Jimmy Lynch: Racist NHS Former Fleet Stores and Data Manager at North West Ambulance Service (NWAS)


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Our article regarding the ‘Save the NHS March’ protest we participated in, particularly the link shared on the Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK) Facebook page has attracted a tremendous amount of Britain First activity involving the making of mindless and racist comments in support of the Tory policy of ‘privatising’ the NHS. The BMA (UK) has a policy of ‘deleting’ these fascistic outpourings, but has decided to retain one comment as an example of the rightwing phenomenon concerned. Today, at around 10:43hrs, the Facebook user named ‘Jimmy Lynch‘ made the following racist post:

Jimmy Lynch Send all illegal immigrants and their so called dependants back to were they come from, then the UK NHS would be OK.Like

 · 3 Replies · about an hour ago
His Facebook page describes his details as:

As he has no problem ‘sharing’ os racist viewpoints about y family and children, I am sure he does not mind those viewpoints being shared further – with details about the author. Furthermore, Jimmy has a racist petition against Labour’s Diane Abbott. Finally, I am advised that ‘Lynch’ is an Irish name and that ‘Jimmy’ is in all likelihood a Roman Catholic immigrant from Ireland. If he applies his own warped thinking, he and his family should leave the UK to make the NHS ‘better’.

Anti-Fascism: Taking Down the Terrrorist ‘Britain First’


Following Theresa May’s failure to ‘ban’ the (Christian) far-right neo-Nazi Britain First, or hold it ‘officially’ responsible for the terrible murder of Labour MP Jo Cox – Britain First ‘members’ are now actively taking to the net in full support of Tory ‘Austerity’ policy, particularly in relation to the ‘privatisation’ of the NHS. The BMA (UK) site has received an unusually large number of racist Britain First posts, and even one or two of these working-class traitors have dared to show their empty heads on my personal Facebook page! These Tory bed-fellows are easy to see, as Britain First propagates a rightwing variant of Protestant Christianity – exactly the same as that espoused by the rightwing DUP. Whilst the DUP colludes with NHS privatisation on the British Mainland, Northern Ireland itself, as it is prone to sectarian violence, IS NOT ‘privatising’ its NHS region (as the Tories believe that deaths from inadequate medical treatment might lead to ‘terrorist’ violence in the area). Britain First is just the latest far-right manifestation in the UK – all with their offices registered to the same address in Newton Abbott (Devon). It attracts the intellectually dim, and the materially and culturally impoverished. Its members are not that clever, and find it very difficult to stick to a racist and bigoted script. These are poorly educated working class people who do not realise that they are being used in the crassest of fashions by the middle class they have been mistakenly conditioned to endure. Their rhetoric is violent, and as it is religiously motivated, must be considered no different from that expressed by Islamo-fascists. I would advise the British Authorities to move against Britain First and shut it down as a criminal and terrorist outfit. I would also advise members of Britain First to ‘report’ the criminal activities of their colleagues, and get out of this terrorist organisation before it is too late for them!

Problems with the Left ‘Out’ EU Referendum Campaign (2016)

