Victor Lewis Smith – Trotsky and the Orwell Pig! (1.2.2023) 

I Believe Victor Lewis Smith Was a Bourgeoise Trotskyite Influenced by Orwell!

This is yet another of my essays regarding Victor Lewis Smith (although I sense the torrent is beginning to turn into a trickle as I learn more about his life). I am reading one of his books (from 2012) regarding his reviews of restaurants, food preparation and TV chefs, etc, none of which means anything to the likes of myself. Even at the time of writing that book, he gave his living space as being ‘St Omer’ in France! Really? This is almost as pretensions as dying in ‘Bruges’ (Belgium) – a place he had taken the piss out of on a number of occasions during his radio days! Was he gay? Apparently not, at least not officially as he was married to ‘Virginia’ – and together they had produced a daughter named ‘Lucia’. Again, ‘no interest’ – although the pretension is rising – assuming it is all true. He explored ‘gayness’ a tremendous amount for someone who was supposedly ‘not gay’. 

What does it all mean? Was he a working-class man who had somehow pulled himself up by his bootstraps and infiltrated Bourgeois society? As romantic as this sounds, I doubt this is the case. Was he from a Bourgeois background and had somehow developed a sympathy for the working-class plight? This sounds more to the point. I suspect a Public-School origination – a place where sexual abuse was either the norm, known about or ‘threatened’ from time to time. I am reminded of Julian Cleary who admits to being sexually abused at a Public-School – whilst simultaneously claiming the experience of older boys and teachers buggering him did not ‘make’ him gay – as he assures us that he was already ‘gay’ before the abuse started! So, everything’s all right then. But what of Victor? I would have said he was ‘gay’ if it were not for his insistence upon being married to a woman.  

In his book (mentioned above) Victor dares to quote George Orwell. This Bourgeois ‘pig’ of a man was a Police Officer in Burma – working for the Imperial British Authorities – beating the natives whenever they got out of line! He then decided he was a ‘Socialist’ and that the USSR was an excellent place – although he never visited it – until he met a few Anarchists and Trotskyites who poisoned his easily led Bourgeois mind! Orwell went to Spain and joined a Trotskyite-Anarchist militia, the task of which was to fight the Soviet-backed ‘Socialist’ support for the democratically elected ‘Republican’ government – whilst assisting the Catholic-backed (fascist) Junta of General Franco (who was directly supported by Hitler). Orwell is a terrible writer whose books serve as a sort of capitalist ‘paedophilia’ – in as much as they are designed to ‘groom’ each generation of English-speaking children into hating Marxist-Leninism and demonising the history of the Soviet Union!  

The books of Orwell are ‘inoculations’ for the minds of British children so that they unquestioningly owe their allegiance to the Bourgeois system of capitalism – the very ideology that crushes their spirits and destroys their bodies all in the name for ‘profit’! When I saw Victor Lewis Smith quoting Orwell my heart sank – as I was hoping he was a switched-on Marxist-Leninist – but it now seems certain that he was nothing but a deluded Trotskyite. Just as Trotskyites think they are ‘Marxists’ – whilst everything they do exists to ‘undermine’ and ‘sabotage’ any genuine Marxist movement (reducing the struggling toiling masses to the misery of capitalist oppression), Victor Lewis Smith thought his humour was ‘Revolutionary’ – when infact it just turns out to be very entertaining ‘reaction’!  

Of course, the dishonesty that Victor Lewis Smith displays is that he is linked to the racist Evening Standard and hideously Eurocentric ‘Private Eye’ (not to mention his stint with the ‘Mail on Sunday’) – Bourgeois avenues of pompous expressions designed for ‘White’ entertainment at the expense of the ‘non-Whites’. In this monochrome view of reality, it is never the continuous murder that defines predatory capitalism which serves as the fuel for the daily cut and thrust (as smouldering, broken, mutilated and deformed bodies are just not ‘funny’ – at least when not subject to suitable CGI) – but rather the hideous (Eurocentric) ‘fictions’ that are used to disinform about China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam – a troupe which runs straight through the centre of the output of Victor Lewis Smith! Being ‘likable’ is not the same as being ‘acceptable’ and Smith always played his cards close to his chest. I think his sleekness will fool many progressives at the surface level because that is exactly ‘why’ he ‘mimics’ the manner in which Karl Marx exposed the hypocrisy of Bourgeois society! After-all, unlike Marx, Victor Lewis Smith made a reasonable living out of that hypocrisy!