Re-Enacting a Classic Chinese Poster!

aaa watermelon baby

When China freed herself from Western imperialist aggression in 1949, Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China (CPC) embarked upon a radical transformation of Chinese society, seeking to eradicate the ignorance of feudalism and the oppression and violence associated with class oppression. This meant experimentation in many new ways of organisation agriculture and sharing food. Contrary to the lies still printed in the Western media, life improved immeasurably once the forces of Western capitalism were thrown-out of China, and the Chinese people stood-up for themselves! The above poster was generated in 1983 and is entitled ‘The Big Water Melon’ (created by Zheng Xuexin), and is designed to portray how affluent China has become, and how healthy Chinese children are today! We think our youngest daughter – Kai-Lin – looks remarkably like the baby in this picture – so we went to the supermarket and purchased a water melon for an attempted ‘re-enactment’. The following pictures are the result:








North Korea’s Right to Self-Determination Supported by Communist China (4.7.2017)


According to Western (bourgeois) media sources, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – also known as ‘North Korea’ – successfully tested a missile that flew 600 miles before downing in the Sea of Japan. Western reports also suggest that Communist China ‘condemned’ this missile test – but according to what can be read on the Chinese language internet, China has always held to the position that it will defend Communist North Korea from any forms of Western aggression. The photographs on this blog entry are dated to the 25th May, 2016, and are from a Chinese language (Xinhua) news article ‘celebrating’ the DPRK’s successful launch of submarine-based ballistic missiles. The DPRK is forced to develop its own weaponry to combat the advanced weaponry of mass destruction that is aimed at it by the United States, and which is provided by the US to the military forces of South Korea. This proves that the DPRK is acting in self-defence to aggression already perpetuated toward it by the US and its allies. In this regard, the Chinese language article continues, the DPRK has every right to defend itself under International Law.  As hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of Chinese men and women gave their lives fighting US aggression in the Korea in the early 1950’s, it is highly unlikely that Communist China would desert the DPRK – which operates as a buffer-zone between Communist China and the capitalist South Korea.






Chinese Language Source Article:


North Korea: Otto Warmbier (1994-2017)


The United States of America pursues a political path that is thoroughly anti-Socialist and anti-Communist, with this anti-Working Class policy being codified, normalised and intensified after WWII, and the development of a Cold War pseudo-history that was designed to misrepresent the Soviet Union, Communist China, and any nation that has undergone a Socialist Revolution. Of course, North Korea has attracted a strong vitriol from the US propagandists, particularly in the light of the US Military defeat inflicted in North Korea by the North Korean Military and its Chinese Volunteer Army allies during the Korean War (1950-1953), with the US Military nearly losing South Korea as a result. The US government – whether Democrat or Republican – will not rest until all vestiges of Working Class self-assertiveness is wiped-out across the world, and US-style predatory capitalism rules the world. US foreign policy falsely believes that Communist China will not come to the aid of North Korea, if the US attacks North Korea. In fact, the Chinese language internet (Baidu) is littered with official and unofficial texts clearly stating that Communist China will ‘defend the Socialist Revolution’ in North Korea, if North Korea is attacked by the US (or any of its allies). The US is misleading the Western world when it makes such irrational and blatantly ‘untrue’ propaganda statements, and hiding the truth that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will ‘annex’ North America and put an end to its ridiculous capitalist system – and in so doing, bring Socialism and peace to the world! Make no mistake, Communist China will not allow North Korea to be invaded, and capitalism brought to its borders.


Therefore, anything the US government states must be assumed to be ‘lies’ until proven otherwise. In the unusual case of Otto Warmbier, for instance, the American (University of Virginia) student who visited North Korea on a five day new year tour during late December and early January 2016, and who was caught on CCTV ‘stealing’ a poster from a hotel wall (containing Communist statements), the Trump Administration has been ranting and raving stating Otto Warmbier was ‘beaten’ to death – whilst the US medical report (available for all to see online) clearly states that there was no evidence of any physical damage to his head or body. The CCTV footage shows Otto Warmbier stealing the sign from a restricted part of the hotel on January 1st, 2016, and he was arrested on January 2nd, 2016. Otto Warmbier was tried and convicted for the theft of a political sign from a restricted area of the hotel. Evidence at his trial included his confession, CCTV footage, fingerprint evidence, and witness testimony. Unusually, a press conference was held on February 29th, 2016, where Otto Warmbier confirmed his confession – stating that he was charged with this task by a ‘church’ that he and his family belong to in the US. He stated that the church required the sign (or something similar) because it considered ‘Communism’ to be ‘evil’ and the sign would be placed in the church so that everyone could ‘pray’ for the downfall of the North Korean Communist System, and replaced with US-style capitalism. This part of Otto Warmbier’s statement exists all over the Chinese Language internet – which favourably carries North Korean news articles. However, these articles also state that the church involved has since stated it does not know Otto Warmbier or his family. The English language wikipage, of course, provides a pro-US narrative and will not include the full text of Otto Warmbier’s confession.