The Communist Party of Britain (CPB), and its newspaper the Morning Star, presented the economic and legal argument for leaving the European Union (EU).  Briefly stated, the EU is a constitutionally ‘capitalist’ political entity that ensures, through is regulatory laws, that all Socialist entities such as nationalised industries, free healthcare provision, social housing, and unions, must be either ‘privatised’, ‘prohibited’ or ‘abolished’.  Once these Socialistic entities have been ‘privatised’, EU legislation prevents any re-nationalisation, or re-socialisation to occur.  With unions weakened to the point of impotency, the EU ensures that predatory capitalism has a free hand throughout Europe.  The UK being a member of the EU, the Communist left is of the opinion that the British cannot elect a Socialist government, and even if a Socialist government were elected, it would be prevented from carrying-out any Socialist reforms.  For instance, none of the damage inflicted on the UK by the Thatcherite, Blairite regimes, as well as Nick Clegg and David Cameron, could be reversed because such a reversal would be prohibited by EU law.  The Communist left argument is that British welfare and its NHS are being ‘privatised’ and its unions marginalised because of EU legislation, and that for this to be reversed the UK needs to leave the EU – the source of the UK’s anti-left political agenda.  This situation is compounded by the fact that the EU insists on the free movement of migratory labour that is not regulated or protected by worker’s rights or effective unions.  The Communist left has always adhered to a staunch anti-racist (internationalist) position, and has continuously stated that all people are welcome to visit and/or work in the UK, but also acknowledges that workers stripped of all their rights and being ‘forced’ to travel for work is undemocratic and a direct assault upon the working class.  Workers being forced to fight one another for ‘scraps’ from the EU capitalist table, ultimately does not benefit the working class.  The insistence upon the agency of a mass migratory work-force by the EU to fuel its free market capitalism, adversely effects all the communities concerned.  This includes the communities that workers have to leave, and the communities that serve as economic hot-spots that attract workers.  Whereas the political rightwing reacts to this situation with xenophobia and racism (which unjustly blames the migrant), the Communist left responds with correct, dialectical assessment of the situation that empowers ALL workers concerned.  This is intended to lead the workers into developing solidarity and collectively fighting for workers’ rights.

By way of contrast, the ‘Brexit’ (i.e. ‘Britain out’) campaign, disconnected as it was from the Communist left, possessed no sound and dialectical historical analysis.  Although many people supported Brexit for legitimate reasons, it is also true that the lack of a sound ideologically worker-friendly basis, opened the Brexit doors for the racists to barge through.  Despite the Communist left providing a correct and sober analysis of the EU being against the interests of the working class, Brexit had no leftist ideology to hold it together.  This in part was a situation created by the BBC and other mainstream media outlets, that routinely gave (and continue to give) blanket coverage to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) – a notoriously racist party that draws its key support from the political far-right.  UKIP has no discernible policies other than the incoherence of xenophobia and racism.  As a result, UKIP (a clear fascist manifestation of capitalism in decline), has been used to obscure the Communist left from the attention of the majority of the British workers, and high-jack the political agenda regarding the EU for the far-right. This demonstrates how the British bourgeoisie would rather support a fascist organisation, than disseminate Communist ideology that empowers the workers.  UKIP does not represent or empower the workers, but rather assists in the establishment of further manipulating and misleading the masses.  Whereas Brexit should have facilitated a broad range of reasons for leaving the EU, instead the British media kept the county’s attention firmly fixed on the racist message of UKIP and its far-right allies (such as Britain First, the BNP, and the NF, etc).  So appallingly bias was the Brexit message that those on the left formed ‘Lexit’, or ‘Left Exit’ of the EU.  This situation demonstrates the marginalisation of the left.  So excluded is the left by the UK mainstream media that it was compelled to form its own social media-led campaign to try and get its message of non-racist solidarity across to the general public.  The Communist left was part of the broad lexit campaign and contributed its Marxist-Leninist ideological foundation.  Workers do not need to fight one another or resort to racism to secure good working conditions.  All workers need to do is understand that the EU is a class enemy, unite together and through voting, negotiation and the threat of withholding of labour, change the situation for the better.  Racism is an ideological tool of the bourgeoisie and the far-right (anti-worker) politics it encourages and supports.  The problem with lexit was that it relied on the Trotskyite left for support and this tended to ‘weaken’ the good and clear Marxist-Leninist analysis provided by the Communist Party.  Trotskyites, although referring to what they do as ‘leftist’, in fact pursue a thoroughly rightwing agenda that is antagonistic toward Marxist-Leninism, and which seeks to mislead the workers down blind allies that only benefit the ruling elite.  Another ‘weakening’ issue surrounding the broad left campaign to leave the EU was that the Parliamentary Labour Party decided to back the ‘stay’ in the EU campaign, as did 90% of the Labour affiliated unions.  This demonstrates a terrible error of judgement on the part of the Labour Party, which put capitalist, cooperate interests above those of the workers it claims to represent.

