Eurocentricism in the British Left


The above Excellent letter appeared in the New Worker newspaper of the New Communist Party of Britain No. 1777, dated 30.5.14, Page 8.  My letter of reply (see below) was published in the New Worker, No. 1778, dated 6.6.14, on Pages 8-9:

Dear Comrades of the NCPB

I write with appreciation for the letter written by Comrade Kumar Sarkar which appeared in the New Worker dated the 30.5.14. This important letter documents the important historical conditions that existed in India during the 18th and 19th century at the development and height of the British imperialist presence. Imperialism, is of course, by default, racist – but comrade Sarkar makes the valid point of ‘Eurocentricism’ within the Communist Party, and how this prevented the full support of the revolutionary forces in India generated through the presence of British capitalism, and how the bourgeois simply forged links with Brahmanic religion. This inevitably has led to the election victory of the racist (and capitalist) BJP.

This letter further demonstrates the actual application of Marxist dialectics and is to be applauded. It sometimes can be, unfortunately, a modern habit of the ‘left’ to decide things ideologically without conveying the method used to arrive at that decision. All individuals can assess the history of their own lives, and the history of the country they live, through the correct application of the analysis of historical materialism. This must not be confused with ‘gross materialism’ which has no connection with the theory of Marx and Engels. Those on the left must learn to think again for themselves as part of the leftwing cause, and not just accept what they are told by ideologues who believe ‘one size fits alls’.

Marx and Engels were born in Europe, but the system of analysis that they developed transcended their own ethnocentric predicament, making the Marxist conception of history and dialectical analysis truly universal. Professor Yang Geng of mainland China, comments in his 2010 book entitled ‘Defense for Marx’, that Marx, through his genius, saw through his own historical conditioning, simultaneously completing, and transcending the entire philosophical project of the West. No individual can intellectually go beyond Marx, because his thinking transcends all contrived systems of thought, which now are understood to exist in a pre-Marxist state of incompletion. The world is not just Europe, and all comrades should strive to forge a truly internationalist paradigm that does not fall into the trap of ethnocentric bias.



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