Exposing Fascism is our Communist Duty – our Stalingrad!

Soviet Victory Over Fascism!

Since the Soviet victory over fascism in 1945 – defeating the Nazi Germans and Imperial Japanese – the capitalist West (which was and is less ‘democratic’ than the Soviet Union, Communist China or North Korea) has sought to negate this ‘Communist’ victory and excise it from history. This fake history suggests that the Nazi Germans were defeated only by the US and the UK, and the Imperial Japanese only by the US. (Strangely, everyone agrees that the Fascist Italians defeated themselves, particularly in the light of Mussolini being revealed as a British MI6 operative). The Western military effort was impressive on D-Day, but its effectiveness was premised upon the Soviet Red Army continuing its relentless advance and destruction of the sophisticated and highly motivated Nazi German war-machine. Millions of Soviet had died prior to D-Day in 1944, and it was their sacrifice that weakened the Nazi German military capability to the point where the combined forces of the West could initiate a landing in France with a more than 50% chance of success (unlike the disastrous Dieppe landings of 1943).   

From 1933 to 1939 – Hitler was very much the darling of the West. He was admired by British royalty and respected by the British middle and upper classes (especially Churchill), as well as courted by US big business (IBM assisted in the holocaust from their New York offices providing the Nazi Germans with a cataloguing system that enabled the efficient murder of millions of innocents). Ironically, the Zionist Jewish movement in Palestine (which was killing British soldiers and anyone who opposed Jewish fascism), found favour with Hitler – an embarrassing historical reality that modern Israel tries its best to ‘hide’ by categorizing anyone who repeats this factual history as being ‘anti-Semitic’. The UN declared Zionism a form of Jewish White Supremacy practiced by secular Jews in 1975 – yet another inconvenient fact disliked by the Zionists.  

The point is this, the only true opponents of fascism are Communists. Fascism is a form of capitalism (in decay) and is not a form of Communism. Hitler gave many interviews where he made it clear that his ‘National Socialism’ (Nazism) had no connection with Marxism (which he termed a Jewish conspiracy), and was NOT in any way a form of ‘Scientific Socialism’ the complete (anti-capitalist) theory developed by Marx and Engels and interpreted by Lenin. Hitler explains that Marx stole the term ‘Socialism’ from the ethnic Germans of old, who organized themselves into tribes ruled by those who fought their way to the top and were strong enough to retain that power from all challenges. This top-down, totalitarian rule (which saw the tribe as a whole benefit from a redistribution of resources) was not premised upon equality, internationalism or women’s rights, but the exact opposite. National Socialism maintained inequality, hierarchy, discrimination and racism. Indeed – everything Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao held dear – Hitler firmly rejected and termed ‘Jewish corruption’.  

The 1936 Constitution of the USSR clearly distinguishes it from Hitler’s opposite reforms in Germany from 1933 onwards. The USSR went to war because it was attacked by Hitler who was encouraged by the West – particularly as he had been given vast areas of European territories without a fight. Millions of Soviets died because of the capitalist West and its sympathies for the Hitlerite regime. The USSR was faced with Hitlerite annihilation and so was forced to fight-back – the Western anti-intellectuals termed this to be a manifestation of typical Communist ‘aggression’ (see Bertrand Russell in 1952) – and yet since 1945 it has been the US (capitalist) military that has killed upwards of 20 million people around the world. Just how many millions of people have been killed since the 1500s and the expansion of European imperialism, is so huge it has never been fully revealed. A recent study has shown, however, that from 1492 to 1610 – the European expansion into the Americas killed as many as 60 million people.  

Capitalist ideologues try to turn this terrible history around (I.e. invert it) and blame it all on a Communist movement that is only a few hundred years old, that for much of that time had no power. In this flawed model fascism has nothing to do with the capitalism that generates it, but is portrayed as the product of the Communism it attacks, and the production of the Communists it kills. This is the simple inverted model of US Cold War rhetoric and you will find it everywhere in every narrative like a virus that has spread widely and has gone untreated. Just as capitalism is fascism, (UK capitalism has killed 120,000 plus people since 2010), its distorted rhetoric (which is the mainstream narrative) must be openly declared as ‘fascism’ and attacked and exposed at every opportunity. We do not accept this bourgeois narrative as the ‘correct’ or ‘normal’ expression of reality, it must be condemned a priori and the truth established upon its ashes. This is our metaphorical Stalingrad and we must not fail!  

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