On the face of it, the left campaign to leave the EU was a disconnected and contradictory effort from start to finish.  By contrast, the Brexit campaign more or less focused on British xenophobia toward migratory workers –and nothing else, whilst the ‘stay’ campaign focused entirely upon greed, fake internationalism, and the maintenance of class privilege.  Despite all of this disorganisation and chaos on the left, however, it does seem that the British working class decided for themselves and delivered a truly ‘crushing’ blow to the capitalist establishment that is still wheeling from its effects.  It seems that Labour MP Peter Shore’s message from 1975 finally sank-in!



Confusing Eurocentric Racism with Ethnic Frustration



The description of this video represents a bourgeois attempt to sully the waters with regards to a clear explanation of what exactly constitutes ‘racism’ within Western society.  In this sense, the description of the ’10 Worst Racists Caught on Camera’ is incorrect.  Yes, the video undoubtedly shows appalling racist incidences between white Europeans (as instigators) and non-white people (as victims), but it also shows two equally disturbing events featuring non-white people verbally abusing non-white victims.  These examples are what the racist establishment in the UK would term ‘Black on Black’ crime, implying that white racists are unfairly ‘discriminated’ against, because the supposed ‘non-white’ victims are in reality ‘just as racist’.  This is a rightwing lie with no basis in reality.  Modern racism is an ideology invented in the West, and spread throughout the world via the agency of European imperialism.  A major component of this racism was supplied by the Roman Catholic Church (and supported without question by the breakaway Anglican Church) which altered the appearance of the Virgin Mary from that of the traditional ‘Black Madonna’ into a ‘white’, European looking woman.  This transformed her son – Jesus Christ – into a white European man, and as his father was purported to be ‘god’ – implied that god was also a white European male who had ‘mysteriously’ created humanity ‘in his own image’.  This about face of the Christian Church immediately created the false ideology that ‘white’ Europeans were god’s chosen children (shadows of Zionism) and that as a consequence, all non-white peoples in the world were racially, culturally and spiritually deficient.  The fact that the early Christians were Middle Eastern Jews was quietly forgotten and pushed into the background of history.  The Christian Church has gotten away with this kind of duplicity for hundreds of years primarily due to its monopoly on education, and the appalling illiteracy of those forced (or converted) to follow its distorted theology.  The Christian Church was aided and abetted in its task of greed-led world domination by the Industrial Revolution which gave the UK (and other European States) a definite technological advantage other most non-European cultures, making those cultural groupings easy to militarily invade and defeat, and economically dominate.  This policy created the ‘us’ (white Europeans) and ‘them’ (non-whites) – a separation that has persisted to this day even within modern, bourgeois societies, which sees white Europeans ‘privileged’ at every turn, and non-white people equally blocked (and excluded) at every turn.  The prevalence of this exclusionary attitude seeks to implant its ideological hatred into the minds of its victims (that is those who are the victims of a continuous and excluding racism), so that they ‘except’ without question the lie that they are psychologically and physically inferior, and that this situation should never be changed.  Part of this abusive relationship is the infecting of non-white minds with white prejudices that can lead to non-white people sometimes verbally and physically attacking other non-white people.  This is an outpouring of frustration created by the pressure of continuous racial oppression that occasionally manifests in public spaces.  This is a subconscious mimicry of white racism that has its origin within white culture, and not from within the non-white culture of those who are its victims.  This video shows an Australian Aboriginal woman verbally abusing a passive Chinese woman, and a British African-Caribbean woman verbally abusing a Muslim woman.  This is a demonstration of the victims of white racism taking it out on other non-white victims and cannot be included in the category of truly ‘racist’ incidents.  To conflate white racists with their victims is a purely rightwing political ideal perpetuated by such entities as the British National Party (BNP), Britain First, National Front (NF) and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).  The purpose of this rightwing offensive is to ‘normalise’ racism within mainstream society, so that white racists can attack whomever they wish in pursuance of their warped political ideology as formulated in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf (which presents ‘lying’ as a legitimate political policy as a means to achieve racial purity).