Bear in mind that the US currently operates the biggest prison slave labour force in the world when assessing the following details. The only country that imprisons and exploits its own population is the USA. Now, On March 16th, 2016, Otto Warmbier was to be sentenced to 15 years re-education through hard labour (for a crime against the North Korean State). On June 12th, 2017, North Korea released Otto Warmbier into US custody due to ill health. After complaining of stomach pains (referred to as food poisoning) he apparently took a sleeping pill and refused to wake-up. He was still in this semi-comatosed state when he arrived back in the US, although the medical examiners (at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center) could not find any traces of food poisoning, or evidence of food poisoning. Otto Warmbier died in the hospital at 14:20hrs on June 19th, 2017, at the age of 22 years old. North Korean medical records suggest that he was in this state from around April, 2016, with North Korean MRI scans revealing brain damage due to oxygen deficiency in the brain. Of course, hundreds of people die everyday within the US prison through ‘accidents’ and ‘assaults’ carried-out by other inmates or guards. Others die of illness or injury due to inadequate or non-existent medical care, whilst others are quite literally worked to death but the US and capitalist media remain silent and the UN refuses to investigate. Chinese language texts state that Otto Warmbier received the best ‘free’ medical care within the North Korean Communist System – equivalent to that of a millionaire in the US.  He was not mishandled or brutalised, but his behaviour was very suspicious.


Also played-down by the Western, capitalist press, was the manner in which Otto Warmbier expertly eluded hotel security and made his way into a ‘restricted’ part of the hotel – as if well trained for a mission to extract a specific North Korean sign. The only mistake he made was not being aware of the surveillance cameras that caught him in the act. In the meantime, it has been revealed that Otto Warmbier is of Jewish ethnicity, and that his family supports Zionist Israel. This raises questions as to whether Otto Warmbier was on an Israeli secret mission to interfere with North Korean stability in some way (or simply ‘training’ for more elaborate missions later on) – the reason why he was found guilty of a crime against the North Korean State. Finally, it is implied in Chinese language texts that Otto Warmbier died as a result of medical negligence in the US – due to delays caused by arguments over who was going to pay his medical bills.

Chinese Language Sources:

China: Myths Surrounding the Anti-Sparrow Campaign (1958)


A Typical Sparrow Hunt

The West is awash with (primarily US-derived) Anti-China (and anti-Communist) stories, that depict Mao Zedong as an insane leader of a racially inferior and morally deficient Chinese race. Furthermore, so these maniacal narratives inform, but so stupid was this policy that 40 million Chinese died of a result of a famine caused by an influx of insects (which were no longer eaten by the sparrows). Even if the more obviously race-hate related issues are removed from these fictional narratives, the fact remains that it is the details contained within this mosaic of distortion, that provides the ‘accepted’ version of events in the West. The primary myths are:

  1. Mao Zedong was an insane dictator – not true – he was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China – which practised centralised democracy, and which regularly elected delegates to sit on various committees from the local level up to the national government. Just as ‘capitalism’ cannot be voted-out in the West (through the liberal, democratic process), ‘Communism’ cannot be voted-out in China (through the elections associated with centralised democracy).
  2. Communist China practises an insane type of ideology that is illogical – not true – Communist China pursues the path of ‘Scientific Socialism’, which advocates the society is governed solely by secular science and evolutionary theory. This approach rejects religious theology and ignorant superstitions as political ideologies as they arise from an ‘inverted’ bourgeois mind-set that has its origin in the false idea that a ‘god’ construct (or disembodied ‘thought’ in the head), created all of reality. Scientific development is for everyone and everything within a ‘Communist’ society, and not just the privileged or chosen few as is the case in bourgeois, capitalist societies.
  3. Mao Zedong conceived and initiated an insane agricultural policy in 1958 that ultimately led to a famine that killed millions – not true – not only was there no famine (an opposite reality to that suggested by various skewed bourgeois accounts), but Mao Zedong was not responsible for this policy.
  4. The Chinese people are an inferior race that act in a stupid and sub-ordinate manner to the superior ‘White’ race – not true – not only has science (particularly the genetics part of it) proven the fallacy of ‘race’ as a biological entity, but Karl Marx pointed-out that the bourgeoisie – the middle class that owns the means of production and which exploits the workers – invented the notions of ‘race’ and ‘nationalism’ as a means to keep the Working Class from uniting. It achieves this by instilling a sense of racial discrimination in the minds of the workers, so that various groups of proletariat spend their time fighting one another, rather than targeting the real architects of all their troubles – the bourgeoisie.
  5. Western agriculture does not use dangerous chemicals to kill and control insects, birds and rodents, as a means to keep designated ‘vermin’ off of farming land – not true – the capitalist Western farmers (which manufacture food for profit and not the well-being of humanity), use dangerous chemicals and highly questionable farming methods to kill insects and other animals all the time.
  6. Mao Zedong hated animals – not true – Mao Zedong (and his family) had been associated with Buddhism, and as a consequence of its proscription against harming any living creature, Mao was not naturally in favour of hurting animals.
  7. A final salient point is that whether in the capitalist West, or Communist China – exactly the same agricultural science is pursued (albeit driven by different motivations and objectives), that aims to maximise yield and minimise waste. In this pursuit, the profit driven West has come in for criticism over many decades, for its environmentally unfriendly policies, animal cruelty and poorly researched genetic modification of crops. Communist China, on the other hand, is well known throughout the world today for its sustainable farming methods, and regulations to protect farm-animal welfare.

From an academic position, however, virtually all these assumptions are incorrect and lacking any genuine Chinese language source material or references. As this is the case, this article references ‘three’ Chinese language papers, all covering different aspects of the 1958 anti-sparrow campaign. As most Western sources are bias and deficient, this article will provide the historical facts as experienced and preserved within Chinese academic sources.

