How the West Will Lose its Culture


Modern Europe and the USA exist today because of the deaths of 27 – 40 million dead Soviet men, women and children who died confronting a ruthless Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s military machine inflicted defeats on all the European nations – including the UK’s BEF in France – and utterly destroyed the British and Canadian landings at Dieppe. It was the Soviet sacrifice that eventually reduced Hitler’s military might to a level that the UK and the USA could handle in open combat. Hitler stopped blanket bombing the UK when his air-force – the Luftwaffe – was destroyed in the skies over the Soviet Union from 1941-45. What do we see now? The capitalist, liberal democracies of Europe and the USA are arming and funding the political descendants of Adolf Hitler in the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and encouraging those murderous regimes to attack and kill any of their own citizens who oppose neo-Nazism, as well colluding with the Western NATO forces to illegally encroach upon Russian sovereign territory. The USA and Europe will not win a war against Russia. This will be particularly true should China support Russia against Western, neo-Nazi aggression. What the capitalist elite are doing in the West is putting every innocent man, woman and child in danger as they misuse the professional military forces of the West to racially attack the peaceful Russian people. No one in history has ever successfully invaded Russia and survived to tell the tale. The capitalist West is acting in an insane manner that is putting the lives of millions in danger because of its inherent and unnatural greed. I will not fight in any unjust and aggressive war against a country whose people developed the first ever worker’s state, and gave the ordinary people a chance to live freely away from capitalist oppression. As for Communist China, if the capitalist West starts a war with that country, Europe will be defeated and will lose its distinctive culture. Ordinary people in the West must start to take responsibility for the illegal actions of their governments and military forces. At the moment, the political European elite (much of it focused through the EU) is acting out of hand in the world and needs to be brought under democratic control.  We, the ordinary people of Europe and the UK will suffer terribly if our military forces collaborate with fascism and unjustly attack other countries that have the capacity not only to fight back, but to destroy Western forces. Both Russia and China want peace, but the West is trying to fabricate a war. It would be better to listen to President Putin.

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