Rejecting the EU, Racism & Nationalism


The Good People of Britain

Since Thatcher’s 1986 ‘Single European Act’, Europe has been systematically ‘cleansed’ of its unionism and natural tolerant, leftwing political cultures and social trends.  Prior to 1986, the European Union (EU) in whatever of its previous guises (probably dating back to 1950), existed to nullify racism, protect sovereignty, ensure workers’ rights, and maintain living standards – but Margaret Thatcher’s rightwing Toryism put an end to all that.  The evil axis of Thatcher, Kohl (West Germany), and Reagan (US), joined to ‘force’ the then constituent countries of the EU to agree to de-unionise its workforce (and strip them of all protection under law), dismantle (and privatise) welfare systems and national health provision.  All of this was an agreement to open previously closed internal markets to US investment (or domination through the US banking system).  The US dominates Europe because it is ‘buying’ all of its resources and then ruthlessly ‘selling’ them back to the people who already supposedly own them.  In the meantime, instead of good, well-paid and solid local employment opportunities, the masses of EU workers are encouraged to migrate to wherever the need is greatest for cheap labour.  This deprives local people of a fare wage, and destroys local communities – as workers are forced to move away (and often travel thousands of miles) just to temporarily secure a ‘zero-hours’ contract that only benefits the management.  This requirement for workers (and capital) to freely move around Europe breaks-up families and destroys local culture (through dispersion).  This situation threatens the very fabric of the diverse cultures of Europe, and reduces its peoples to a state of fighting one another (economically) for scarps from the rich man’s table.

The EU makes enemies (and fools) of us all because the default relationship is one of  brutal exploitation of the workers, who (like the gladiators of old) are forced to fight one another whilst the fat over-lord looks on, rubbing his greedy hands together with glee!  As America buys and destroys the previously leftwing institutes of Europe, the US bourgeoisie get ever richer and more complacent in their racist disregard for the well-being of their own proletariat, and the proletariat of the EU.  Workers from different EU countries having to fight one another for meagre ‘employment’ opportunities is the basis of racism and racial aggression.  It is not that the workers are ‘racist’, but that they are forced (by their over-lords) to compete with one another in such a brutal fashion that racism becomes a natural weapon in this stupid war of attrition, (initiated and sustained by the US capitalists), who do not give a damn about their own working people, and even less about the international working community.  In the UK, of course, racism has always existed in the media (perpetuated by the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, The Times, and the Sun, etc), and given credence by Sky, the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Channel 5, etc.  This has led to the uprising of such political racist and far-right parties as the National Front (NF), British National Party (BNP), United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and the Islamophobic and pro-Christian Britain First aberration.  The mistake that these parties make is that they ‘encode’ the temporary racism of economic conflict, making it ‘permanent’ and ‘all-embracing’, instead of educating their working class members against it, and explaining that their enemy is not migrants (who are, after-all, just other workers), but rather the middle class rightwing politicians and business owners who simply do not care for their own well-being.  Migrant workers and local workers are ‘WORKERS’ together, first and full-most, and should unite to mutually assist one another in rejecting the EU and its US imperialist foundation.  We, as workers must stop fighting one another for somebody else’s entertainment and unite together for our own well-being and class interests.

Leaving the EU is a vital first step in the psychological and physical break with US economic tyranny and racism.  The UK has a once in a lifetime opportunity on the 2rd of June, 2016, to exercise the democratic vote to ‘LEAVE’ the EU – not because of a racist rejection of ‘difference’, but because of a rejection of ‘racism’.  Rejecting the EU will replace UK sovereignty and prevent the privatisation of the Welfare System and the NHS.  Other people can then travel to the UK as ‘friends’ and not ‘economic’ enemies.  The UK can also break with the constant agreement with racist US foreign policy, and openly condemn the neo-Nazi regime that has taken over the Ukraine.  Membership of the EU has led to a massive increase in racism in the UK that has seen Black and Asian British people and Black and Asian people from abroad (those countries are not in the EU) bearing the brunt of this xenophobia.  Staying in the EU will only make racism worse, because racism is implicit within predatory capitalism that is unregulated by leftwing pragmatic political control.  The Communist Party of Britain (and other Communist and Socialist Movements) in the UK are opposed to the tyranny of continued EU Membership, because the progressive left completely rejects racism, and seeks to represent the best class interests of the working masses.  We should unite to reject the EU, protect Socialism, and protect the rights of ALL workers in the UK and around the world.  Lastly, we should unite to reject all forms of racially based nationalism and Islamophobia.  Our children should be broughtup to respect other human-beings, and work toward the goals of the common good.  Capitalism will never deliver this – only Socialism – but for this to happen we need to break with the EU legal system that prevents any leftwing political agenda.  Let’s get out of the EU and firmly develop true ‘Internationalism’ and respect for other people!

