Russia: The Case of Nazi Atrocities in the Village of Zhestyanaya Gorka is Being Considered in Court (23.10.2020)

The forensic investigators discovered the burial site of the victims a year ago. In total, the Punishers took the lives of at least 2,500 people. Hundreds of women, old people and children were tortured and killed by the Latvian Tail Command. After the war there was a tribunal. The organizer of the mass executions, Duke General Kurt, the organizer of the mass executions, died in Vorkuta while serving his sentence. Another 20 of these War Criminals were allowed to live-out their lives peacefully – receiving ‘asylum’ in the West after the war – particularly in Canada and England.

Armenia Expresses Support for Russia! (7.3.2022) By Anatoly Matviychuk (Анатолий Матвийчук) 

of NATO’s military infrastructure to the borders of Russia. The public organization “Ararat” emphasizes that such actions were held in all regions of the Republic of Armenia. Armenia and the Armenian people, in their just struggle for territorial integrity and sovereignty in a changing world, see Russia and the peoples of Russia as their only ally.

Declassified: Official Soviet Losses During the Great Patriotic War Amount to Nearly 42 million (1941-1945)

As a result, partial statistics were given-out which were ‘correct’ from a particular context. As no one had access to the total number except a trusted few – the onus was all about a rapid reconstruction of the Soviet infrastructure (including the building of houses and the caring for the millions of people missing limbs and who had been made disabled etc), and a military preparation for an unprovoked attack from the US and their allies! All this was going on whilst the Soviet Space Programme was developing the technology which would soon shock the world – all under the guidance of the ‘elected’ General Secretary – Joseph Stalin – the last great leader the USSR would have!

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