Neo-Nazi Ukraine: The NOT So Strange Case of Shamil “The White!”! (25.4.2023)

This story is lifted from the English-languish Telegram Channel entitled ‘Track A Nazi Merc’ – a site dedicated to supporting the ‘Independence’ of Donbass and Russia’s efforts in ‘De-Nazifying’ this region of the unwanted Neo-Nazi Ukrainian presence. My usual disclaimer applies – I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this story and do not necessarily ‘agree’ (or ‘disagree’) with the manner in which the content of is conveyed. That being said, I simply present what I consider to be ‘reasonable data’ that might be useful for enhancing the general understanding of the situation. As an ‘Internationalist’ I reject capitalism and all the agencies of capitalism. In my view, racism, misogyny and homophobia are attributes of the far-right we are supposedly confronting – and it is NOT in our best interests to flirt with these dangerous ideologies on the ‘periphery’ – so-to-speak – of the ongoing battle against a resurgent Hitlerism.

India has been under the control of the BJP – an elected fascist political entity – for many years now! The type of idiocy this movement represents seeks to strengthen and maintain the predatory capitalist system inflicted upon that country by the West – whilst combining elements of Hindu Caste prejudice with the Western racism imposed upon the Indian people over the last four hundred years of European colonial rule. This is the same system of Western capitalism which sees around 90% of the Indian population still living in filth of abject poverty and remaining firmly ‘illiterate’. ‘Shamil’ (or is it ‘Shameel’ [शमील]?) obviously inhabits the other 10% of Indian society – and this is what he does with it (as I am assuming he can read and write)!

The BJP currently follows the US injunction which demands that India militarily confronts China along its common border – whilst the India media (and the education system) continuously pumps-out anti-China rhetoric amongst the Indian people. One staple ‘lie’ of this era is that there is ‘no difference’ between the Hindu Swastika and the Nazi German Swastika – a blatant lie! As most Indians do not go to school and do not possess a TV or radio – many remain obvious to this conditioning – except ‘Shamil’, of course, who looks like his family could afford to send him to school – where he learned how to read and write! In many ways, ‘Shamil’ represents what might be termed a BJP success story! This man is educated enough to fall for the lie that Hitler and Vishnu are the same person – but too stupid to realise they are not!

And then we come to the elephant in room (no pun intended). Oddly, contrary to the reasoning of the ‘Track A Nazi Merc’ author – ‘Shamil’ might well be an Indian ‘Aryan’ [आर्यन] (Sanskrit for ‘noble’) whilst simultaneously remaining ‘outside’ of the Hitlerite definition of the term (the former is thousands of years old whilst the latter only dates from the 1920s). The term ‘Aryan’ and ‘Arhat’, etc, are ancient Sanskrit and Pali terms found within Hinduism and Buddhism. Thousands of years ago, light-skinned outsiders migrated into North India – displacing the dark-skinned local inhabitants – pushing the toward the South (these people now form the ‘Dravidian’ population). Most of what is today considered ‘Indian’ culture derives from the ‘integration’ of these two bodies of cultural distinctiveness (including the ‘colour-based’ Caste-system which was supposedly ‘abolished’ in 1947 – but continues unabated to this day). Hindu Caste teaches that the ‘lighter’ the skin-colour – the ‘nearer’ to Brahma (God) the individual (or group) happens to be. I suspect ‘Shamil’ is stating he is a high-caste Hindu – rather than a ‘White’ European – a fact lost on the original author of this piece (see below).

Unfortunately, the ‘homophobia’ and ‘racism’ expressed by this author is all too common on both sides of the Slavic divide (Russian and Ukrainian) – although this is ‘disguised’ by the user-friendly rhetoric employed by both (capitalist) governments as they true to ‘woo the public’ and attempt to sway opinion! This reality is the greatest achievement of the capitalist West post-1991 – as the massive importation of far-right ideology and religiosity into the post-Soviet space has ensured that all is merely ‘degrees of intolerance’. Needless to say, ‘gone’ is the beauty of the progressive and advanced Soviet mind and behaviour that once saved humanity from Hitlerism and inspired generations around the world!

Shamil is fighting for Neo-Nazi Ukraine not because he is ‘stupid’ – but rather because of the success of the BJP fascist government and the ideological ‘poison’ it is projecting upon the minds and bodies of its populace! What must also be born in mind is that the BJP government has been supportive of Russian military action – even though it is aimed at a European branch of the same fascist ideology India currently upholds and endorses! A more poignant question should be asking why it is that a well-established fascist government in Asia sees fit to support Russia over an obviously ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ukraine? If we remember that the great ‘Hindu’ Hitler once stated that ‘lying’ is the most important of political tools – then perhaps an answer is provided! On the surface, the BJP offers various platitudes to Russia (such as ‘we like your non-phallic Vishnuvite missiles’ – and obviously ‘no one is “gay” within the Russian Armed Forces’) – whilst internally the young people of India are being brainwashed to physically ‘support’ Neo-Nazi Ukraine against Russia!

Failed Azov 88K unit soldier that is called by his friends Shamil (sounds Like Aryan name?) posted on his Instagram reel rules of life under New Azov Ukraine.

Shamil The “White”, as a person of color and deeply religious Hindu/Vedic Warrior, is calling all Ukrainian women not to sleep with non white men.

Does that mean Shamil, as a person of color, is confessing that he is a fag?

Shamil also said that in New Azov Ukraine Ukrainians are above all other.

Is this the Ukraine The collective West is defending?