Falun Gong Cult: The CPC Monitoring Society and Keeping People Safe!

A lack of education is behind the misrepresentation of the Falun Gong Cult in the West. If every religious ‘Cult’ that has been ‘banned’ or ‘condemned’ in the West was recorded – the ‘list’ would be endless! It would include the massacre carried-out by the US government at Waco (1992), as well as the numerous US citizens ‘killed’ by law enforcement for associating ‘religious’ belief with far-right politics (see ‘Ruby Ridge’, for example)! Particularly since Islamo-fascists carried-out the terror-attacks on the World Trade-buildings in 2001 – this list includes a number of Islamic groups – many of which having done nothing ‘wrong’ or ‘violent’!

Waco Massacre: US Government Murders Its Own Citizens – Freedom of Religion & Gun-Ownership is Guaranteed in US Constitution! (1992)

The irony is that the US (through the CIA) developed the concept of ‘Islamo-fascism’ to undermine the democratically elected Socialist government in Afghanistan during the 1970s. Hillary Clinton ‘admitted’ this US policy live on TV – stating that ‘it was worth it’ to see the end of Soviet Communist! These same ‘Islamo-fascists’ would turn against their pay-masters after their battle with the USSR ended in 1989 (the Soviet Red Army entered Afghanistan at the behest of the beleaguered Socialist Afghan government that was under attack from the US and its Islamo-fascists – the traitor Gorbachev withdrew the Soviet Red Army as he dismantled the Soviet Union from within)! 

The Soviet Red Army Fought US-Backed Islamo-Fascism in Afghanistan!

After attempting (but failing) to interfere in the internal politics of China through Tibet, the CIA tried another tact by developing a pseudo-religion loosely premised upon a Western misinterpretation of Chinese traditional medicine and Daoist practice. Bear in mind that even within the Chinese cultural context inhabited by ethnic Chinese people, Daoist methodology is not well-known amongst the general public due to thousands of years of ‘secrecy’ of transmission! When constructing the Falun Gong Cult – the CIA did not have much to work with and so it resorted to racial stereotypes and misunderstandings. This type of racism is easy to discern by a Chinese person and would be similar to an uneducated foreigner attempting to re-construct the English game of cricket from a few out of context observations and inevitable misunderstandings! This is why it is obvious to the average ethnic Chinese person that the teachings of the Falun Gong Cult are the product of a ‘racist’ Western attitude that has no real understanding of traditional Chinese culture!

Aiming at Zhongnanhai-the CIA’s covert war against China

The CIA has to rely upon Falun Gong recruits being ‘ensnared’ through the psychology of ‘conversation’ and ‘cult’ attachment. For a Chinese person to support the Falun Gong Cult they must ‘reject’ their own country and ethnicity at the behest of a foreign power! This is the mental slavery advocated by the CIA in its operation of the Falun Gong Cult! 

Religious Cults Are Often Associated with Obsessive Sexuality!

Many people in the West fall for this misdirection and almost unwittingly follow a ‘racist’ anti-China attitude where they perceive their anti-China discrimination as ‘fair’ and ‘logical’ comment. This is how deluded they are! This is not the boutique racism advocated by the Western media, but the genuine foundational racism that will one-day be exposed for what it is! When that day arrives, all those Western people passively and aggressively supporting the racism that the Falun Gong Cult advocates, will pretend they were never involved – just as they do today with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement! Genuine and authentic Chinese religion exists in China and is doing very well despite all the Western lying and disinformation!

The Western Countries Are All ‘Equally’ Guilty of Race-Hate!

The Western viewpoint (particularly that of the US and it’s allows), Is premised upon ignorance and racism. The Communist Party of China (CPC) does a much better job of developing and guiding society than does its Western (capitalist) counter-parts! The US, UK, Canada and France all display the bitter fruits of institution (bourgeois) delusion and misrepresentation! Victory over Western racism is inherently linked to the victory of the international working-class over capitalism! The Falun Gong Cult has nothing to do with genuine religious practice and everything to do with anti-China racist and the encouragement of the perpetuation of hate-crimes! 

The Communist Party of China Brings ‘Light’ to the ‘Darkness’

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