Email: The Pope’s Intended Visit to Iraq (5.3.2021)

Neo-Colonial Iraq ‘Fabricates’ Catholic Past!

Dear Gillian 

Iraq – like Libya and Syria (and potentially Iran) – was destroyed because it represented a developing secular, Arab Socialist State. When the USSR was engaged in orchestrating its own demise, the US hesitatingly made its move (justified on the Kuwait invasion). Kuwait was part of Iraq prior to the British leaving the area. Divide and conquer, etc. The Pope visiting a destroyed Iraq now riddled with Islam extremism is just the imperialist icing on the cake. The mass importation of Christian missionaries is very much ‘business as usual’ for any area (or region) conquered by the US military – similar to Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, etc. This influx of foreign religiosity will be packaged as an ‘antidote’ to the indigenous Islamic resistance and extremism generated by the Western presence and the death and destruction it has visited on that country. This is a classic example of the Pope interfering in the internal politics of a country. In this regard, his intended visit to Iraq is not that interesting – but what is significant is how the Vatican power-brokers are willing to ‘risk’ the life of a Pope simply to further US-Western colonial interests. In this instance, and through such exploitative (and exploiting) measures – ‘Catholicism’ must assuredly equals ‘White’. Of course, although there are no significant populations of historical Catholics in the region to justify such a pointless and cynical visit – the Western media will be given the task of fabricating one or two local Catholics who will be dredged-up to ‘meet’ the Pope – probably a young brown-skinned child walking on crutches with a leg missing – blown-off (by Islamic terrorists) as he ran to tell his parents the good news he had heard – that the Pope was coming to Iraq (I’m crying already)! Footage will be found of ‘just after’ him suffering the injury – calling on the Pope to help him (in subtitled Arabic) as he lies on the ground looking desperately at one of his legs (that now lies fifty-foot away from the hip that once housed it)… It will be a mini-Tiananmen Square. About this time the ‘ruins’ of an ancient Catholic Church will be discovered near Baghdad and granted UN Protection – whilst the Pope presents Little Matthew with a special wheelchair ‘blessed’ in Rome and flown-out by UNICEF. 

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