Ideological Update! (5.4.2023)

Marxist-Leninist (Maoist)

As the great Bill Hicks once explained – “A little to the left!” Dialectical understanding emerges slowly but surely overtime – which is based upon experience and the development of a depth of understanding! This process rejects predatory capitalism and everything it stands for! As i get older – my understanding matures to a further depth of understanding. Marx and Engels developed the foundational ‘key’ – whilst Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh and Huey Newton, etc, all continued this tradition and developed it further according to the very different circumstances they encountered in the different parts of the world they inhabited!

The capitalists also do their part by oppressing and attacking everyone who does not agree with their destructive attitudes! The Socialist (progressive) skill is keeping the ‘correct’ interpretation as circumstances unfold. The point is that we are only human and errors will be unintentionally made – this is inevitable – and must be expected. The point is that these errors, once understood as such, should be corrected immediately! Centralised democracy is designed to ‘limit’ these errors and maximise expertise in all circumstances. The liberal democracy of the capitalist system, however, is premised upon these beneficial errors that cause endless suffering to the masses but which are profitable to the ruling elites! These errors are NEVER corrected and become part of the capitalist Establishment! As a body politique – these capitalistic errors become the basis of ALL fascistic movements! As Scientific Socialists striving to build ‘Communism’ – we are committed to pursuing a ‘correct’ shining path of Revolution that leads to the non-defined ‘Communist’ state of existence!