Anti-Asian Hate-Crimes: When Will the US Black Community Self-Regulate?

If a group of Chinese-American women attacked an African-American woman – you can be assured that the ‘White’ and ‘Black’ media would use the event to maximise the institutional racism and disinformation aimed at China every single day! It would be ‘headline’ news with White hypocrites holding-out the hand of ‘friendship’ to a Black community it usually does not give a damn about! Furthermore, there would be a groundswell of anti-Chinese racism from across the Black community encouraged by the ‘Whites’ – with those Blacks calling for ‘moderation’ being accused of ‘supporting’ anti-Black racism from within the Chinese community! As matters stand, and regardless of comparative levels of anti-Asian hate-crime arising from within the Black and White communities – it is obvious that anti-Chinese racism is ‘tolerated’ and viewed as ‘acceptable’ within a Black community that campaigns continuously against the racism it encounters from interacting with the White community! My point is that this is exactly what the White racists want – they want the historical victims of their racism to be unable to unite in the face of their continued discrimination, and to distract one another with racism and discrimination! Chinese people in China are taught that Solidarity stems from uniting around the working-class against the bourgeoisie! This is the use of ‘Internationalism’ against ‘nationalist racism’! This is the use of ‘wisdom’ against ‘hatred’!

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