The name of the 1958 ‘anti-sparrow campaign’ in the Chinese language is expressed as ‘打麻雀运动’ (Dǎ máquè yùndòng), – ‘Attack Sparrow Movement’ – or as ‘消灭麻雀运动 ‘ (Xiāomiè máquè yùndòng), which translates as ‘Eradicate the Sparrow Movement’. This campaign was part of the broader ‘Great Leap Forward’, which was announced by Mao Zedong during February, 1958 (and was planned to run until 1962). Four ‘pests’ or ‘vermin’ had been identified by the Chinese government as severely interfering with farming in China, and the production of good or ample harvests (particularly in relation to grains and cereals). To be eliminated alongside the sparrows were the rats, flies and mosquitoes. Although controlling or eradicating animals, birds and insects deemed ‘pests’ in the West is common-place (usually through the use of dangerous chemicals), China’s similar policy is treated with a racist scorn that ignores all the facts.  For instance, attributing this policy to Mao Zedong is historically and politically incorrect. On January 18, 1957, an article was published in the ‘Beijing Daily’, authored by the then Deputy Minister for Education – the renowned biologist – Zhou Jianren (周建人) and entitled ‘Do Not Doubt that the Sparrow is a Harmful Bird’ (雀是害鸟无须怀疑 – Què shì hài niǎo wúxū huáiyí). Zhou Jianren, speaking with the authority of a biologist, stated that the ‘Sparrows are a threat to farming, and should be eradicated without hesitation.’ This caused a debate at the highest levels of the government, with Mao Zedong being given different advice. On the one hand there was Zhou Jianren, who advocated ‘revolutionary’ action against the sparrows, whilst on the other, there were advisers (such as Zhu Xi – 朱洗) quite rightly stated that in different places and times in the West (including Czarist Russia, the USA and Australia) this kind of farming experiment had already been tried – and it had failed every-time. However, although Mao Zedong was not completely sure about this policy, (in his youth, Mao had advised peasants not to kill their oxen so that rich people could eat beef, but instead to keep them alive and well-fed to work as ‘living tractors’ for work on the land), others argued that the West had failed due to its decadence and emphasis upon selfish individualism, and that China could succeed due to its collectivist attitude and ideal of serving others. As matters transpired, the anti-sparrow policy did go ahead, but despite killing tens of millions of birds, the species simply managed to survive and adapt. Mao Zedong himself called a halt to the anti-sparrow campaign on March 16, 1960, switching to a policy of eradicating bed-bugs. This policy reversal was a result of the general insect population growing beyond normal bounds because the sparrows were no longer eating them. As regards the lies of huge famines, in reality people were eating the millions of sparrows that had been killed, providing a useful source of meat protein. At the time, this practice was wide-spread (until Mao effectively ‘protected’ the sparrows in early 1960), with the added bonus that sparrow meat was known to cure sore throats and chest infections.

Chinese Language References:打麻雀运动

Beijing: 110th Celebration of Paul Robeson’s Birthday in Photographs (2008)



Original Chinese Language Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

April 9th, 2008, was the 110th anniversary of Paul Robeson’s birth. In order to commemorate and cherish this old friend who had stood firmly on the side of China, (using his own singing and acting in support of the Chinese people’s struggle against imperialist aggression), Chinese and foreign friends celebrated the 110th anniversary of Paul Robertson’s birthday, gathering in Soong Ching Ling’s (宋庆龄) former residence.


Paul Robeson (1898-1976) was a famous Black-American singer, leader of the US Civil Rights Movement, international peace warrior, and friend of the Chinese people. During the War of Resistance against Japan, he was invited by Soong Ching Ling to serve as a honorary member of the ‘Defend China Alliance’, whilst actively participating in charity work, raising funds for the ‘Protection Union’, sparing no effort to support the Chinese people’s war. In the US he sang ‘March of the Volunteers’ in both English and Chinese, and when ‘New’ China was established (in 1949), he took to the streets with his friends singing ‘Stand Up’ in celebration. Then in 1958, when the Chinese people celebrated his 60th birthday, he wrote a letter stating ‘Thank you to all the Chinese people for their contribution to Socialism, security of peace’, hoping that he would be able to visit China. For various reasons, up until his death in January 1976, he was not able to realise this intention. However, during May 1980, his son, (Paul Robeson Jr and his wife), visited China, and was greeted in Soong Ching Ling’s former Beijing residence. The Chinese people will not forget Paul Robeson, or the songs he sung, and will continue to educate Chinese people about his life story. On the celebration of his 100th birthday, a commemorative concert was held in Zhongshan Park Music Hall.


Portrait of Song Ching Ling

This commemorative event was organized by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Research Centre, and sponsored by China International Friendship Association, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Daily and Foreign Language Education and Research Press. Special thanks are due to He Dazhang (何大章) – Deputy Director of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Research Centre, Chen Xiuxia (陈秀霞) – Vice President of the China International Friendship Association, Gao Zhendong (高振东) Secretary-General, Professor Chen Lin (陈琳) – of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, Su Fei (苏菲) – Soong Ching Ling’s lifetime friend (possibly ‘Sophie’), Nakamura Kyoko (中村京子), Li Mei (李湄), Han Chun (寒春), Yi Sha Bai (伊莎白) – international friend (possibly ‘Isabel’), Ke Makai (伊莎白), as well as many other Chinese and international friends.Paul Robeson’s son, (Paul Robeson Jr), although he was unable to personally attend, sent a congratulatory letter from New York as a memorial, stating:

‘For your April 9th Paul Robeson 110th anniversary celebration. My father is one of the greatest performing artists of the 20th century. He was not only a symbol of Black-Americans involved in the international peace movement, but was also a strong fighter in the struggle for Black freedom in the United States. As a reliable and intimate friend in the great anti-imperialist struggle of the Chinese people, he bravely resisted fascism and colonialism, and it is very appropriate for the Chinese people to commemorate the 110th anniversary of my father’s birthday.’