Voter Apathy in Rightwing Croydon and Sutton (2016)

images (10)

In the early 2000’s, I was engaged in two anti-rightwing projects – one was against the British National Party-supporting Herald Express of Torbay (South Devon), and the other was against the xenophobic Sutton Guardian (South London).  Both newspapers a priori support the Tory Party and pursue a rightwing political agenda that often mirrors the racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Disability, anti-multicultural and xenophobic rhetoric of the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph.  The results for the 2016 London Assembly Elections for Croydon and Sutton are as follows (Source: Croydon Advertiser):


  • Steve O’Connell, Conservative – 70,156
  • Marina Ahmad, Labour – 58,542
  • Amna Ahmad, Liberal Democrat – 18,859
  • Peter Staveley, Ukip – 18,338
  • Tracey Hague, Green – 13,513
  • Madonna Lewis, All People’s Party – 1,386
  • Richard Edmonds, National Front – 1,106

After five years of murdering Disabled People through benefit-cuts and the withdrawal of medical care and Social Services (at least 10,ooo have died as a result), and the fact that the Tory Party and LibDems privatised the National Health Service (NHS) and dismantled Welfare provision, the naturally rightwing Sutton voters endorsed this selfish destruction of British society and replaced their LibDem Member of Parliament (MP) with a Tory MP.  In the recent London Assembly Election – despite the fact that Labour have won the Mayor and a majority of seats on the London Assembly – the electorate of Croydon and Sutton returned the incumbent Tory MP.  What is going on here?  Of course, voter apathy is a major issue.  Many working class people feel excluded by a middle class system of voting and refuse to partake.  This leaves the field open to the middle class voters and their rightwing political interests.  A major issue is the rise of intolerant and racist parties such as UKIP, the BNP and Britain First.  In fact so racist are some people in Croydon and Sutton that the previously defunked far-right ‘National Front’ (NF) stood a candidate!  A reminder that racism is still very much a problem in the UK is the fact that over 18,000 people in Croydon and Sutton voted for the racist message of UKIP (nearly as many as voted for the wishy-washy platitudes of the LibDems).  Over 13,000 voted for the Greens – a party that has in the past supported ‘Austerity’ and has had an alliance with UKIP – whilst over 1,000 voted for the neo-Nazi National Front.  The only solace in all this is that the All People’s Party managed to amass slightly more votes than the NF. Education is the way forward.


The Disturbing Case of UKIP on the Torbay Anti-Austerity March

UKIP Infiltrator on Torbay March

UKIP Infiltrator on Torbay March

UKIP Member Photographing My 3 Year Old Daughter - and Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My 3 Year Old Daughter – and Uploading the Image on the Net

“You Left-wing scum are all the same, wanting to hand our birthright to Romanian gypsies who beat their wives and children into begging and stealing money they can gamble with, Muslim nutters who want to kill us and put us all under medieval Sharia law, the same Africans who sold their Afro-Caribbean brothers into a slavery that Britain was the first to abolish.”

Paul Wiffen (Former UKIP London Region Chairman)

