Far-Right Trotskyite Misrepresentation Of ‘Communist’ States – Exposing Bourgeois Racism!

Every so often, my SanghaHommune blog attracts the less well-known and ‘desperate’ for acknowledgement ‘Trotskyites’ (and their far-right allies) who think they can use my substantial reading audience as a platform to enhance their ‘disinformation’! Of course, such ‘desperados’ are really up against it as we are a very well-establish ‘Marxist-Leninist’ (Maoist) blog with directs links to the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) and the Communist Party of China (CPC)! I am an ordinary member of the former and I work for the latter as a ‘Political Commissar’ responsible for integrating religious minorities into a secular Socialist State. Outside of China, my duties include presenting the CPC case and the genuine details of what is really happening in China. This requires that I expose and deconstruct the anti-Chinese racism perpetuated by the bourgeois, capitalist governments and their news agencies. This includes writing about the real Tibet, exposing the lies about supposed ‘Concentration Camps’ in Xinjiang, and the general rumours of religious persecution that crops-up every so often. As I am directly linked to Chinese academics and members of the CPC – I have access to all the Chinese-language data I need to present a counter-case in the English-language. 

As the West is ‘Secular’, my role in this sphere is more theoretical than practical – although I do sometimes interface with the Catholic Church, for instance, which prevented a Socialist State in Ireland one hundred years ago, has routinely supported fascism, and is renowned for referring to ‘Marxism’ as ‘evil’, etc. No authentic Communist regime has ever ‘banned’, or ‘attacked’ religion as claimed by post-1945 US Cold War disinformation. All Communist Constitutions, such as China, the USSR, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos and North Korea, etc, have systematically ‘guaranteed’ the ‘right’ in law for an individual to follow any religion of their choice – or none at all – and to remain non-harassed for the choice they make. This change brings ‘theism’ and ‘atheism’ into legal alignment. Both are equally valid expressions of belief protected by the Socialist State. Furthermore, at the successful completion of a Socialist Revolution, Church and State are ‘separated’ – as is the ‘schoolroom’ and the ‘Church’. Religion becomes a ‘private’ matter shared by like-minded individuals. This means that religion is ‘removed’ from direct interface with political power and will no longer participate in the political process. As religion in the West fully supports and endorses predatory capitalism – the bourgeois West views this change as ‘suppressing’ religion – but it is not. Religion, as a vehicle for personal liberation has no interfering in the political process, gaining political power and amassing huge monetary profits as a consequence! By returning religion to the private sector – it regains its original function of encouraging personal (spiritual) liberation!  

Today, my blog was visited by a far-right blogger named ‘Fierce Patriot’ who thought it was a good idea to quote a Trotskyite blogger going by the name ‘The Red State’ – who had written an unreferenced article packed-full of Eurocentric and Westernised misrepresentation of religion in historical and contemporary Communist States. The Trotskyite position is pro-capitalist, pro-fascist and anti-Marxist-Leninist (Maoist)! Trotskyites tend to present the fake US Cold War disinformation (which they helped to historically construct) as the history of any country that has embraced Marxist-Leninism. As no Socialist country has ever employed Trotskyism to achieve a successful Revolution – every ‘Socialist’ country has been ‘Marxist-Leninist’ and fallen short of Trotskyite expectations! Just as Trotsky called for all his followers to support the forces international fascism in 1938 – Trotskyites have claimed (without any objective evidence) that all religion is ‘wiped-out’ in Socialist countries! In reality, it is quite often the case that religious actually experience a new popularity post-Revolution! The famous boxer – Mohammed Ali – after visiting the USSR in 1978 – stated on live TV that religions were booming in a country that Trotskyites had stated no longer possessed any religion! In modern China, too, Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism, alongside various form of Islam, are stable, content and secure. Lenin only wanted atheists as members of the Communist Party (to ensure that ‘science’ and not ‘religion’ was used to develop society) – but he did not care about society in general. It was the same situation in China, although the Trotskyite’ Gang of Four did try to use the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) as a means to artificially ‘cleanse’ society of superstitious belief! This was a Trotskyite mistake – but none of these correct observations will prevent the Trotskyists from peddling their ideological absurdities – and the far-right of the US will remain forever cognitively challenged!

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