Prepare for The ‘Great Re-Set’ – as Ruling-Classes Strive to Revive the Status Quo!

The ‘Great Re-Set’ is a ‘Return’ to Predatory Capitalism!

The QAnon conspiracy theory that enabled Trump to be elected and White police to intensify their campaign of murder against non-Whites – is having its terminology ‘borrowed’ by the bourgeois mainstream as it attempts to ‘re-set’ everything back to what it once was. The market-forces of predatory capitalism are ruthless, brutal, long-lasting and ongoing. The ruling-classes would never usually ‘give-up’ this system of socio-economic exploitation unless their well-being was being threatened. Well, the circumstances behind the Covid19 pandemic have provided these conditions in a very unusual and uncertain manner. Quite literally, the bourgeoisie (that currently controls the means of production throughout capitalist society) ‘feared’ for the safety of its individual members, and this in-turn has led to the socio-economic system of predatory capitalism to be placed on ‘hold’. Another way of looking at this situation in this televisual-age – is that the ‘business as usual’ mentality usually employed by the bourgeoisie in its exploitation of the working-class has been ‘freeze-framed’ for an indefinite period. 

Capitalist Society is ‘Uncertain’ – But the Bourgeoisie Will ‘Re-Set’ the System!

The problem for the bourgeoisie is that these controlling forces cannot be put on ‘hold’ like a TV picture in any realistic manner, as these (dialectical) forces exist within a state of continuous ‘flux’. In-short, the contradictive (and ‘underlying’) forces that decide the reality of a bourgeois society are always ‘active’ even when severely disrupted as has been the case with the world-wide Covid19 Crisis. Local, nation and international commerce has ground to a shuddering halt with at least ‘three’ major ‘Lockdowns’ of society, culture, commerce and industry, etc. In this ‘new’ reality, the United States nearly experienced a ‘people-led’ Fascist Revolution which would have had Donald Trump declared ‘leader for life’ if it had spread throughout American society and gained support outside of the small QAnon faith-community. In this case, the ‘Great Re-Set’ would have involved a transition for bourgeois controlled-society from that of predatory capitalism, to that of a world-wide fascist dictatorship!  

Internet Shopping has ‘Boomed’ – Placing More Wealth in Less Hands!

This would have produced within mainstream US society the kind of totalitarian command-structures commonly found within the various US police forces and law-enforcement agencies, etc. Such a move would have legitimised centuries of racist murder, planted evidence and brutal treatment of those non-White people deemed ‘suspects’. TV images of Capitol police and security guards happily greeting rioters, opening locked gates, removing obstacles to facilitate access and ‘posing’ for ‘Selfies’ with individual rioters – demonstrates just how close this popular (fascist) movement came to ‘spreading’ beyond its narrow anti-intellectual starting-lines and re-defining US culture in a manner that only a major (and highly destructive) war could have rectified! The UK already has a vicious, right-wing Tory government that has retained a highly oppressive control of society through draconian laws enforced by a newly empowered police force. Boris Johnson’s Junta continues to ‘cut’ NHS services and pay – whilst calling upon its employees to continue to ‘fight bravely’ for the health of the nature as the NHS continues to be ‘sold off’ into the hands of US-controlled private health companies.  

Covid19 has ‘Suspended’ the Power of the US Dollar!

As Covid19 vaccinations spread throughout the Western world, the general consensus is that this emergency should start to transition to a state of normalcy around June, 2021. This is the timescale that the UK media is priming the British population to prepare for. It is assumed that the forces of capitalist oppression will simply ‘begin’ to function all over again, as they have done for hundreds of years – with two-years of severe ‘Lockdown’ culture having no permanent psychological or physical effects upon the thinking and behaviour of the British population. The ruthless Bourgeois media has been tasked with reinstating the usual brainwashing that force-feeds the populace with middle-class propaganda. The completely pointless and unnecessarily ‘privileged’ royal family has been moved onto centre-stage – but not the alleged paedophilia scandal it is associated with, or Prince Philip’s membership of the Nazi Party in his youth – but rather because two younger members have chosen to migrate to the US. This fabricated narrative includes both the UK and US in an attempt to re-establish the subordination of the working-class to the bourgeoise in its sentimental admiration – just in-case it has been unnecessarily ‘empowered’ in anyway during the disruption associated with ‘Lockdown’.  

During ‘Lockdown’ Online Communication Became Greatly Emphasised!

The bourgeoisie – which took the decisions it did in the face of the threat of Covid19 – is now instructing its representatives to ‘scream’ at every interview ‘But who is going to pay for it all?’ ‘We need far-reaching ‘tax-cuts’ whilst the working-class pays for its own imprisonment!’ The bourgeoisie should pay the entire cost of fighting Covid19 – after-all, predatory capitalism is their system of choice! Already, the rhetorical attacks are beginning against the working-class – preparing the masses for the ‘Great Re-Set’ – which in this case is a ‘return’ to how things once where! The mass-vaccination campaign in the UK that is in the midst of breaking the back of Covid19 is now being packaged as representing the ‘something for nothing’ society – ignoring the fact that the working-class pay in advance Even though internet firms like Amazon have made millions out of entrapped populations held prisoner in their own homes – the British government has no plans to ‘force’ online shopping firms to pay their taxes to the British nation it so efficiently exploits!  for everything it receives from the government through ample taxation! The Tories undoubtedly will make the poorest people suffer the most with wide-sweeping Benefits cuts and cuts in other essential community services that support the disabled, elderly, the young and less well-off. The bourgeoisie mishandled this crisis in a criminal manner but no one will face prosecution for the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the UK, US and Europe, etc. The only reward for the imprisoned working-class is a return to whole-sale exploitation and ruthless oppression. Whether this ‘transition’ back to the status quo of the pre-Covid19 capitalist system runs smoothly, is still to be seen!  

The Relentless Capitalist Message! Individual Greed Over Mass Well-being!

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