Dave Chappelle Tells Daphne’s Story (LGBTQ)! (1.4.2023)

Dialectical Development Takes Time!

I have always said that Black people supporting capitalism does not free them from White racism – simply because White racism is implicit within the division of labour that defines the profit-seeking mechanism of predatory capitalism! Being free of institutional slavery is not the same as being free from wage slavery – the situation that Lincoln bequeathed after 1865! Having lots of money does not alter White racist attitudes one bit! All it enables you to do is afford a better lawyer to protect you from White racism – whilst you exercise the ‘freedom of choice’ that money gives! You can ‘buy’ whatever you want – but in reality you are only ‘buying’ what ‘they’ are allowing you to purchase – a process that only benefits their Social System which you are excluded from! Black, Asian or poor White – it’s all the same in this regard – with White (Bourgeois) racism adding a twist!

The African traditions are said to cultivate and favour the use of ‘wisdom’ – and when I was young – I used to hear older Chinese people talk about possible historical and cultural links between ancient Africa and ancient China! This is a concept I have never heard emanating from the White (Bourgeois) Establishment! The reason is that the reality of the African ‘wisdom’ tradition’ is not recognised by the White Europeans as being ‘true’ or ‘factual’. What kind of people would allow themselves to be enslaved – or so the Western thinking goes! It does not occur to these people that a superior and more civilised people are more easily exploited by a less civilised people! Surely, when you watch the above video – you will be seeing a ‘wise’ African man dispensing his ‘healing’ wisdom!

LGBTQ+ people who instinctively take the side of the ‘White’ Bourgeoisie make me sick! This has nothing to do with me being homophobic but everything to do with the fact that I understand that the prejudice they suffer emerges from the religiosity and division of labour inherent within predatory capitalism – and by their supporting of it – they are perpetuating the continuous replication of their own persecution – from one generation to the next! It is the strangest thing to see Gay people campaigning for their freedom whilst supporting the White Establishment and expressing their support for Neo-Nazi Ukraine! A vicious regime that follows an ideology that put Gay people in Concentration Camps! This was after the very same Bourgeois-friendly Gay community had just finished groundlessly accusing Islamic Chechnya of having Concentration Camps!