударной армии 1-го Белорусского фронта

Reverse Lower Right Corner = ‘No. 5’

This translates into English as:

150th Rifle Order

Kutuzov II Degree

Idritsa Division

79th Rifle Corps of the 3rd Shock Army of the 1st Belorussian Front

Reverse Lower Right Corner = ‘No. 5’

Red Banner of Victory – Held in the Central Museum of the Russian Armed Forces

The Red Army soldiers – Yegorov and Kantaria – who hoisted the banner on the roof of the Third Reich, were made honorary citizens of East Berlin for a long time. This title was taken away from them in 1992, following a racist backlash perpetuated by the US (and assisted by such authors as Anthony Beevor), which fabricated all kinds of ahistorical events that were designed to ‘demonise’ the USSR, etc. There is no actual footage of the raising of the flag (as brutal fighting was still going on when the soldiers fought their way onto the roof). However, later the Red Army soldiers reconstructed the circumstances when all the fighting had stopped. Today, modern (capitalist) Russia still retains this Red Flag as a military honour in the Russian Army, and it is a State Flag adopted by Belarus, Moldova (Transnistria) and the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics! This Red Flag of Victory represents the leading military elements of the advancing Soviet Red Army that first penetrated the defences of Nazi Berlin, crushed the ‘Wehrmacht’ and ‘SS’ resistance, and raised the ‘Communist’ Red Flag upon the roof of the Reichstag! In and of itself, this action possessed no legal or lawful significance – but for millions of people around the world – it signifies the absolute victory of ‘Marxist-Leninism’ over the ‘ignorance’ and ‘brutality’ of the fascist ideology!


  1. I’ve got that in my avi. People think I’m being “cringe” or showing off. No. I was named after my Dad’s brother who was killed in Italy WW2. My Dad was 61/2 years in the army WW2 and my town, Clydebank, was blitzed by the Luftwaffe WW2. Raising that Flag was one of the happiest moments in human history. I want people to know that and know it wasn’t for nothing.

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