My family travelled from London to be on the historical Torbay 3 Towns Anti-Austerity Walk. We are very active in Leftwing politics in the London area – and as part of our family lives in Torquay, we wanted to show solidarity in the opposition to the vicious cuts inflicted upon the UK populace, by the Liberal Democratic and Conservative Parties – the latter of which was re-elected in the 2015 General Election. This is despite the fact that at least 10,000 people with disabilities have died as a direct result of Benefits cuts – a shocking statistic that is only part of the social and cultural damage achieved by the far-right and its ruthless ‘austerity’ measures. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is a fascist political entity that has its headquarters in Newton Abbot, Devon – exactly the same headquarters, by the way, as the now struggling British National Party (BNP). Both these far-right neo-Nazi movements are are staffed by members who multi-task at running the English Defence League (EDL), and the Christian based Britain First. Although these type of far-right fringe parties only have a membership in the low hundreds – their general fascist message is given a respectability it does not disserve, through the unquestioning media support it receives from the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five and Sky, etc. This type of coverage legitimises attitudes such as racism, misogyny, homophobia, domestic violence, sexual abuse, animal abuse, anti-disability, and the anti-democratic viewpoints espoused by Adolf Hitler in his infamous book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’. Indeed, during the hustings for the 2015 General Election in the UK – many UKIP parliamentary candidates were seen openly quoting passages from this epicentre of Nazi ideology, with little critical comment from the news networks (who showed the quotes in full), or from observing by-standers. This behaviour is from exactly the same UK news networks that refused to cover the Trade Union Socialist Coalition, the Socialist Party, or the Communist Party of Britain, all of which stood parliamentary candidates across the UK.

I was dismayed to see a UKIP representative on the Torbay march. I was even more disappointed that he was not asked to leave, or that other people on the march (all predominately ‘white’) were either indifferent to his malignant presence, or worse still actually engaged him in jolly banter as he filmed and photographed other members of the group to upload on the numerous neo-Nazi websites administered by UKIP. This included photos and footage of my wife (who is British born Chinese), and my young daughter. We felt threatened by the presence of a neo-Nazi – and by the reaction of those around us who were indifferent to our plight – whilst protesting ‘anti-austerity’! We marched the entire 8.6 miles and this individual kept trying to walk between myself and my partner – probably to illicit a response – but we are too disciplined to react to this provocation. When we carry the Red Flag, we carry it for the International Working Class and not for ourselves. As we moved from Preston Green, this UKIP individual was seen talking a by-stander. This by-stander nodded and walked over to me in an aggressive manner and said: ‘If you don’t want austerity – you pay for it!’ We suspect this was another UKIP person trying, but spectacularly failing to be ‘intellectual’! I ignored him and marched on. When I attended the Gay Pride March in London a few weeks ago – UKIP tried to infiltrate – but the police took them away. Let’s not forget that Adolf Hitler’s Nazism (which UKIP supports) murdered hundreds of thousands of gay people in the gas chambers. Just as they hate the disabled, they also hate anything that deviates from their notion of ‘white’ supremacy. After falling abysmally to get anywhere in the 2015 General Election, UKIP is now trying to infiltrate leftwing politics in an attempt to hijack the agendas of tolerance and understanding. UKIP – the party of intolerance – accuses any group that rightfully ‘bans’ them as being ‘intolerant’! It is my understanding that this is the tactic they used to gain entry to the Torbay march. I think the fascist UKIP should not have been permitted to march – particularly as there is so much racism in the Torbay area. The scope of their lies and deception can be seen in the fact that everytime a driver beeped his or her car-horn in support of our Red Flag – the UKIP infiltrator would wave and shout ‘thank you – another vote for UKIP’! We listened to all the speakers along the way, and – not one of the otherwise excellent speakers commented on the connection between the enforced poverty of austerity, and the inherent link to the rise in the UK of the far-right. It is a well-known fact that racism and indolence increases with desperation poverty, and that these conditions prove fertile ground for the recruiting of desperate people into far-right political movements. Unfortunately, by allowing the corrupting influence of UKIP to be present at this historic event, organisers of the Torbay march missed a prime opportunity to stand up against racism in British society, and make a firm stand against fascism.  On the other hand, the very fact that a leftwing march happened at all in the naturally rightwing Torbay – and that it had the power to attract the odious UKIP – demonstrates just how extraordinary this event was!