After this letter was read to the audience, the documentary entitled ‘Paul Robeson – Tribute to an Artist’ was shown, after which many people in the audience (named above) gave their personal recollections of Paul Robeson, his character, artistic mastery and inspiring political activity. Wang Xuexin (王学新) gave an interesting presentation involving Paul Robeson’s interaction with, and influence upon Chinese artists.


He Dazhang (who together with American guests was in-charge of the ‘memorial’ for this event) stated: ‘Although Paul Robeson and Soong Ching Ling never met in person, their activities on the international stage were very similar, as both worked tirelessly for world peace, and both shared a strong responsibility to strive to bring the peoples of the US and China closer together in friendship and understanding. This aspiration expresses the highest attributes of human thinking. Today, the international communities gathers in Beijing to commemorate the great personality of Paul Robeson, but for Chinese people, we want to state to the world that we as a nation, will never forget Paul Robeson, or the fact that he supported our struggle against fascism. We owe it to his memory to never let fascism arise in the world again, and continuously work for peace and harmony throughout society and the international community. This is something we must all fight for in the world!’


Also participating at this event was the male voice choir of the China Association for Science and Technology, the famous saxophonist Fan Shengqi (范圣琦), singer Li Guangxi (李光曦), Central Music Academy Bassist – Wu Tianqiu (吴天球), as well as nationally acclaimed Chinese actor – Du Shengxian (杜声显) – who took part in the singing. Many gave renditions of Paul Robeson’s songs, whilst others performed saxophone solos (and similar artistic expressions). Finally, the tribute ended with everyone holding hands and singing together Paul Robeson’s classic (Socialist) track ‘Joe Jill’.


中国网 时间: 2008-04-09 发表评论>>


保罗•罗伯逊(Paul Robeson,1898—1976)是著名美国黑人歌唱家、民权运动领袖、国际和平运动战士,中国人民的朋友。抗日战争时期,他应宋庆龄之邀,担任“保卫中国同盟”名誉会员,积极参加“保盟”的募捐义演,不遗余力地支持中国人民的抗战。他在美国用中英文演唱《义勇军进行曲》,还用中文灌制了以《起来》为名的唱片,使得这首象征中国民族精神的歌曲开始具有世界影响。新中国成立时,他同朋友一起走上街头用中文唱《起来》以示庆贺。1958年,中国人民为他庆祝60岁生日,他给中国人民写信“感谢全体中国人民对社会主义的贡献和对和平的保卫”,并希望访问中国。由于种种原因,直到1976年1月去世,罗伯逊也没有实现他的愿望。1980年5月,他的儿子小保罗•罗伯逊夫妇访华,宋庆龄在北京故居予以亲切接见。中国人民不会忘记保罗•罗伯逊,他的歌曲被传唱,他的故事在流传,在他诞辰100周年之际,中山公园音乐堂还举行了纪念音乐会。




大家首先观看了纪录片《保罗·罗伯逊——献给一位艺术家(Paul Robeson:Tribute to an Artist)》,再次感受到罗伯逊的艺术魅力和斗争精神。中国宋庆龄基金会研究中心常务副主任何大章、中国国际友人研究会陈秀霞副会长、北京外国语大学教授陈琳先后致辞,宋庆龄的好友苏菲、国际友人伊莎白等人也分别讲话,从不同的角度缅怀了保罗·罗伯逊。王学新导演还讲述了保罗·罗伯逊与中国艺术家交往的故事。





China: Yulin Dog Meat Festival Not ‘Officially’ Sanctioned by Government (10.6.2014)


Original Chinese Language Text By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

See Also: China: Anti-Eating Dogs & Cats Law – 5000 Yuan Fine & 15 Days Imprisonment

Translator’s Note: Here, the Local Government responsible for managing the Yulin City area, issues an official communique rejecting any and all allegations that it is responsible for the ‘Yulin Dog Festival’, or that it facilitates such an activity through any of its departments or social services. The Yulin Local Government, of course, part of the regional representation of the Communist Party of China (CPC), would have only issued such a statement of ‘legal’ denial, if it had been sanctioned by the Central Government in Beijing. Therefore, this local statement may be responsibly taken to reflect the viewpoint of the CPC National Government. Chinese language texts state that dog meat is eaten in ‘North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam and some European countries’, and that the opposition to it in China stems from the influence of foreign religions – or other politically motivated Eurocentric organisations, that attack China’s political system indirectly through various aspects of established Chinese culture. Dog meat is generally considered ‘yang’ or of ‘hot energy’, which is considered ‘bad’ for consumption at any other time of the year – as it is believed to create ‘anger’ in the blood of the eater. However, it is also believed that on the evening of the Summer Solstice (at 6pm), the heat is so strong in the area that it cancels-out the ‘heat’ in the dog meat – thus revealing its healing properties to humans. This is more a superstition than Chinese science, and is an idea that today has been seized upon by one or two profit-minded individuals. The bigger picture in China is that many Chinese people pursue an Animal Rights agenda that is internally effective, and has no direct contact with its Western counter-parts, primarily due to the inherent racist attitudes in certain strands of it. Lastly, Buddhism in China demands that its followers are completely vegetarian, and this means many Chinese people routinely eat no meat at all. ACW 19.5.2017

News from Southern China: The Municipal Government of the Yulin City area of Guangxi province, recently issued a statement through the Yulin News Network, stating that the so-called ‘Summer Solstice Lychee Dog Meat Festival’ is not ‘officially’ sanctioned or ‘recognised’ by any of its departments, and is not a (legally) sanctioned national holiday. Therefore, this activity is a spontaneous ‘folk’ activity perpetuated by certain local people in the area, that was once just a local tradition, but which has now become distorted and motivated only by monetary ‘profit’. In fact, neither the Yulin City Government, nor any of its civil organisations, encourages or facilitates this behaviour, and certainly does not ‘officially’ support any form of ‘Summer Solstice Lychee Dog Meat Festival’.

