US: Police Bomb Black Revolutionaries (1985)

Racist police officers in the service of the ‘White’ State have killed Black people in a number of ways over the years.  Although shooting and choking are the preferred methods today, America was under the rightwing tenure of President Ronald Reagan in 1985 (an ageing ex-actor who purportedly could nolonger distinguish between the fictional characters he played in films, and the actual events of his real life), and the method used on the 13th day of May of that year, was that of aerial bombardment.  The Philadelphia Police Department had been pursuing a racist vendetta against a Black Revolutionary group of African-American self-empowerment known as the ‘Move’, since its inception in 1972. In 1978, police raided the headquarters of the Move and a police officer was shot in the head.  The Move defence stated at trial that the officer in question had been shot in the back of the head as he entered the building, and that the bullet had come from another officer following on behind.  None of this mattered, however, as nine members of Move were found guilty of third-degree murder and imprisoned.  It was after this that the group relocated to the now infamous address of 6221 Osage Street.  The police stated that there had been numerous complaints about the group and rumours that members had amassed a large cache of weapons, and fortified the building.  These allegations are considered untrue by the Move members themselves, and those who knew them.  The US system is generally indifferent to the welfare of its own citizens, and it is beyond belief that the police were motivated by a sense of ‘civic duty’ when they made their move on 6221 Osage Street in 1985.  The police acquired permission from the Mayor to drop two bombs of C4 explosives on the building in question, after police were refused entry.  It is believed that President Reagan personally gave permission for the bombing to go ahead.  On May 13, 1985, two bombs were dropped from a police helicopter on a row of houses in Philadelphia, unleashing a relentless fire that eventually burned down 61 houses, killed 11 people (including 5 children) and injured dozens. The police lacked any precision bombing equipment, so it was decided that the entire block would have to be destroyed – this action left dozens of people homeless.  However, as the flames burned, the police kept-up sustained rate of fire into the building.  This meant that as members of the Move tried to run out of the burning building, they were met with a wall of fire, which prevented any from getting out. What is interesting is that the Fire Department colluded with the racist police and refused to put the fire out and rescue those still alive in the inferno.   My view is that racist White people kill innocent Black people because they do not like them developing independent thought. Black self-empowerment is perceived by the White racist as an affront to White dominance.  The Black Revolutionary heroes of the Move died an awful death simply because they had educated themselves out of the trap of White racism.  I acknowledge and respect their right to ‘think’ and declare here and now that those who killed them were acting out of a racially motivated, criminal intent.

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