Chernobyl: Remembering the Selfless Bravery of the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Engineers! (28.4.2023)

Translator’s Note: I have observed that modern Russians and Ukrainians (both ‘Slavs’ sharing identical genetic, cultural and linguistic origins) have expressed a blanket rejection of the US-made Mini-Series about Chernobyl! This includes all those who were present either in (or around) the Power Station in question at the time of the accident (serving in various elements of the Soviet System – including NKVD)! ALL agree that this take on historical events is ‘racist’, ‘factually incorrect’ and ‘disrespectful’ to all the victims and those who selflessly gave their lives due to their “Socialist” upbringing!

Despite being currently involved in a war created by the US – both sides are united in their rejection of ALL English-language documentaries purporting to represent this important event in history. The Western documentaries in question treat Chernobyl in historical isolation – and refuse to draw the attention of the audience to the copious amounts of similar “accidents” that have occurred throughout “capitalist” America, the US colony of Japan and various other places around the world – including all the nuclear tests carried-out by the US, UK and other European countries – and the two Atomic Bombs dropped on Imperial Japan at the end of WWII! ACW (28.4.2023)

On the night of April 26th, 1986, my parents were traveling by car from Kyiv to visit relatives in Belarus. I was in the Soviet Red Army in Dnepropetrovsk. On the morning of the next day, rumours spread about an accident involving victims at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (in the Ukraine area of the USSR). My father – Vladislav Markovich Yasinsky – an Energy Engineer (who once built a power line around a nuclear power plant) – took part in the selfless “Liquidation of Consequences” with Colleagues and Comrades!

In our “Socialist” world then – which hah not yet been cut into competing National entities with pointlessly competing pseudo-histories – the wonderful people of a beautiful country simply saved the lives (and guaranteed future existences) of vast territories that were in trouble – without dividing it according to (Bourgeois) Nationality (or national-tongue). It’s scary to imagine the consequences – if something like this happens today!

Once upon a time, we naively thought that a tragedy worse than Chernobyl was impossible as we lived in an advanced “Socialist” soiety. We were wrong. Since then, I have learned of all the nuclear accidents that happened in the US – and around the world outside the USSR (including “Fukushima”)! Let’s remember today’s Anniversary of a tragedy no matter what – and say “Thank You” to these people!

Russian Language Article:

В ночь на 26 апреля 1986 года мои родители ехали на машине из Киева к родственникам в Белорусию. Я был в армии в Днепропетровске. Утром следующего дня поползли слухи об аварии с жертвами на Чернобыльской станции. Что было дальше, известно.

Мой отец – Владислав Маркович Ясинский – инженер-энергетик, строивший когда-то ЛЭП вокруг АЭС – с коллегами и товарищами принял участие в «ликвидации последствий».

В нашем мире, ещё не нарезанном на национальные квартиры, прекрасные люди прекрасной страны просто спасали жизни и будущее огромных территорий, попавших в беду, не деля ее по национальному или языковому признаку. Страшно представить последствия, случись что-то подобное сегодня.

Когда-то мы наивно думали, что трагедия страшнее чернобыльской невозможна. Мы ошибались. Давайте несмотря ни на что вспомним о сегодняшней годовщине и скажем спасибо этим людям.

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