Historically, this is a local tradition which states that if dog meat and lychee fruit are eaten together at the same time on the Summer Solstice, the meal can cure and prevent disease. These ideas developed out of poverty in the old days, where once a year local people would eat dog meat during the time lychee fruit ripened. For many, this was the only time any meat was available (with dog meat being considered medically bad for consumption at any other time of the year) – but today – due to the greed of a few misled people, this activity has grown into a money-making business.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Chinese Language Text:

广西玉林否认官办狗肉节 称只是民间的说法

南都讯 广西玉林市政府日前在玉林新闻网发布声明,称所谓“夏至荔枝狗肉节”只是个别商家和民间的一种说法,其实并不存在这个节日。玉林市政府或任何社会组织都没有举办过任何形式的所谓“夏至荔枝狗肉节”活动。




Workers’ Institute for Advanced Theoretical Studies of Nature (2017)

An interesting history. This group seems to have faced severe persecution under the last days of the Labour government of 1978 – even prior to the rise of Thatcher. However, under the Conservative – LibDem Coalition government (2010-2015) the open persecution began again – with David Cameron determined to get rid of this grass roots movement of the workers.



On Building a Revolutionary Stable Base Area


On the Closure of the Mao Zedong Memorial Centre by the British Fascist State Issued: November 30, 1978

Uphold the Communist Spirit of Self-sacrifice of the Worker Comrade Ekins Brome! Death to the British Fascist State!

Seven Important Lessons

Pol Pot’s Explanation of Events


Pol Pot & Khmer Rouge Delegation – Beijing (c. 1975)

For the intimate expressions of Pol Pot, I have accessed a number of Chinese language source articles (referencing two below). I have taken this path because Pol Pot was a close ally of Mao Zedong, and according to the memories of Chinese people, Pol Pot was a very charming and likeable person. This is an interesting assessment from a Chinese culture that even within its Communist manifestation, puts much emphasis upon good behaviour and conformity to social and cultural norms that secure a peaceful and stable society. In the West, which has perpetuated the myth that Karl Marx’s ‘Scientific Socialism’ is exactly the same as Adolf Hitler’s ‘National Socialism’, the matter of Pol Pot is cut and dried – Pol Pot is simply (and unquestioningly) presented as a genocidal murderer. The problem is a lack of objective evidence for his apparent crimes, and a reliance upon an unsubstantiated Western Cold War rhetoric, that is as much motivated by anti-Asian racism, as it is by anti-Socialist ideology. Even though the Soviet Union supported Vietnam in its invasion and annexing of Cambodia in 1978 (establishing the Soviet controlled ‘People’s Republic of Kampuchea’ to replace the ousted Khmer Rouge), Russian encyclopaedia sources dealing with this matter, state that the figure of between 1 to 3 million people killed by the Pol Pot regime is ‘theoretical’, as it has never been proven in a court of law.

Chinese sources also question this figure, pointing-out that it arises only within anti-Socialist Western sources, that have in the past routinely accused Socialist and Communist sources of committing all kinds of false, imagined and fabricated acts (similar to those actually committed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime). In this regard, the ‘killing fields’ of Pol Pot resemble the Concentration Camps of Nazi Germany, but the numbers simply do not add-up. Today, the official figure for the Cambodian population stands at about 16 million, but in the 1960’s and 1970’s, it is believed to have been around 9 million. Many Chinese scholars point-out that Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge were extremely popular amongst the Cambodian people, who flocked to support his call for Revolution. The logical question is how could a population that by and large supported Pol Pot also ‘massacre’ itself in such large numbers, in a short space of time, lacking the technological know-how and advanced industrial capability possessed by the Nazi Germans? The Western rhetoric suggests that between 1/9th and 1/3rd of the population was ‘killed by itself’. When confronted with the illogicality of this situation, those that support this theory state that its accomplishment just goes to ‘prove’ what a maniac Pol Pot was, not realising that in reality just one man is being accused of being so well organised and efficient at political and practical leadership (whilst apparently being ‘mad’), that he achieved all this through an act of mass hypnosis. Whatever the case, the current Western narrative suggests that the Cambodian population of 9 million was either reduced to 6 million or 8 million between 1975 and 1979 – and yet by 2017 – that very same Cambodian population had risen by either 10 million or or 8 million (to 16 million) in just 38 years!

