Britain First – UK Christian Terrorism Exposed


On the face of it, the far-right in the UK has not only run-out of ideas, but has only ever really pursued the same singular idea during its inglorious history – namely the policy of hate filled intolerance that covers a wide range of prejudicial attitudes and discriminative behaviours. This base hatred is re-invented time and again, to re-emerge in the various economic circumstances that define the continuous cycle of capitalist expansion and contraction. Europe at the moment is in the grip of an economic contraction that sees the disempowered workers forced to pay the price of their manager’s deliberate incompetence and greed. The economic over-lords must retain the privileges they enjoy at the expense of the workers, regardless of how good or bad the economy is performing. In good times, the far-right attacks ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, refugees, and economic migrants, stating that it is ‘morally’ wrong that these people come to the UK and share in its affluence – an affluence the far-right believes they have not contributed to, and should not benefit from. In times of economic downturn, the far-right wheels out exactly the same rhetoric, albeit slightly modified for effect. In times of economic contraction, the far-right claim that ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, refugees, and economic migrants, should not come to the UK, and certainly shouldn’t stay, as they are a burden on the already over-stretched system. This simplistic view of the world omits the crucial fact that if it wasn’t for exploited foreign workers in the UK, Britain would not enjoy the economic prevalence that it does, as these people are forced to endure atrocious working conditions at the hands of unscrupulous managers who know the law, but choose to ignore it. It is the greedy bourgeois that threaten the prosperity of the UK, and not the exploited workers who generate the wealth through their labour, but enjoy none of its benefits. In reality, oppressed foreign workers are proletariats through and through, and form a marginalised and peripheral aspect of the British working class. The far-right of the UK targets workers because it is their intention to attack and destroy the international working class, and migrant workers are an easy target.

The discrimination does not stop with the workers, but is extended to include the perpetuation of hatred towards women, disabled people, national minorities, prominent leftwingers, naturalised UK citizens, and the British born descendents of those who originally migrated from countries that once comprised the odious British empire. The bourgeois state has always been aided and abetted by the Catholic and Protestant churches, indeed, Marx stated that all criticism of the bourgeois state begins with the criticism of religion – the Judeo-Christian tradition to be exact. The rise of the far-right is not a mystery but a product of deliberate political policy pursued in the UK, particularly by the neo-conservative administration of Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’, which presented the ignorance of racism as an expression of legitimate thought, and freedom of speech. This lurch to the right prepared the ground for the current rightwing administration of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition. The demonization of the working class, the disabled, women, and migrants, has not only continued, but has intensified as the current government sets about dismantling the Welfare State (depriving millions of State Benefit), and privatising the National Health Service, so that treatment free at the point of use, will soon become a thing of the past. The government is assisted in its hate campaign by all the media outlets who routinely trumpet the latest irrational statement emanating from 10 Downing Street as if it where a statement from god himself!

These are the circumstances that have led to an intensification of far-right rhetoric on the streets of Britain. The Church of England – which is funded by the British taxpayer – continues to peddle the silly and bizarre imaginations of theology to anyone stupid enough to listen, whilst simultaneously supporting far-right movements such as the British National Party, the United Kingdom Independence Party, and lately the newly formed ‘Britain First’ movement which is currently engaged in an intensive internet offensive through public media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, amongst many others. A recent anti-fascist led investigation has revealed that this far-right faction is in fact a Christian fundamentalist movement, which draws its inspiration for the hatred it peddles from the teachings of Judeo-Christian theology and the bible. This movement has wide-spread support through the length and breadth of the UK, primarily from the many hundreds of churches that still attract congregations in cities, towns and villages. Support is particularly strong in rural areas where education standards are low and social development stunted through years of governmental neglect. The Church of England authorities refuse to censure its individual vicars who use their churches (and influence amongst local people), to openly support the far-right in its many different forms. Whilst their priests perpetuate race hatred and ignorance from the pulpit, the Church of England justifies this defiance of the very theology they claim to follow (Jesus supposedly taught peace and love amongst humanity), by taking the position that their vicars are exercising ‘freedom of speech’, and that they can not interfere. This obviously pretentious statement is from a vicious, monolithic, feudalistic, hierarchical, and top down institution, which otherwise ruthlessly controls every aspect of the lives of its ecclesiastical employees. This level of hypocrisy should not be surprising as it is well known that the Church of England holds shares in the industrial military complex that specialises in the development of ever more destructive weaponry, etc.

It is no coincidence that Britain First shares the English Defence League’s obsession with attacking mosques in the UK. Christianity has always been antagonistic toward the religion of its founder – Judaism – whilst perpetuating and sustaining anti-Semitism, and also toward Islam, a religion that recognises Jesus Christ as a prophet, if not actually the son of god, etc. The pure racial hatred that has always defined the far-right is being directed and targeted in the UK against obvious migrants, which attacks even those people born in the UK and who live quietly and peacefully. Britain First magnifies race hate through the filter of religious intolerance, whilst appealing to the mythology of British nationalism and patriotism. Britain First recently used a photograph of Princess Diana on their Facebook page which carried the message ‘If you love Princess Diana – donate at this link’. The ‘link’ was to a paypal account that asked for donations so that Britain First could continue its important work of eradicating migrants from the UK and destroy their heathen religions. This statement of far-right stupidity was accompanied by a photograph of over-weight British football supporters performing the straight-arm Hitler salute, whilst wearing ill-fitting jeans and Union Jack T-shirts probably made in China. Britain First, in its attempts to be popular, has even infiltrated animal rights websites and pretended to be interested in the well-being of animals, when in fact many of its members are pro-hunt and linked to the Countryside Alliance. Britain First is co-ordinated by Paul Golding who has openly broken UK law by storming mosques in Bradford, Glasgow, and Luton, as well as organising aggressive street gangs of rabid Christians who apparently ‘patrol’ the Tower Hamlets area of London. Despite the apparent illegality of Britain First, to date the UK police have refused to arrest or prosecute any of its members. This is because of the current atmosphere of intimidation and fear which exists in the UK which does not originate within the peaceful and tolerant migrant communities, but which has been generated by the current far-right government and its Christian lackeys. Britain First proves that it is Christianity that is out of control in the UK, and not the law abiding Islamic community.

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