Dreading: (Judith Barsi) YouTube US Anti-Intellectualism! (23.2.2023)

The Tortskyite – Nikita Khrushchev – may well have been behind the Neo-Nazi uprising in Hungary during 1956! He was certainly ‘slow’ to react (as if he wanted the ‘Socialist’ Revolution destroyed) and could have given a ‘secret’ signal to Veterans of the Hungarian Army that had invaded the USSR (1941-1945) to rise-up and try to continue their Hitlerite mission! As a result of Khrushchev’s hesitation – thousands of ‘Sociailist’ Hungarians were murdered! Furthermore, when the Soviet Red Army did finally act and destroyed this outrage – it was found that many Hungarian Neo-Nazis were armed with US weaponry (just as the ‘Maidan’ Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are today)! Of course, as with Ukraine today, this ‘Neo-Nazi’ uprising was sold to the West as a ‘Fght for Freedom’! These lies have got to stop!

On the DREADING YouTube Channel – there is an episode dealing with the murder of ‘Judith Barsi’. Her parents were supporters of the Hungarian Neo-Nazi Uprising in 1956 – and fled like cowards once the Soviet Red Army restored order. Her father – ‘József Barsi’ – was a total psychopath as can be expected from a supporter of Adolf Hitler! He continuously abused his wife – and then in 1978 he finally murdered his daughter who was a child star in Hollywood! The host of the Dreading Channel often parrots US anti-intellectualism, repeats typical ‘White’ racially insensitive comments about non-White people, and has treated the subject of Disability who an applying lack of awareness! As YouTube is about the hypocrisy of sustained ‘income’ (as if ‘hosting’ a Channel is a proper job) – obviously this ‘host’ (who sounds like he’s on drugs most of the time) will not tolerate any dissenting voices – and quickly ‘removes’ any comments that contradict his opinion or prove his half-arsed analysis ‘wrong’!

So, in the spirit of ‘truth’ I am reproducing my soon to be ‘deleted’ comment (placed upon his latest video) about ‘Judith Barsi’ here – as he treated the 1956 Hungarian Neo-Nazi uprisers as ‘heroes’:

‘As this page is not interested in ‘real’ history – this comment will go the way of all those that oppose the fake history you perpetuate:

1) Catholic Hungary was an ally of Nazi Germany during WWII – and its Army committed untold atrocities in the USSR – whilst also contributing to the ‘Holocaust’.

2) In 1956 (just 11 years after the end of WWII) – Hungarian Neo-Nazis rose-up and were treated as ‘heroes’ by the US and referred to as ‘Freedom Fighters’!

3) These Hungarian Neo-Nazis were invited with open arms to the West – just as the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians are today. (The UK made a ‘star’ out of the hopeless Hungarian Boxer renamed – ‘Joe Bugner’).

4)  József Barsi (and his family) were ardent Neo-Nazi supporters – and his violent behaviour toward his wife (and his murdering of his daughter) are evidence of this.

Now – as you are pursuing a US anti-intellectual path – you may ‘delete’ this comment – as is your habit, but I will post it elsewhere together with a link to this video.’