Yunnan Daoists Raise the Red Flag! (4.7.2018)

Yunnan Daoists Raise the Red Flag!

Orginal Chinese Language text: 云南省各地道教协会、宫观举行升国旗仪式

Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD

Daoism is an ancient Chinese science that fits perfectly into modern times! Daoism in modern ‘Socialist’ China advocates support for the State (loyalty), love for the people (compassion), and emphasizes education for everyone within society (self-study). On July 1st, 2018, various Daoist Temples in Yunnan officially unfurled ‘new’ Red Flags presented by the Communist Party of China. Within modern China there is no conflict between the pursuance of Socialism and the cultivation of the Dao – the two are inseparable and represent the highest levels of human evolution of mind and body.

There is NO Contradiction Between Socialism and Daoist Philosophy!

This progressive policy is referred to as pursuing ‘Country Flag Law’ (国旗法 – Guo Qi Fa) which states that all religions have a right exist and be practiced as long as those responsible for their teaching avoid superstition and ignorance and do not deceive or harm the people in any way. As each religion supports Socialism in China, the Chinese State protects and preserves each spiritual path. Through this act, Yunnan Daoists have confirmed their support to the Constitution of China which has improved the lives of the people beyond the reforming actions of any other Government in history!

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