US: 1947 Texas City Explosion – Worse Than Chernobyl! (15.5.2023)

The Texas City Explosion – or ‘Disaster’ – refers to a chain of chemical reactions that caused a number of devastating explosions! These tragic events unfolded on April 16th, 1947 – when a fire ignited a shipment of ‘ammonium nitrate’ stored on a cargo vessel moored in Texas City’s harbour of Galveston Bay! The explosion killed about 600 people and injured more than 3,500! The ship’s anchor was propelled over 1.6 miles away and a vast area of Texas resembled the destroyed terrain of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – after the US dropping of two Atomic Bombs during late 1945! The devastation was so widespread that it wiped-out the local Fire Brigade and destroyed all ‘four’ of its Fire Engines! Although there have been many (and numerous) sinister ‘nuclear’ accidents throughout US history – this explosion is considered one of the worst in history (similar to the Beirut explosion of 2020) and more initially destructive than the Chernobyl nuclear accident that occured in the USSR during 1986!

Russia: Pan-Slavic Racism – An Example! (30.4.2023)

We think that this (trans-racial) theme is really cool – and that the Queen of Great Britain (Elizabeth II) – should also be played by a Black woman! Why not – such a Black woman will be called ‘British’! This is the new reality being exported into the modern UK – from the colonies dominated for hundreds of years by England! Those that once “ruled” are no longer in charge – and those who used to be “ruled” have taken over the country! The indigenous people of England have forgotten their true identity and have become sullied by those they once ruled! This is the new reality the British want to export into Russia and which we must resist!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Moscow Anarchist “Dmitry Petrov” (Дмитрий Петров) Killed Near Bakhmut! (29.4.2023)

In Ukraine, Moscow Anarchist – Dmitry Petrov (Дмитрий Петров) – died in a battle fought near Bakhmut! He died fighting for the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Cause. This what is known about his life:

In the battle near Bakhmut, a well-known Moscow Anarchist died fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the Right Sector (a US-backed extremist organisation “Banned” in Russia). His name is “Dmitry Petrov” (Дмитрий Петров). After his death, his Comrades-in-Arms published his Obituary – which explained that he was behind the Anarchist (Militant) Organization – that carried out sabotage in Russia!

Ideological Update! (5.4.2023)

The point is that these errors, once understood as such, should be corrected immediately! Centralised democracy is designed to ‘limit’ these errors and maximise expertise in all circumstances. The liberal democracy of the capitalist system, however, is premised upon these beneficial errors that cause endless suffering to the masses but which are profitable to the ruling elites! These errors are NEVER corrected and become part of the capitalist Establishment! As a body politique – these capitalistic errors become the basis of ALL fascistic movements! As Scientific Socialists striving to build ‘Communism’ – we are committed to pursuing a ‘correct’ shining path of Revolution that leads to the non-defined ‘Communist’ state of existence!

Terri Hoffman – Who Gives a ‘F’ck’? (4.3.2023) 

It looks to me that Terri Hoffman devised a form of ‘live’ gaming well befor the advent of the internet – and ruthlessly ‘sold’ this to her followers – who were forced to ‘sell’ these products onward, outside of their immediate circle. As ‘capitalism’ is NOT a crime in the US, I do not see what all the fuss is about. This is a country whose government routinely propagates ‘racist’ lies about China, North Korea and Cuba, etc, and the Police Force of which routinely murders Black people in situations where White people are arrested and taken into custody without injury or even violence! Stupidity and lack of ‘free thinking’ are the defining points of modern America – and Terri Hoffman personifies both of these attributes! Within a ruthless (predatory) capitalist society like the US – possessing an ample supply of money is one way of ensuring the building of a barrier between an individual and the realities of material existence! In other words, money gives an individual ‘choices’ through which ‘relief’ from the reality of everyday life can be ‘relieved’. This includes buying a big house in a good area, ample supplies of good food, good medical care and endless opportunities for leisure! Terri Hoffman achieved all this and was found NOT Guilty of murdering anyone after a four-year investigation! I would have thought the US government would have applauded her capitalistic abilities, particularly as they utilised many different aspects of the ‘inverted’ attributes that comprise religion – including the ‘racist’ misrepresentation of Asian religion!

Exposing the So-Called ‘Red China’ (Trotskyite) Network! (9.12.2022)

As an academic who is asked to look at (and comment on) 101 different things each day relating to ‘China’ – my attention was recently drawn to a laughable US attempt at manipulating Overseas Chinese people by establishing a ‘Trotskyite’ (Chinese language) website ‘pretending’ to be a ‘Maoist Resistance Movement’ to the Communist Party of China (CPC)! Here’s the twist – this capitalist-friendly, ‘White’ and US-derived Trotskyite piece of debris – is masquerading under the guise of a very poorly constructed idea of what a deluded and greed-riddled European mind ‘believes’ a ‘disgruntled’ Chinese ‘Resistance Movement’ to be! NO – the ‘Red China Network’ is anti-China ‘RACISM’ personified! One criticism I deliberately omitted in my (below) unanswered email was the inclusion by the ‘Red China Network’ of pro-Falun Gong Cult propaganda (amidst its peppering of Lenin’s work with Trotsky’s contradictory comments)! Those that read my writings regularly will already know that this is my ‘Speciality’ subject – with the bulk of my anti-Falun Gong Cult work being freely accessible HERE! This inclusion by the so-called ‘Red China Network’ is so damning and revealing that I was leaving the mentioning of it as an incredibly effective and damaging counter-right cross (as seen in Western Boxing) – should the US (White) spotty teenagers that administer this government funded aberration decided to be ‘feisty’ in their denial of my exposure!

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