Flag of the Northern Confederacy (1863-1865)

Is It Time for Donald Trump to Flee to Cuba? (5.4.2023) 

Many people attempting to escape US political persecution flee to Cuba! Indeed, this small ‘Socialist’ island situated adjacent to the US Mainland is one of the few places in the Western world that provides such a safe haven! Trump is undoubtedly being persecuted at this current time – to the same level that the America Bourgeois State usually oppresses its ordinary citizens – placing them in the one place where Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation does NOT legally run (and where modern ‘Slavery’ is openly practiced amongst the inmate population) – the highly lucrative (privatised) US Prison System! Is Trump heading to the very ‘legal’ slavery he fully endorsed, assisted and strengthened whilst he was ‘President’? Not to mention the endless line of ‘Federal’ inmates on Death Row that Trump had ‘rushed’ into their Sentences being carried-out at the sharp-end of a needle! 

A context has to be developed at this juncture. During the American Civil War (1861-1865) the US was split in half along geographical and ideological lines. The North was led by Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) who deliberately misinterpreted the US Constitution along ‘Federalist’ lines – whilst the South was led by Jefferson Davis (1808-1889) who insisted that the US Constitution be understood and applied strictly according to its (1776) ‘Con-Federalist’ origination! Both men inspired or cajoled hundreds of thousands of men to join their respective armies and fight-out whose vision (and interpretation) was correct. Of course, Lincoln’s cause eventually prevailed – but not before a Confederate espionage mission ordered by Jefferson Davis successfully ended his life! Jefferson Davis was a Democrat and something of an American war hero! During his younger days he had fought hostile Indians and had been part of the US Army invasion of Mexico! 

What legally happened to Jefferson Davis – the only ‘President’ the Confederacy ever elected? The short answer is NOTHING. The slightly longer answer is that he was temporarily placed under ‘house arrest’ for a short period whilst the victorious North arranged to publicly ‘hang’ an old lady (and a number of others – including a medical ‘doctor’) for what the Northern Courts decreed was ‘activities aiding the assassination’ of their President! The evidence was spurious and far-fetched as the actual assassin – ‘John Wilkes Booth’ – not only carried-out his given mission expertly, but he managed to get away from the scene and eventually ‘die’ in a shoot-out with Northern troops! As revenge drove the North in its politically inspired executions (that occurred on an unusually ‘high’ scaffold) were photographed for posteriority! The old lady (the manager of a Guest House) had to be placed on a chair as the noose was placed around her neck. 

IS America On the Brink of a Socialist Revolution?

The macabre photographs of this mass execution were distributed throughout all the newspapers of the US – and it is for certain that Jefferson Davis saw the results of this political theatre – probably whilst he was still ‘President’ of the Confederacy or certainly when he was later living under House Arrest. Of course, the story you will hear today is that Jefferson Davis had NOTHING to do with the assassination – which was carried-out solely as a local enterprise concocted by a small number of discontents (‘Insurgents’ if you like) residing in the North! Whilst Jefferson Davis busied himself reading a newspaper (a number of which ‘Karl Marx’ living in London was writing for at the time) – he pondered his fate. The Northern Authorities tasked one group of lawyers after another with the objective of building a legal prosecution against Jefferson Davis – but all failed – with each explaining that no matter how they looked at the unfolding events, there was no scenario that could play-out where Lincoln’s ‘criminality’ would not be exposed to the Court!  

Trump and Lincoln Are Both Staunch ‘Federalists’ Who Hold Racist Views! They Were Both Prepared to Risk Everything to Maintain the System of Predatory Capitalism! The Judeo-Christian Lie is that they are Both ‘Saviours’!

In other words, the combined legal view of the North (post-1865) was that although Lincoln had ‘won’ the Civil War – he had done so by acting outside his power as President – and by deliberately misinterpreting and misapplying the strictures of the (1776) US Constitution! It was without doubt that the legal team representing Jefferson Davis would use all of this (and more) to build a robust defence of the former Confederate President, and in so doing shed a dim and questioning light on the cause of the North and the validity of its victory! As this was the case, the North initially offered a conditional ‘Pardon’ to Jefferson Davis – which was rejected out of hand. The North then offered an unconditional ‘Pardon’ to Jefferson Davis – who replied that he had acted entirely within the legal structure of the US Constitution whilst rejecting it out of hand. Following this failed attempt at judicial manipulation by the North – Jefferson Davis was quietly released without charge and spent the rest of his life as the 19th century equivalent of a media star – travelling from State to State giving lectures and explaining exactly what the Confederacy was. Indeed, his biography is a revealing historical document. 

Of course, none of this helps Trump in the post-1865 world that enriched him greatly, and through which he rose to power as a right-wing bigot, fascist and Neo-Nazi. The problem is that Trump’s far-right support base is threatening to usurp the Bourgeois status quo of America firmly set in place during 1776 and tweaked in 1865! The 20th century has seen the US System effectively outlaw the political left (so scared were they of the workers taking power) and replace free-thinking with a permanently right-wing anti-intellectualism. Throw in the stupidity associated with the fog of religiosity and a poignant picture of modern America is born! Although the ruling American elite does control material science, it does so only to produce devastating and highly effective weaponry designed to spread (and maintain) US hegemony around the world!  

“I Will Not Yield To Tyranny! If You Think I Broke the Law of the United States Then Try Me in a Court of Law! The Confederacy ‘DEFENDED’ the Freedom of the ALL American People!” Jefferson Davis – President of the Confederacy (1865)

Trump is a naked and brutal capitalist who has been successful by appealing directly to the inner stupidity that lies at the heart of every American! This is why he is dangerous and why the Bourgeois State is now moving to prevent him from ever standing for the Presidency again! Whereas the ‘Democrat’ Jefferson Davis faced no legal charges for leading hundreds of thousands of men to resort to arms to settle their differences over a highly destructive four-year period – Trump (who only committed a minor ‘capitalist’ crime) is facing charges that could realistically see him sentenced to a very long prison term – or at least permanently ‘barred’ from standing for Office ever again! Just as the Bourgeois State lied about the genuine reasons for the American Civil War – it is lying again about ‘why?’ all this is happening to former President Trump! His fascist followers are the direct product of over a hundred years of anti-Communist brainwashing – and now the US Bourgeois State is playing-out another staged theatre presentation!  

Many Hundreds of US Citizens Have Fleed to the Socialist State of Cuba to Escape American (Capitalist) Persecution, Racism and Injustice! Surely, the Former President Trump Must Swallow His Pride and Head in that Direction to Avoid Long Years of Imprisonment!