Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Felix Metrikas from Geelong, Victoria, Australia! (1.4.2023)

This is the calibre of men that the Anzac Forces are sending to bulster the US effort in Neo-Nazi Ukraine! Meet Felix Metrikas from Geelong, Victoria, Australia! On his continent, this fine and upright standing citizen is not only an accomplished ‘Gamer’ who lives on State hand-outs and recreational drugs – whilst specialising in rigging remote-controlled devices! But there is much more to this person that needs to be explained – as Felix Metrikas is also wanted for armed robbery and the committing of four murders by the Australian Police! His drug-riddled mind thought it was a good idea to join his fellow Hitlerites to fight a proxy war for the Americans!

History does not reveal the secret of how he managed to escape from Australia, out of Asia, and through Europe – but within Neo-Nazi Ukraine he ended up joining the Hitlerite Forces almost at the very beginning of the Russian Special Operation (which commenced during early 2022). Officially, he is described as a Minecraft instructor (?) – but in fact, he specialises in IEDs – usually dropped from specially modified drones. He drops these exploding devices upon unsuspecting Russian Army soldiers – and then ‘uploads’ the videos of the attacks to far-right websites hosted in the US! On his last “working day”, due to a mistake, he blew himself up – and the entire building he was in – which housed other mercenaries and AFU units! However, before that, he managed to give advice to other Australians who wanted to join – DO NOT!: “I had friends here who were killed!”

Russian Language Article:

Феликс Метрикас из Джилонга, Виктория, Австралия.

На своём континенте этот гражданин находился в розыске, за вооружённые разбои и четыре убийства. История не раскрывает тайны, как ему удалось бежать от туда, но на Украине он оказался почти в самом начале СВО. Официально, он был инструктором по минному делу. Но на самом деле он изготавливал самовзрывающиеся устройства, в т.ч. собирал дроны с взрывной частью. В свой последний «рабочий день», он из-за ошибки взорвал себя и всё здание, в котором располагались другие наёмники и ВСУшники. Однако перед этим он успел дать совет другим австралийцам, желающим присоединиться не надо:«У меня здесь были друзья, которых убили».