Charlie Brooker’s Afterbirth! (4.4.2023) 

I will end with an assessment of Paul Kaye (a Jewish ‘White’ man) who cleverly carved-out a niche for himself through his character of ‘Dennis Pennis’ – which many British people initially thought was an actual American working on UK TV! He exposed the agency of US anti-intellectualism by pretending to be an actual American citizen working for the BBC! It was the ‘BBC’ motif on his mic that opened the door to many of his spoof interviews – attracting top Hollywood Stars to ‘volunteer’ to be interviewed in public (and sometimes in private) for what they thought were ad hoc camera opportunities! His clever scripting and expert timing inspired a generation to think for themselves – such is the power of the thinking of Karl Marx! What burst my bubble with regards to people like Paul Kaye (and ‘Sacha Baron Cohen’) is their public stance toward the Zionist State of Israel. Of course, Victor Lewis Smith flirted with Jewish characters on his show – in an attempt to expose anti-Semitism – but stopped considerably short of publicly endorsing the routine murder of Palestinians. It is funny how real life is not that funny when you think about it.

The Disturbing Case of PD James: Children of Men (1992) [4.3.2023] 

She does imply the developing world, however, by conceding (near the beginning of the book) that a baby may have been born ‘in a hut somewhere’ which nobody bothered to notice – not long after sterility levels began to dramatically rise (an event she imagines happening in 1995 – or the ‘Year Omega’ – when she lets her Judeo-Christian bias shine through). Typical of the Bourgeois attitude – other classes (and races) are viewed as inconvenient necessities that exist to fetch one’s bags and mix gin and tonics! PD James was a parody of what she actually was. She epitomises the delinquent and contradictory attributes of the Bourgeoisie. As Marx states in his ‘The German Ideology’ – when the Bourgeoisie make the workers starve (by withholding food) – the Bourgeoisie blame the workers for daring to be ‘hungry’! When a worker falls from a height and breaks his neck (due to a lack of ‘safety’) – the Bourgeoisie does not blame the incident upon the presence of gravity – but rather upon the worker not possessing wings!

Victor Lewis Smith – Trotsky and the Orwell Pig! (1.2.2023) 

Of course, the dishonesty that Victor Lewis Smith displays is that he is linked to the racist Evening Standard and hideously Eurocentric ‘Private Eye’ (not to mention his stint with the ‘Mail on Sunday’) – Bourgeois avenues of pompous expressions designed for ‘White’ entertainment at the expense of the ‘non-Whites’. In this monochrome view of reality, it is never the continuous murder that defines predatory capitalism which serves as the fuel for the daily cut and thrust (as smouldering, broken, mutilated and deformed bodies are just not ‘funny’ – at least when not subject to suitable CGI) – but rather the hideous (Eurocentric) ‘fictions’ that are used to disinform about China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam – a troupe which runs straight through the centre of the output of Victor Lewis Smith! Being ‘likable’ is not the same as being ‘acceptable’ and Smith always played his cards close to his chest. I think his sleekness will fool many progressives at the surface level because that is exactly ‘why’ he ‘mimics’ the manner in which Karl Marx exposed the hypocrisy of Bourgeois society! After-all, unlike Marx, Victor Lewis Smith made a reasonable living out of that hypocrisy!

Victor Lewis Smith – Smashing Things to Pieces! (28.2.2023) 

Although I find what he was doing a demonstration of the Britain I love – the natural left-wing ‘freedom of thought’ and ‘expression’ I was brought up with – I recently watched a a video of a young man in his twenties in the UK describe the ‘Gay Daleks’ sketch as being ‘fascist’! This reminds me of those deluded young people who think US hegemony (and EU bigotry) equal ‘Internationalism’ – and that totalitarian conformity (as decreed by the US system) represents the highest form of individual freedom! These lost souls carry flags featuring Che Guevara next to flags of the EU – and stupidly believe that they are being ‘Revolutionary’! Such people are unable to think for themselves and understand that Neo-Nazi Ukraine is the enemy, and that Russia is fighting these Hitleresque forces once again – sacrificing its people for the containment of fascism! Victor Lewis Smith may not have been a ‘Communist’ (who knows?) but at least he exercised his ‘freedom of thought’ and did not compromise!

Rolf Harris: Abusive Behaviour Live On TV! (24.2.2023)

It is surprising how many people in the UK think that there might have been a miscarriage of justice in this instance – but as you can see – there is nothing ‘funny’ about the noise the ‘Stylophone’ makes! In its day it was seen as the ipad of the 1970s! Many have described its outpourings as similar to sounds made by a cat ‘trapped’ in a tumble-dryer! Weirdly, I seem to remember Rolf Harris travelling to Court whilst riding in a boat on the Thames! Later, after his release from custody, he was then spotted by the tabloid press walking his dog – at least that they think he was doing with it!

Balloon-Gate – China’s Spherical ‘Terrorism’ is Unacceptable – White House Confirms! (19.2.20223) 

The government of China, for its part, has reacted using the unfamiliar French phrase (for most Westerners) of ‘force majeure’ – literally meaning ‘force major’ – more commonly interpreted within International Law as the concept of unseen, unpredictable and unintentional outside interference due to the presence of unexpected ‘major forces’ (in this case – the ‘wind’). The US government, in such circumstances, is supposed to facilitate the safe recovery of the property concerned and return it to its rightful owners (the government of China) – but instead chose the far more ‘illegal’ option of shooting down a ‘blown-off course’ canvas weather balloon using an ‘AIM-9X’ missile – individually worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! The balloon itself cost around $10 to construct. The destruction of this balloon, as immensely public as this spectacle was, signifies for the US Veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, the ‘destruction’ of an enemy they could never quite get to grips with, and which in the case of Korea and Vietnam – inflicted audacious military defeats on one of the world’s leading military nations! The Veterans of the US will sleep soundly in their beds from now on – safe in the knowledge that Uncle Sam takes their racism seriously!  

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