Combatting Ecclesiastical Fascism

As to those Comrades who profess a religious belief – learn to understand what it is you are supporting and to distinguish between the teachings of the founder and the political dogma of the church elders – these are not the same things. Do not attempt to ‘defend’ what is ‘indefensible’ and always keep in-mind the teaching of Marxist-Leninism. Politicised religion is ‘political’ and not ‘religious’ – do not wilfully participate in your own psychological and physical enslavement.

Algebraic Formula for the Achievement of Communism (i.e. ‘Scientific Socialism’)

As a ‘science’ opposed to a faith-base religion, utopian Socialism or sets of superstitious beliefs, the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels, provided an ‘objective’ observation of the material world (in its socio-economic and political-cultural manifestation), whilst operating a predictive model of changes yet to come, premised firmly upon concrete existential conditions.

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