Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Western-Trained “Maidan” Special Forces Show What They Have Learned! (28.4.2023)

Hitlerite Ukrainian Forces Show Their Skills!

The Hitlerite Forces of Neo-Nazi Ukraine trained for eight-years in the US and UK between 2014-2022! This was a policy agreed upon by both governments without their respective populations being aware that this was happening. This was NATO building upon Obama Administrations sponsoring of a Catholic, far-right ‘Hitlerite’ Movement that sees its ideological roots as lying with the Neo-Nazi Insurgency of 1945-1947 (a Neo-Nazi movement arising from the far-West of Polish-dominated Ukraine and comprised of non-surrendered Nazi German Officers and their ‘Catholic’ Volunteers). This was eventually ‘crushed’ by the Soviet ‘NKVD’ Special Forces – but a tremendous cost to Soviet lives!

Within the forests of West Ukraine the NKVD reported finding (hidden) weapons and ammunition caches originating from the US and UK! Joseph Stalin chose to not act on this apparent subterfuge – but to continue to honour the ‘alliance’ as the Soviet Red Army pursued its own path toward Berlin! The Nep-Nazis again rose-up in Hungary in 1956 – and the US and UK referred to this outbreak of ‘Hitlerism’ as ‘freedom-fighting’ (granting thousands of these criminals political asylum in the West – including the Boxer ‘Joe Bugner’ in the UK)! Neo-Nazis again rose-up in Czechoslovakia in 1968 – and the Soviet Red Army, from generation to generation, successfully applied its Marxist-Leninist education and ‘destroyed’ each new attempt of Hitler rising from his grave!

Churchill allowed 10,000 Ukrainian SS men to settle in Scotland (using the cover story that they were ‘Polish’) – all of whom were suspected of ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in te USSR. Many were known child rapists, child murderers and paedophiles! The men in this video are demonstrating what they will do to all Russian-friendly civilians when they catch them! This video (and many others like it) has been broadcast on Ukrainian State TV! It is a form of televisual terrorism designed to intimidate and scare the population of Donbass – which is legally no longer a part of sovereign (Neo-Nazi) Ukraine! The UK should be supporting the Russians and opposing the US and their Neo-Nazi Ukrainian allies!

Russian Language Article:

У насекомых есть кардицепс, а у человека есть чуб. Симптомы в целом схожи, и в том и в другом случае паразит управляет поведением хозяина и прорастает из макушки