The Khmer Rouge wore ‘black’ uniforms together with a chequered neck-scarf to wipe-away sweat, and because of this they were often referred to as the ‘Black Guards’. Following Pol Pot’s ascending to power on April 17th, 1975, every citizen of Cambodia was required to dispose of the ‘bourgeois’ clothing that had penetrated the cities and towns, and revert to what was thought to be a more traditional form of ethnic Khmer peasant clothing. When asked why he emptied the cities, Pol Pot stated that the US had already been bombing areas of Eastern Cambodia, and that he (and the Khmer Leadership) were apprehensive that the US would launch a vast and sustained bombing campaign upon Cambodian cities and towns – much like the years’s of US destruction wrought upon North Vietnam. The Khmer Rouge also feared a US ground invasion, and their answer to these problems was to mobilise the entire Cambodian population within the relative safety of the countryside, living in communes of single-sex barracks, training in the day to farm the land, and prepare for a ‘People’s War’. When asked in the late 1970’s, and again by an American journalist just prior to his death (in 1998) why there was evidence of mass graves found in certain areas of Cambodia, Pol Pot gave exactly the same answer. Pol Pot’s answer is written in the Chinese language as ‘敌特破坏’ – which translates as the ‘enemy spies were destroyed’. In other words, Pol Pot ordered these killings to be carried-out by the Khmer Rouge, as a means to destroy what he perceived to be ‘enemies of the people’ operating within Cambodia. Of course, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the invading Vietnamese forces, and US-backed insurgency forces could have been responsible for at least some of these deaths. There is also a suggestion that Pol Pot’s policies have been skewed and misrepresented over the years. When asked about his policy of ‘eradicating’ the city-dwellers, Pol Pot replied that he had meant it was the principle of bourgeois (Westernised) living that was to be eradicated – and not necessarily the people who had been subject to this kind of pollution (although this position does seem to contradict the known dictates of the Khmer Rouge once in power). This information does not excuse the terrible crimes that apparently occurred in Cambodia under Pol Pot, but it does provide a more complete picture when viewed alongside the more commonly known facts in this case. My research is ongoing.

Chinese language References:波尔布特




Pol Pot (in Chinese Sources): How It All Went Wrong


Pol Pot (1925-1998)

It is a simple and obvious fact that the greed for profit (i.e. predatory capitalism), kills people every single day, and in many different ways. Its victims are uncountable, and the manner of their deaths varies greatly from starvation, thirst, war, disease, injury, sexual exploitation, child abuse, homelessness, violence, poor education, misogyny, racism, homophobia, ageism, psychological programming (and brain-washing), physical exploitation and general medical neglect, to mention just some methods that the division of labour generates. However, as the capitalists benefit from this method of economic organisation, these deaths are portrayed as being the result of the individual (or group) concerned, and not the fault of the capitalist system. Those that die from the deliberate excesses of the capitalist system are deemed to have done something wrong, or otherwise be ‘deficient’ in some fundamental manner. It is this mythical ‘deviation’ from the expected norms of capitalism that is blamed for the deaths, and never capitalism itself. As a result, those that control the capitalist system sleep soundly in their beds at night, and keep a ruthless control of the very system that oppresses the majority entirely for the material benefit of the few. Although the ongoing death-toll is probably in the hundreds of millions, capitalists never acknowledge the true extent of their crimes. What capitalists do, however. is continuously attack any attempt at evolving the capitalist system into a Socialist or Communist system. It does this by ‘projecting’ the hideous nature of its own crimes upon any attempt to reform society and curb the excesses perpetuated by capitalism. In other words, this inverted mind-set (as Marx called it), is projected outward and used to demonise any attempt at building Socialism and Communism. Indeed, this rhetorical approach has been the basis for the entire US-led Cold War era since 1945, with the Soviet Union being equated with the Nazi German enemy it confronted and destroyed (at a terrible cost), and Communist China viewed as being ‘racially’ inferior and its Socialist system the product of a devious Asian mind. As a consequence, as basic academic research confirms, the Cold War lies told by the West amount to nothing more than the capitalist system protecting itself from its own demise via an evolutionary phase of Socialistic development. The price for this accomplished state of capitalist arrested development, is that of historical truth. Although this can be remedied over-time, it is a fact that requires acknowledgement as a crucial first stage to dialectical recuperation.

Working from Russian and Chinese language sources, I have discovered over and over again how the US lied continuously about the USSR and Communist China, accusing each expression of Socialism as being murderous, unnatural and against the apparent ‘natural’ human compulsion for greedy accumulation. As a matter of dialectical consistency, I have pondered the enigma of ‘Pol Pot’ (波尔布特 – Bo Er Bu Te), for sometime. My initial thoughts were that his Khmer Rouge (i.e. Communist Party of Cambodia) was somehow caught-up in this Western misrepresentation of all Socialistic Revolutions, happenings and events. My general rule of thumb is not to trust mainstream English language sources, as these are the very conveyors of the dialectical ‘non-truth’ that I am attempting to deconstruct. As Pol Pot was an ally of Communist China, I decided to focus my efforts upon Mainland Chinese academic sources, and to avoid the US-friendly Taiwanese equivalents. (For my article on Pol Pot derived from from Russian sources, please see: Pol Pot (in Russian sources) An Assessment of Conditioned Events). Much to my initial surprise, I discovered that ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ Mainland Chinese language sources all conveyed the general history of the political development of the individual known as ‘Pol Pot’ (formerly known as ‘Saloth Sar), all agreeing that despite his genuine motivation for Revolution, and close association with Communist China (including Mao Zedong), he committed immense crimes against the Cambodian people in a very short space of time (coming to power in 1975 and being ousted in 1979). The irony is that Pol Pot was born into an affluent peasant family (in 1925) in Cambodia, and as he grew-up, he was known to be a very quiet, kind and courteous person. The exact date of his birth is unknown, but of all his brothers, he is known to have been the smallest. He had two wives, with the first being a well-known intellectual in Cambodia, with his second wife giving birth to his two daughters. One of his brothers once stated that as a child, Pol Pot disagreed with hurting animals, and would hide when it was time to kill chickens for food. In accordance with the Cambodian tradition of all male children serving in a Buddhist temple in their youth, Pol Pot became a ‘temple servant’ at the age of 6 years old, where he was taught to read and write the Cambodian language at the Lotus Temple (莲花寺 – Lian Hua Si) situated in Phnom Penh. He continued his education after returning to lay-life at the age of 12 years, and finally graduated in 1949 from the only technical college in Cambodia. As he was a gifted scholar, he earned a scholarship to study in Paris, France – the Western imperialist power that controlled Cambodia in those days.

