US Confirms Tibet Part of China


All the United States cares about is money and the preservation of White (Christian), middle class privilege both within and without its own borders.  With incidents of US police murdering poor White, Black and Minorities at an increased rate under African-American President Barak Obama, and given the fact that the same President is openly backing neo-Nazi regimes or movements in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, this latest hypocrisy of US foreign policy reversal appears calculated to drive a wedge between China and Russia, as the US yet again attempts to use NATO as a means to pursue its own neo-imperialist aims.  This policy of derision was used in the late 1970’s to drive a US sized wedge between Communist China and the then Soviet Union – when both of those countries were already engaged in the Sino-Soviet Split.  This split arose from Nikita Khrushchev’s (false) allegations levelled at Joseph Stalin in 1956 – with China condemning Khrushchev as a ‘revisionist’, and reaffirming Chinese support for Joseph Stalin (who had always been perceived as a friend of China).  Today, with a ‘capitalist’ Russia inflicting tremendous hardship on large swathes of its own people, the US is not content with this devastation, but is working to actively destroy Russian hegemony and self-rule.  I suspect that the US would like to see the European Union spread into Russia, so that the US could more easily control the area.  Destroying Russian hegemony is part of the US plans for extending free market economics into the area, controlled from Washington and Brussels. In this regard, the US appears prepared to go to war with Russia, whilst desperately attempting to keep Communist China on board.  With a resurgent Communist Party in Russia, the time might well be right for the re-establishment of the Soviet Union in a new guise.

Part of this US duplicity has seen US Senator John Kerry inform the Chinese Authorities that the US nolonger supports the so-called ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ and fully recognises the fact that Tibet is an integral part China, and is not an independent country that was ‘invaded’ in the past.  This is a startling reversal of US policy, one that saw the CIA fabricate a Western-style racist and nationalist movement in Tibet in the 1950’s, with the 14th Dalai Lama willingly serving as its head.  This ‘movement’ spread to the West where the same Dalai Lama (together with a clique of subordinate lamas), lives a lifestyle of luxury and opulence at the US tax-payers expense, whilst espousing a distorted and highly ‘Christianised’ version of Tibetan Buddhism (unknown within Tibet), and a false history of Tibet and China.  The US government has supported this falsehood for decades and has even manipulated Hollywood to produce various films depicting extraordinary and fictitious events.  One film (Seven Years in Tibet) would have the Western world believe that a member of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party should be believed when he span a loud of US generated lies about what he saw in Tibet – when the fascist regime that spawned him was killing millions of people in Europe and the USSR due to a brutal and racist (not to mention ‘anti-Communist’) ideology.  This is Heinrich Harrer – the author of this anti-Chinese, anti-Tibetan nonsense, stood with his racist hero Adolf Hitler:

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A very important part of being an ordained Buddhist monk is the proscription against lying.  In fact so important is this rule of discipline, that the Buddha made it a prerequisite for both lay and ordained Buddhists.  It is obvious from even a cursory study of the Dalai Lama’s behaviour and teaching that he does not follow the Vinaya Discipline.  He lies routinely about the history of Tibet and China, and teaches a distorted version of the Buddha-Dharma that does not accord with the Vinaya Discipline, the Sutras, or the Abhidharma – the three sections of the Buddhist teachings.  The Dalai Lama has done this to make the Buddha’s teachings fit with US (bourgeois) capitalist ideology, that continuously ‘racialises’ the Chinese people as being biologically, politically and culturally inferior to White, Western capitalists.  This is the Dalai Lama cosying-up to his Nazi friend:

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Tibetans who live in Tibet and China do not recognise the 14th Dalai Lama as the head of any Buddhist Order – simply because he caused so much suffering for the Tibetan in Tibet, in the 1950’s (and before).  Under his direct orders, Buddhist lamas who had taken vows against any form of violence were provided with fire-arms by the CIA and told to attack and kill anyone who looked ‘Chinese’, or anyone holding legitimate public office or political posts.  This is a violation of the Vinaya Discipline rules of ‘not killing’ or ‘causing harm’ to any living being.  These rules are exactly the same for both lay or ordained Buddhists.  The Dalai Lama also engaged in the ‘spreading gossip’ – an element of uncontrolled speech also forbidden by the Vinaya Discipline.  In the West, many people have been taken in by this false Dharma.  There also exists various Tibetan Buddhist groups in the West who are outside of the Dalai Lama’s influence, who openly criticise and question his motives.  For genuine Buddhists the point is this; the agency of ‘karma’ (i.e. cause and effect’) governs the universe and the Buddha warned that although karma is not a punishment meted-out by a ‘god’, nevertheless, every seed sown in the mind, body and environment will oneday come to full fruition through concrete experience.  Deliberately generating negative thought and behaviour leads quite logically to negative psychological and physical experiences – in other words, ‘lying’ causes suffering.  However, the Buddha described a ‘special’ or ‘enhanced’ category of karmic ‘suffering’ for those who wilfully distort or misrepresent the Dharma. This is an important aspect of legitimate Buddhist teachings that many otherwise well-intentioned Western Buddhist do not understand.  Well-intentioned Westerners do not understand this because corrupt Buddhist teachers obviously do not want their victims to know what they are doing to them, and so suppress certain elements of the Buddha’s teachings.  The US is a deluded State entity and its actions are not wise, however, individual Buddhists can look within and through the correct practice of meditation, clear the surface and depth mind of all conditionality to reveal a pristine mind-base.  It is from this realisation that all Buddhist wisdom flows.  It has nothing to do with capitalism or politics, but is in fact a serene appreciation of the forever present, but thoroughly universal and eternal ‘moment’.  The minds of some who read this will contract around their ‘pro-Tibetan’ conditioning – this is understandable from a Buddhist perspective – but in reality Tibet is doing well, Tibetans in Tibet and China are doing well, and Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet and China is thriving.  In fact I personally know of a number of Buddhist temples and monasteries in China and Tibet that practice both Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism side by side, as well as many Chinese people who now actively practice ‘Tibetan’ forms of Buddhism.  Perhaps the most horrible distortion fermented by the pro-Tibetan movement, is its full embracing of Western generated, anti-Chinese racism.  This has caused so much suffering for Chinese people throughout the world, whilst Tibetans in China who see no problem at all.  Buddhists who deliberately engage in these products of greed, hatred, and delusion will certainly receive the Karmic retribution for their acts.

Further Reading:

US does not support ‘Tibet independence’: Kerry

(Xinhua) 2016-06-19 09:55

BELGRADE – The United States maintains that Tibet is an inalienable part of China and does not support the independence of Tibet, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.

During a telephone conversation with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Kerry said the U.S. policy on the Tibet issue remains unchanged and will not change.

Wang, for his part, reiterated China’s principled position on the issue of Tibet, urging the U.S. side to refrain from interfering in China’s domestic affairs, and take practical actions to safeguard the overall China-U.S. relations.

Kerry hailed the success of the recent U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogues and U.S.-China High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange, which were held in Beijing earlier this month.

The United States stands ready to further push forward U.S.-China relations, Kerry said.

Wang said the latest round of China-U.S. dialogue was successful thanks to the joint efforts by both the Chinese and U.S. sides.

The recent dialogue has sent clear signals that both sides are committed to building a new type of major-country relationship, which will create favorable conditions for the further healthy and stable development of China-U.S. relations, Wang said.

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