Tiananmen June 4th, 1989 – the Making of a Modern Myth


One very clear and disturbing aspect with regards to June 4th, 2014, when compared to June 4th, 1989, is that the BBC continues to relentlessly disseminate rightwing propaganda in the service of the international bourgeois designed to mislead the masses and keep the international working class in a state of permanent ignorance regarding the reality and true source of the oppression it endures every single day. The bourgeois authorities make use of the Judeo-Christian myth of ‘good verses evil’ in its fairy-tale fabrications that it laughingly terms ‘news’. It is happening today concerning the rise of fascism in the Ukraine, (and the demonising of Russia), and it happened in 1989. Until a revolution finally occurs, the situation will not change and ordinary people must cognitively arm themselves with a superior intellectual analysis premised upon the Marxist observation of historical materialism, augmented by the use of correct dialectical assessment of world events. Working upon the presumption that the bourgeois news agencies operate through an inverted consciousness, the matter of assessing the body of Western produced lies that constitute the so-called ‘Tiananmen Square Incident’ is easy to accomplish. This is because Marxist analysis represents a higher form of logic and rationality. For instance, the BBC today, whilst sentimentally eulogising their ‘Tiananmen Square’ fabrication throughout their media network, simultaneously admits that they can find no one in China who will comment on this matter. The fact that there exists no objective evidence – that is no trail of clues – to demonstrate that the event actually happened, is then used as a means to ‘prove’ that the event must have happened. Here is clearly seen the inversion into chaos and the construction of a ‘faith-based’ myth. The fact that something never happened is used as the basis to assert that it did happen. This is simply a secular version of the Judeo-Christian myth that sees mystification (i.e. chaotic imagination), take the place of rational thought constructs.

When logic is abandoned, the reporting of news becomes an exercise in the presentation and maintenance of the bourgeois mind-set and lifestyle. The rational teachings of Karl Marx, for instance, become the irrational rantings of the devil and must be opposed by the forces of god at every turn. This explains why the Christian church routinely supports the fascism of the far-right against the humanitarian logic of the left. If individuals are naturally kind and considerate to one another, there is no reason for a god (or his church) to exist. Marxist logic disempowers the bourgeois myth-making machine and renders it impotent in the light of reason. In the meantime, until a Socialist revolution in the outer world ushers a new (and rational) psychology in the inner world, this dichotomy will continue to exist. With the case of Communist China, the church (and its bourgeois secularist supporters), view its rationality as ‘atheistic’ and a threat to its own (privileged) survival. This explains why the US colony of Taiwan has thousands of American Christian missionaries working there with impunity, attempting to convert the Chinese away from their indigenous belief systems to that of a reassuring and Eurocentric Christianity. This is part of a general and continuous historical undermining of the nation of China and the Chinese people, which has its origins in the European colonial presence in that land. China may have become physically free from Western domination in 1949, but it continues to be a target of the distorted Judeo-Christian psychology of the West to this day; a process of denigration that has unwittingly been assisted by various strands of the Communist Party in the West, that continues a Eurocentric rhetoric toward China by unilaterally declaring that China’s over one billion population ‘is not Communist’. When viewed in this manner it is clear that the taint of Eurocentricism, (something Marx and Engels both abhorred), ensures that China remains continuously attacked by the rightwing and the leftwing. This situation is historically unique as China is being assessed and judged in the West by an undeclared, but nevertheless virulent united front of right and left, premised entirely upon a lack of genuine knowledge about China, which is feed through a Judeo-Christian myth-making filter. China has been made to be the ‘evil other’ in the bourgeois mind-set of the West, and those of the left who confuse historically conditioned prejudice with genuine knowledge.

The simple fact of the matter is that nothing of any real relevance happened in Tiananmen Square on June 4th, 1989. The Western media was present at a minor demonstration that was eventually dispersed by the Chinese authorities. Contrary to Western misrepresentation, people are allowed to protest in China, and exercise this right all the time. There have been many such protests both before and after Tiananmen in China, many of which could be construed as far more significant for various reasons as that which occurred in Tiananmen in 1989, but which the Western press have completely ignored. This is because the bourgeois myth-making machine, (which is nothing but a lie producing entity), must focus all its attention at a single-point in Chinese history if its imaginations are going to have the desired effect of training the minds of younger generations to hate China and not recognise the contribution it is making toward Communism and the progression of world history. It is a matter of resource management. Lies on the scale of Tiananmen are expensive and time consuming. It takes an extraordinary sense of co-operation to exist and develop amongst the self-centred bourgeoisie for this kind of undertaking to materialise. As it is an exercise in totalitarian control, the so-called ‘democracies’ of the West can only pull off such operations between elections, and only then after they have created, through the domestic implementation of ruthless rightwing policies, a disgruntled masses scenario. Today, there is all out war between the technologically advanced West and countries barely out of the feudalistic level of historical development; in 1989 it was the fabrication of the victims of Communism rebelling against their government, or so it seemed. Nothing significant happened in Tiananmen in 1989, but something very important happened in China. She stood alone as the Soviet Union collapsed and resolutely upheld the true Marxist cause on her own whilst under continuous attack from the all the resources the West had to offer short of all out war. China should be respected and through Marxist analysis free of the taint of Eurocentricism the lies should be removed so that the truth becomes apparent for all to see.


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