It was in Paris that he first encountered the ideology of Marxist-Leninism, and became interested in Revolutionary activities. Pol Pot and other Cambodian students in Paris, actively joined the Communist Party of France, and founded the ‘Cambodian Marxist Study Group’. Not long after this, Pol Pot visited Yugoslavia, and this was the first time he saw a Socialist country in operation. In 1952, Pol Pot returned to Cambodia with many other Cambodian students determined to free their country from colonial French rule. The first problem was that the only Revolutionary organisation was Vietnamese in origin, even thought it was known as the ‘Khmer Liberation Movement’. Pol Pot joined this organisation in 1953 as a short-term solution – stating that the Vietnamese were in many ways just as despotic as the French. However, following the French withdrawal from the area in 1954, the Geneva Peace Agreement ensured that the Vietnamese also withdrew from Cambodia – handing-over control of the ‘Khmer Liberation Movement’ to the Cambodian people. Throughout the remainder of the 1950’s, Pol Pot (and others) gradually worked toward the founding of their own Communist Party. This was achieved during March, 1960, when in a deserted railway carriage, the ‘Khmer Workers Party’ was formally initiated, and its first congress held. In 1962, following the death of the then General Secretary, Pol Pot was elected into that post, and under his leadership, the ‘Khmer Workers Party’ changed its name in 1966 to that of the ‘Communist Party of Cambodia’.  Although Pol Pot had worked as a teacher in the city, following Sihanouk declaring the Khmer Rouge an illegal organization in 1963, Pol Pot (and others) had relocated into the jungle areas to carry-out their further training, and illicit Revolutionary activities. After 1965, Pol Pot collaborated with the Vietnamese anti-US war, with Cambodia and Laos unofficially allowing personnel, supplies and weapons to travel through their respective territories. As a consequence, Pol Pot at the time, became a very popular Revolutionary in China, Vietnam, Laos, and his native Cambodia. When visiting China and Vietnam, Pol Pot was treated with great respect. This popularity explains why he remained the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Cambodia from 1963 to 1979.

As his dialectical understanding developed and matured, Pol Pot began to change his view regarding local ethnic tensions, and adopted a much more ‘internationalist’ position with regard to China and Vietnam, and even played a part in US negotiations in China (during 1970), when America was searching for a way-out of the Vietnam War. In 1967, initiated by a ruthless rice tax upon the poor peasants of Cambodia, the Communist Party of Cambodia led an uprising (with Pol Pot leading much of the fighting), that secured a partial success, but stopped short of winning complete political power in the country.  In March, 1970, all this changed when Prince Sihanouk visited the USSR, and during his absence, a coup occurred involving a US-backed rightwing military group which took power, immediately establishing the ‘Republic of Cambodia’ and announcing an instant co-operation with any and all US military action (including the bombing of Eastern Cambodia section of the ‘Ho Chi Minh’ trail by B-52’s). This destructive action coincided with US Advisers building a ‘new’ rightwing military in the country, which was used to attack and kill ordinary Cambodian people that had any leftwing affiliations. This bombing campaign lasted until 1973, when the US Congress called a halt to the destruction on the grounds that it was ‘illegal’. In the meantime, Prince Sihanouk joined forces with Pol Pot, combining royalist and communist forces in a common effort against US imperialism in Cambodia. This time saw numerous Khmer Rouge bases being developed all over Cambodia, with various Khmer Rouge military units seeing action in South Vietnam (fighting for Ho Chi Minh against the Americans). As time progressed, the popular Khmer Rouge were able to join-up their bases, and expand political power throughout Cambodia. These events demonstrate the ‘popular’ nature of the Khmer Rouge movement and how it was generally supported throughout Cambodia, leading up to its seizure of power in the country (contrary to Eurocentric accounts that suggest the opposite). In fact, the Khmer Rouge could not have come to power without a wide-spread popular base amongst the ordinary people. The Khmer Rouge swept to power in 1975, with the collapse of US influence in the region (following the US military defeat in South Vietnam).

