Russia: Tatarstan Disability Consultation Hotline Opened! (5.11.2021)

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic has organized a hotline – to mark the beginning of the decade announcing enhanced care for disabled people – the Press Service of the Department reports. From November 1st to 10th – individuals can contribute via telephone regarding the implementation of the rights of people with disabilities – including children with disabilities.

Ukraine: ‘March of the Nazis in Kyiv!’ (28.4.2021)

‘Dear Comrade! Greetings from Maidan Ukraine! We appreciate your blogging regarding our cause and thank you for supporting us! We receive a great help and support from the English government and the Anglo-Saxon people who share our admiration for the ‘Third Reich’ and its Great Leader ‘Adolf Hitler’ (88)! We pass to you our celebration last year as we prepare to move ‘Eastward’ and finish the task the SS began all those years ago!’

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