Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: First quarter of 2023 Saw Over 800,000 Tourists Visit! (11.5.2023)

There are various activities that are unique to the people of Luang Prabang, such as wearing traditional clothing, unique food and experiencing the lifestyle of the local people. In the past 2 years, there were 883,096 tourists who visited Luang Prabang. In this, 483,765 domestic tourists, 399,331 international tourists – with the average income from tourism amounting to more than 336 million US dollars. Along with this, Luang Prabang province has 97 hotels, many resorts, 400 guest houses, 311 restaurants, 97 travel companies, 19 entertainment stores, 36 massage and spa shops, 553 national tour guides (with at least 126 women performing this role) and 41 provincial tour guides (including 11 women). All of this development has continued to attract tourists to continuously visit Luang Prabang each year!

Palestine: Workers Demand Restructuring of the Trade Union Movement to Strengthen Unity for the Struggle on May Day! (1.5.2023)

After seventeen years of division in the Palestinian arena at the political and geographical levels, and what has multiplied it in terms of the costs, burdens, and requirements of life and living – the phenomenon of unemployment and the unemployed has increased! This has been seen especially among the youth and graduates with poverty and extreme poverty becoming a generalized phenomenon – in addition to the increase in the rate of taxes, customs and fees on Goods, the decline in the level of domestic production, the decline in the level and value of exports and the increase in dependence on importing food and industrial goods! This impoverishment has lead to the failure of granting poor families their entitlements from Social Security! In the absence of changing the existing model of power – this situation has harmed all aspects of economic development, social development and healthcare.

Xinhua Commentary: On China, Washington “Can’t Have it Both Ways”! (27.4.2023)

In the immediate days following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and the United States enjoyed a honeymoon period. The Charter for American-Russian Partnership and Friendship signed by the two sides in 1992 said “the well-being, prosperity, and security of a democratic Russian Federation and the United States of America are vitally interrelated.” However, things changed when Washington failed to provide Kremlin with the promised economic aid and NATO expanded despite Washington’s promise that the bloc would move “not one inch eastward.” This was unacceptable to Russia, and the ensuing deterioration of Moscow-Washington ties was only natural.

Deep down, America had never intended to treat Russia with respect even though Western-style democratic elections took place in the country. Ideology is just an instrument to intervene.

For Beijing, Washington’s condescending diplomacy is unacceptable. If Washington truly wants a workable relationship with China, it should treat China as an equal partner and show due respect.

China: Mother’s Mean Age at First-Birth to Keep Rising! (11.4.2023)

The mean age of women at first marriage was 25.7 years old and that at first birth was 26.8 years old in 2017, both much higher than the legal age for marriage, said the NHC, citing data from the National Bureau of Statistics.

The NHC said financial burden, children’s care and women’s worries about employment have become the main factors restricting fertility.

The commission promised that it will improve supporting measures with relevant departments to create a good social environment for marriage and childbearing.

Why Brandon Tsay’s Bravery Is Important for the Progression of Humanity! (27.1.2023) 

I am sure that I have absolutely NOTHING in common with Brandon Tsay. I suspect his family are ardent supporters of US capitalism and have no sympathy or loyalty to modern China. However, the example he set by single-handedly taking on a heavily armed assailant when he was ‘unarmed’ – facing certain death without flinching – and actually ‘winning’ the encounter, surely transcends virtually ALL boundaries and is a truly inspiring event! For non-White people the example that Brandon Tsay displayed is IMPORTANT! Although unfortunately it was against another Asian person, nevertheless, the danger was very real and Chinese people can be as ‘brave’ as any other ethnic group! Although Black people now do the bidding of the White over-lords – and attack Asians in their name – there was a time when we fought White racism together. Perhaps, if we all stand-up to tyranny together – a NEW unity can be formed!

Covid-19: Chinese Logic Trumps Western Racism! (11.12.2022)

In the past three years, China has equipped itself with technologies and drugs that are proven to be effective in COVID diagnosis and treatment, and also made continuous progress in pathogen detection and epidemiological investigations. Over 90 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated thanks to China’s unceasing efforts in vaccine research and development, while people’s health awareness has also been greatly enhanced.

These aggregated factors have laid a solid foundation for the current epidemic prevention and control work, and provided the precondition for further optimizations.

It is worth noting that China’s fine-tuning of its COVID policy is proactive rather than passive. While advancing the latest optimization plan, China does not shy away from acknowledging the challenges, and is determined to ramp up vaccination efforts among the elderly and increase the capacity of intensive care units (ICU).

Different countries have different national conditions in terms of medical resources and demographic situations, and differ in sociocultural orientation. As the world stands at a crossroads and humanity is faced with COVID-19 as a common enemy, we need to focus on mutual understanding and cooperation, and must let go of ego and bias.

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