With the Khmer Rouge victory, Pol Pot sought to create a classless society with no distinction between the urban and the rural. This meant the abolition of all bourgeois cultural influences, as well as the eradication of money. Pol Pot stated that as Cambodia was backward and feudalistic, its population had to undergo a radical (and sudden) ‘re-education’ process. This involved the emptying of all cities and towns, and the people driven into the countryside to form collective communities dependent upon agriculture. This put an end to what Pol Pot stated were ‘leisure meals’ eaten in the cities, where the rich lived on an ample food supply they purchased, but did not themselves, cultivate or harvest. These communes became single sex barracks – where married couples could meet once a week – providing they had attained prior permission. Around 80% of the population was driven into the countryside (with all schools and temples closed), where Pol Pot started the process separating the trusted from the collaborators. After this, Pol Pot began a campaign of execution where Chinese sources speak of around one-third of the Cambodian population being killed (a number believed to be over two million men, women and children). It is generally stated that Pol Pot decided that any and all bourgeois ideas could not be ‘re-educated’ out of the individual, and that it was more efficient to simply ‘kill the body’ to end a certain type of thought. Whether this is true or not is open to debate, as this fascist policy does not exist in any form within Scientific Socialism, and was either an aberrant creation by Pol Pot himself, or a Eurocentric fabrication (in fact, some sources suggest that a great many deaths under Pol Pot were the result of famine and a failed agricultural policy). However, the narrative that Pol Pot committed mass murder states that he ordered the deaths of all dissidents, monks, ethnic minorities and class enemies, and had their bodies dumped in large open fields for all to see. As Pol Pot seems to have reverted to his old ethnic prejudices against the Vietnamese – he particularly targeted this group of people. In 1978, this led to the Vietnamese ‘Communist’ Army invading Cambodia and destroying the Khmer Rouge regime – forcing Pol Pot and his supporters to flee into the jungle – where he lived in virtual internal exile until his death in 1998. The People’s Republic of China, from at least 1981 onwards (with the establishment of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea by the occupying Vietnamese forces), re-considered its position on Pol Pot, and worked with the ‘new’ Cambodian government (which was essentially Khmer Rouge dissidents that had fallen out of favour with Pol Pot), in an attempt to pacify the remaining Khmer Rouge, and persuade Pol Pot to agree to voluntary house arrest. Although the Vietnamese destroyed Pol Pot’s original regime in 1978, the reality is that factions of the Khmer Rouge continued to run Cambodia until the restoration of the monarchy in 1993.

Chinese Language References:波尔布特

When YouTube ‘Facts’ Are Wrong


YouTube, of course, if the ‘truth’ be told, means absolutely nothing as a title in the UK. In fact to us Brits, it sounds like an individual is somehow associated with a ‘tube’ or ‘cylinder’, made of metal, cardboard, polystyrene, etc, or even those old barrels those of us over 40 used to be rolled in, during playtime at school. The point is, a British version of YouTube would probably be called something like ‘Personal-TV’, or ‘Your-Video’, or something similar. As a platform for uploading and sharing videos, YouTube is useful, and this explains why the Brits put-up with its meaningless title. What YouTube also does, is allow anyone – right, left and centre – to make videos expressing personal (and often bias opinions) as objective ‘facts’. This lack of common-sense and ‘quality control’ stems from the US lunacy of ‘freedom of speech’, whereby any racist, sexist, rightwing, poorly educated, mistakenly educated and misinformed ‘moron’ can express an opinion as if all opinions are of equal worth. Freedom of speech is a dangerous fallacy that dumbs-down entire societies by reducing the common level of understanding to the outpourings of those uninformed individuals that shout the loudest. This is why the UK does not possess ‘freedom of speech’ (except in Parliament, where such expression is very carefully regulated through a highly polite and controlled convention of speech), but does possesses ‘freedom of expression’, which is legally entwined with ‘responsibility of speech’. The British method is better because it requires education and discipline throughout society for it to operate. The US system only favours the rich and powerful who want to say and do whatever they which, to whomever they which, whenever they which to do it, with no legal impediment. As matters stand, YouTube allows racist rhetoric, both subtle and overt, within many of its videos, only taking down those that attract enough negative press, but generally taking no action. As YouTube is now owned by Google, it is busy re-asserting the opaque and semi-legal notion of ‘copyright’, and generally oppressing some of its most creative users (such as BasedShaman). However, the anti-Socialist and anti-Communist presence on YouTube is obvious with its videos of ‘pseudo-history’ and Cold War disinformation, as is its Eurocentric racist mythology that depicts Chinese and Korean people as dog-eating devil-worshippers that ‘pretend’ to be Communists (this criticism is only aimed at North Korea – where dogs are not eaten – but never at ‘capitalist’ South Korea, where dogs are routinely consumed) . Two of these Eurocentric racist myths involve ‘Yulin Dog Festival’ in China (which was outlawed long ago), and the equally racist myth of ‘organ harvesting’ from poor Asian countries (but generally levelled at China). Both of these racist myths appeared recently in a ‘fact’ video uploaded by ‘List25‘, but can be found elsewhere amongst many other ‘false facts’ presented as ‘true’.  Ironically, so distorted and powerful is this Eurocentric (racist) myth-making, that ‘List25’ actually believes these ‘lies’ to be ‘true’ and presents them as such – thus introducing a whole new generation to the Eurocentric (racist) mythology toward China. Under Marxist-Leninist-Maoism, the Chinese people have thrown-off the highly exploitative Western imperialism that made them starve, and in recognition of the fact that China has ‘boomed’ under Communism, the government of China ‘outlawed’ mistreating or eating cats and dogs decades ago, simply because there is no need to eat them. China is now affluent, and in a relatively short space of time, has moved way beyond the ‘capitalist’ United States. This explains in-part, the ignorance encouraged in the US about Communism in general, and genuine Chinese culture inparticular. My advise is to ‘fact check’, but also be careful where you ‘fact check’. Just because racist myths about China have a certain currency within the Eurocentric (racist) narrative about China, does not make these ideas ‘true’ in and of themselves. This equally true of those who repeatedly ‘trumpet’ ignorance as fact on YouTube. In China, life goes on as usual, and when people can be bothered to look at this Eurocentric stupidity, it just confirms their already low-opinion about life within a capitalist system.

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