UPDATE: This is the message of disgust we have sent to one of the organisers of the Torbay anti austerity march. This person actively allowed a UKIP member on the anti-austerity march – and then encouraged his rightwing friends in Torbay to insult my partner and daughter. The world of politics can be a dangerous place – particularly when white racists pretend to be revolutionary left-wingers! Torquay is a racist place and this racism must be fought. We marched with the Red Flag – we are proud of that!  I reported to Mr Nick Slater whilst on the march that this UKIP person was photographing and filming my three year old daughter and partner (who is British born Chinese) and uploading these images onto net.  I am advised that this should be reported to the police, and cannot comment any further at this point.  20.7.15

Racist UKIP Invited to Torbay Anti-Austerity March 18.7.15

Dear Mr Nick Slater

Please be advised that my father (Moses Wave Man) supports the good people of Torbay and applauds their anti-austerity march – but has been deeply disappointed and saddened by your support for the racist UKIP – as has the rest of our family and the broader, right minded people of the Torbay community.  This has been compounded by the rightwing post of support that you made about the UKIP representative you allowed on the march (and where interviewed with on BBC Spotlight) – and the racist comments this has attracted against my partner and daughter from your rightwing ‘friends’ (such as the local Green Party members Jem Dodd, Virginia Keyes, Natalie Croxon and others) in Torbay.  As you are obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as ‘Socialist’ –  neither my father, nor our family can continue to support you.  I will, instead be writing a very different article for the national press.  We marched for the ordinary people of South Devon (and elsewhere) who live on housing estates and not country estates.  Who suffer oppression on a daily basis from the national government, DWP, local council, Social Services, corporations, the judiciary and indifferent law enforcement. I think the duplicitous attitude that prevailed throughout the march can be easily explained by this article from the Morning Star:


UPDATE: These are the comments Nick Slater and his Green Party (UKIP supporting) friends have been making on Nick Slater’s Facebook page about our family – and my father Moses Waveman:  My father thought it best to place these messages on his Facebook page to expose the racism (against his daughter-in-Law and granddaughter) and the corruption in the minds and hearts of these individuals.  My father has been humbled by the thousands of messages of support and advises that although these people are mistaken and misled, they should be forgiven once the danger they pose has been fully understood:  25.7.15

Moses the Bay Waveman – No To Racism

Britain First – UK Christian Terrorism Exposed


On the face of it, the far-right in the UK has not only run-out of ideas, but has only ever really pursued the same singular idea during its inglorious history – namely the policy of hate filled intolerance that covers a wide range of prejudicial attitudes and discriminative behaviours. This base hatred is re-invented time and again, to re-emerge in the various economic circumstances that define the continuous cycle of capitalist expansion and contraction. Europe at the moment is in the grip of an economic contraction that sees the disempowered workers forced to pay the price of their manager’s deliberate incompetence and greed. The economic over-lords must retain the privileges they enjoy at the expense of the workers, regardless of how good or bad the economy is performing. In good times, the far-right attacks ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, refugees, and economic migrants, stating that it is ‘morally’ wrong that these people come to the UK and share in its affluence – an affluence the far-right believes they have not contributed to, and should not benefit from. In times of economic downturn, the far-right wheels out exactly the same rhetoric, albeit slightly modified for effect. In times of economic contraction, the far-right claim that ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, refugees, and economic migrants, should not come to the UK, and certainly shouldn’t stay, as they are a burden on the already over-stretched system. This simplistic view of the world omits the crucial fact that if it wasn’t for exploited foreign workers in the UK, Britain would not enjoy the economic prevalence that it does, as these people are forced to endure atrocious working conditions at the hands of unscrupulous managers who know the law, but choose to ignore it. It is the greedy bourgeois that threaten the prosperity of the UK, and not the exploited workers who generate the wealth through their labour, but enjoy none of its benefits. In reality, oppressed foreign workers are proletariats through and through, and form a marginalised and peripheral aspect of the British working class. The far-right of the UK targets workers because it is their intention to attack and destroy the international working class, and migrant workers are an easy target.

