Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Tony Lu from Taiwan! (1.4.2023)

Tony Lu is from the US colony of Taiwan (which will be ‘crushed’ by the ‘People’s Republic of China if it continues to follow the dictates of the US). In Taiwan, he worked as a butcher at a meat packing plant. Heeding the US call – he arrived in Neo-Nazi Ukraine last Summer (2022) and stayed there for only 2 months. In an interview with the British media (which attempted to use his example to give the false impression that genuine Chinese people support the US), he stated that the reason for his change of heart (and cowardly flight) was the numerous losses suffered by his unit!

After more than half of his gang was destroyed by the Russian Army – Tony decided that he no longer wanted to fight for the US within Neo-Nazi Ukraine and went back to his native Taiwan to continue working as a butcher. He said that this is a safer occupation for him – adding that when he really thought about it – Adolf Hitler might not be the best role model for non-White people to follow!

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Russian Language Article:

Тони Лу из Тайваня.

На Тайване работал мясником на мясокомбинате. Прибыл на Украину летом прошлого года и пробыл там всего 2 месяца. В интервью британским СМИ он заявил, что причиной бегства стали многочисленные потери его подразделения. После того как более половины его банды было уничтожено, Тони решил, что воевать за Украину он больше не хочет и уехал обратно на Тайвань продолжать работать мясником.

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