The discrimination does not stop with the workers, but is extended to include the perpetuation of hatred towards women, disabled people, national minorities, prominent leftwingers, naturalised UK citizens, and the British born descendents of those who originally migrated from countries that once comprised the odious British empire. The bourgeois state has always been aided and abetted by the Catholic and Protestant churches, indeed, Marx stated that all criticism of the bourgeois state begins with the criticism of religion – the Judeo-Christian tradition to be exact. The rise of the far-right is not a mystery but a product of deliberate political policy pursued in the UK, particularly by the neo-conservative administration of Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’, which presented the ignorance of racism as an expression of legitimate thought, and freedom of speech. This lurch to the right prepared the ground for the current rightwing administration of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition. The demonization of the working class, the disabled, women, and migrants, has not only continued, but has intensified as the current government sets about dismantling the Welfare State (depriving millions of State Benefit), and privatising the National Health Service, so that treatment free at the point of use, will soon become a thing of the past. The government is assisted in its hate campaign by all the media outlets who routinely trumpet the latest irrational statement emanating from 10 Downing Street as if it where a statement from god himself!

These are the circumstances that have led to an intensification of far-right rhetoric on the streets of Britain. The Church of England – which is funded by the British taxpayer – continues to peddle the silly and bizarre imaginations of theology to anyone stupid enough to listen, whilst simultaneously supporting far-right movements such as the British National Party, the United Kingdom Independence Party, and lately the newly formed ‘Britain First’ movement which is currently engaged in an intensive internet offensive through public media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, amongst many others. A recent anti-fascist led investigation has revealed that this far-right faction is in fact a Christian fundamentalist movement, which draws its inspiration for the hatred it peddles from the teachings of Judeo-Christian theology and the bible. This movement has wide-spread support through the length and breadth of the UK, primarily from the many hundreds of churches that still attract congregations in cities, towns and villages. Support is particularly strong in rural areas where education standards are low and social development stunted through years of governmental neglect. The Church of England authorities refuse to censure its individual vicars who use their churches (and influence amongst local people), to openly support the far-right in its many different forms. Whilst their priests perpetuate race hatred and ignorance from the pulpit, the Church of England justifies this defiance of the very theology they claim to follow (Jesus supposedly taught peace and love amongst humanity), by taking the position that their vicars are exercising ‘freedom of speech’, and that they can not interfere. This obviously pretentious statement is from a vicious, monolithic, feudalistic, hierarchical, and top down institution, which otherwise ruthlessly controls every aspect of the lives of its ecclesiastical employees. This level of hypocrisy should not be surprising as it is well known that the Church of England holds shares in the industrial military complex that specialises in the development of ever more destructive weaponry, etc.

It is no coincidence that Britain First shares the English Defence League’s obsession with attacking mosques in the UK. Christianity has always been antagonistic toward the religion of its founder – Judaism – whilst perpetuating and sustaining anti-Semitism, and also toward Islam, a religion that recognises Jesus Christ as a prophet, if not actually the son of god, etc. The pure racial hatred that has always defined the far-right is being directed and targeted in the UK against obvious migrants, which attacks even those people born in the UK and who live quietly and peacefully. Britain First magnifies race hate through the filter of religious intolerance, whilst appealing to the mythology of British nationalism and patriotism. Britain First recently used a photograph of Princess Diana on their Facebook page which carried the message ‘If you love Princess Diana – donate at this link’. The ‘link’ was to a paypal account that asked for donations so that Britain First could continue its important work of eradicating migrants from the UK and destroy their heathen religions. This statement of far-right stupidity was accompanied by a photograph of over-weight British football supporters performing the straight-arm Hitler salute, whilst wearing ill-fitting jeans and Union Jack T-shirts probably made in China. Britain First, in its attempts to be popular, has even infiltrated animal rights websites and pretended to be interested in the well-being of animals, when in fact many of its members are pro-hunt and linked to the Countryside Alliance. Britain First is co-ordinated by Paul Golding who has openly broken UK law by storming mosques in Bradford, Glasgow, and Luton, as well as organising aggressive street gangs of rabid Christians who apparently ‘patrol’ the Tower Hamlets area of London. Despite the apparent illegality of Britain First, to date the UK police have refused to arrest or prosecute any of its members. This is because of the current atmosphere of intimidation and fear which exists in the UK which does not originate within the peaceful and tolerant migrant communities, but which has been generated by the current far-right government and its Christian lackeys. Britain First proves that it is Christianity that is out of control in the UK, and not the law abiding Islamic community.

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